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Version 12.4.0 of ShareX has been released. With this open source program, both static and moving images can be captured, after which various operations can then be released. When you are satisfied with the result, it can be carried out to about eighty destinations such as Flickr, Pastebin, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Streamable. The functionality can also be extended with self-written upload modules to put this part to your own needs. The changelog for this issue can be found below:

Changes in ShareX version 12.4.0
Added screenshot delay shortcut to main window and tray capture menu
Added white ShareX icon option to “Application settings window -> Advanced tab”
Custom uploader related changes:
Moved custom uploader settings to its own window in the destinations menu to make it easier to access
Added request, response and test tabs to create more space
Added “Parameters” option which will be used to generate URL query string
If the request URL contains a query string then it will be automatically converted to parameters for backward compatibility, and the query string will be removed from the request URL
Added request “Body” option with these options:
No body
Form data (multipart / form-data)
Form URL encoded (application / x-www-form-urlencoded)
JSON (application / json)
XML (application / xml)
For backward compatibility: if request method is POST then body will be set as “Form data”, for rest or request methods “No body” will be set; if “No body” is selected then all arguments will be moved to parameters
Allow overriding “Content-Type” and “Cookie” headers
Added “Beautify” and “Minify” buttons for JSON data
Added syntax highlighting support to all URL fields
Added syntax menu to result URL fields
Support $filename$ syntax in request URL and result URLs
Store application version in JSON custom uploader to better support backward compatibility
Improve custom uploader batch import speed
Added response text tab in test tab which also has “JSON format” and “XML format” buttons to tidy response text
Removed “Response type” option
Added $responseurl$ syntax, which can be used instead of URL redirection URL response type
For backward compatibility: if redirection URL response type is used previously and URL is empty then $responseurl$ syntax will be added to URL field automatically
Added $header:name$ syntax, it can be used to get specific response header value
For backward compatibility: if location header response type is used previously then $header:location$ syntax will be added to URL field automatically, but unfortunately automatic conversion or headers response type will not be possible therefore warning text about it will be added to URL field
Support drag & drop importing or sxcu files
UI improvements to use data grid instead of add, update, remove buttons to update parameters, headers, arguments and regex list more easily
This is optional and it will be automatically generated
Added following OCR related options to task settings window
Process OCR silently
Process OCR on dialog open
Automatically copy results to clipboard
When OCR is used for the first time, ask for permission from the user
Support long file paths on Windows 10 when group policy is enabled
Added “Filter missing files” option to image history
Added Amazon S3 signed payload option
Added delete input file option to “Task settings -> Actions”, which will be different from the input file path
Remember last save directory in image editor
Implement Google Photos API because Picasa API is deprecated
Add user customizable gaussian blur to image effects
Added Teknik file uploader, text uploader and URL shortener
In FTP settings, respect “Append remote directory to URL path” option even when “URL path” is empty
In region capture, allow using proportional resizing Shift or snap resizing Alt together with corner moving Ctrl
Added copy image dimensions option to main window context menu
QR code decode button will now scan for all barcode types instead of just QR code
Removed webpage capture which was using Internet Explorer to render, because built in browser capture methods are superior to this method
Added right click and middle clicks for toast notification (Task settings window -> Advanced tab)
Added optional setting to color space information chunks from PNG image (Application settings window -> Advanced tab)
Added another easter egg to about window
Show close button in the region capture toolbar when Windows is in tablet mode
Added JPEG quality option to image thumbnailer
Added standard colors palette to the color picker dialog
In color picker dialog, double-click color palette box will select that color and close dialog automatically
Added apply button for personal folder setting which will also be restarted
Allow changing name parser auto increment number from task settings window
Added early copy URL support (Task settings window -> Advanced tab) for Amazon S3 and Azure Storage
Added early copy URL support for Google Cloud Storage
Improved upload error output to include more details about request
Removed FTP client tool

Version number 12.4.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
File size 5.50MB
License type GPL


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