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Version 4.1.3 of SciTE has been released. Scintilla Text Editor is an open source and cross-platform text editor. It uses the open source Scintilla Text Editor library, which is from the same creators. This library is also used by other programs, including Notepad ++ . Downloads are available for Windows and Linux, and a commercial version for macOS can be found in Apple’s app store. In addition, there is a stand-alone executable that can conveniently be taken on a USB stick. In this edition the following changes and improvements have been made:

Release 4.1.3
Add SCI_SETCOMMANDEVENTS API to allow turning off command events as they can be a significant performance cost.
Improve efficiency or idle wrapping by wrapping in blocks as large as possible while still remaining responsive.
Updated case conversion and character categories to Unicode 11.
Errorlist lexer recognizes negative line numbers as some programs show whole-file errors occurring on line -1. SciTE’s parsing or diagnostics also updated to handle this case.
Added “nim” lexer (SCLEX_NIM) for the Nim language which was previously called Nimrod. For compatibility, the old “nimrod” lexer is still present but is deprecated and will be removed at the next major version. Feature # 1242 .
The Bash lexer implements substyles for multiple sets of keywords and supports SCI_PROPERTYNAMES. Bug # 2054 .
The C ++ lexer interprets continued preprocessor lines by reading all of the logical line. Bug # 2062 .
The C ++ lexer interprets preprocessor arithmetic expressions containing multiplicative and additive operators. Bug # 2069 .
The EDIFACT lexer handles message groups as well as messages. Feature # 1247 .
For SciTEs Find in Files, allow case-sensitivity and whole-word options when running a user defined command. Bug # 2053 .
Notify with SC_UPDATE_SELECTION when user performs a multiple selection add.
On macOS 10.14 Cocoa, fix incorrect horizontal offset. Bug # 2022 .
On Cocoa, fix a crash that occurs when a diacritic is dead, then a character that can not take that diacritic, such as option + e (acute accent) followed by g. Bug # 2061 .
On Cocoa, use dark info bar background when system is set to Dark Appearance. Bug # 2055 .
Fixed a crash on Cocoa in bidirectional mode where some patterns of invalid UTF-8 caused failures to create Unicode strings.
SCI_MARKERADD returns -1 for invalid lines as documented instead of 0. Bug # 2051 .
Improve performance or text insertion when Unicode line indexing off.
For Qt on Windows, stop specifying -std: c ++ latest as is no longer needed to enable C ++ 17 with MSVC 2017 and Qt 5.12 and it caused duplicate flag warnings.
On Linux, enable Lua to access dynamic libraries. Bug # 2058 .
SciTE screenshot (620 pix)

Version number 4.1.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
License type GPL


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