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Ubiquiti Networks has released a stable version of UniFi , with 5.10.12 as version number. This is a network management controller with which a network environment based on Uni-Fi hardware can be managed. Think of the arrangement of access points, routers and switches to create an optimally covering, uniform network. In addition, you can set up a hotspot portal and integrate it with various payment providers such as Authorize and PayPal. For user experiences you can go to Gathering or Tweakers as well as to the forum of Ubiquiti. A demo can be tried on this page . The announcement of version 5.10.12 is as follows:

Important Notice:
We’ve updated the UniFi Network controller to improve security. Starting with UniFi Network version 5.10, the required minimum firmware for UAP / USW will be 4.0.9 and for USG will be 4.4.34. Devices on earlier firmware will show in the controller and work as you have configured them, this update does not change any of the settings. However, you should not change the device configuration until you update the firmware. This update contains an upgrade to the overall security of the UniFi platform and its devices, it is highly recommended that everyone upgrades to this version. We will also prepare 5.6.41 to accommodate 1st gen AC devices.

New Features:
Add dark mode.
Add WiFi Experience Score.
Add Network and Wi-Fi Performance Optimization feature.
Add option for enabling syslog and netconsole to log to local controller.
Add What’s New screen.
The What’s New screen on the UniFi Network Controller will provide our users with new updates.
Configure switch port speed based on device capabilities.
Controller bugfixes / changes since 5.9.29:
Add bidirectional firewall rules for blocking traffic detected by IPS.
Add unsupported state for devices.
Add interim firmware update for UAP, UAP-LR, UAP-OD, UAP-OD5. *
Add Adopt and Upgrade action for unsupported devices.
Add Icon for WAN Transition Event / Alert.
Add RFC 3261 unreserved characters to SIP username, extension, and password fields.
Add fixed vs. inline property panel preference.
Add Traditional Chinese (ZH_TW) into language list.
Add option to disable 5GHz only for high performance clients (or the Auto-Optimize Network feature).
Add firmware error detection flags for certain system events. *
Add events for features enabled by Auto-Optimize Network feature.
Add unavilable text to Stats Overview modules.
Check for latest firmware when running custom upgrade.
Replaced devices icons with photos.
Use new styling for Port Diagrams.
Make action buttons in tables sticky.
Blocked clients not counted in Association Failures widget.
Include manual site-to-site VPNs on site import.
Improve Controller Wizard.
Improve accuracy or Neighboring Access Points.
Improve auto positioning tooltip.
Improve tooltip for local login with UBNT Account.
Improve Most Active APs Widget
Improve navigation in Wizard
Improve global side nav.
Allow setting Switch port name same as profile name.
Move preferences to settings as User Interface.
Button improvements.
Updated events and alerts.
Updated Insights and Statistics to use new header panel styles.
Updated Stats tables to use new table styles.
Update UniFi Network logo and title.
Updated device grid status bars.
Updated DPI chart UI.
AP Property Panel – RF tooltip positioning improvement.
Controller update available popup – add option to ignore.
Fix RADIUS Profile tooltip in WPA Enterprise settings.
IPS Map: Country labels are not refreshed after changing language.
Generate an event when MongoDB size exceeds 1.25GB on UniFi Cloud Key (1st gen only).
Fix false rejections or valid IPv6 addresses for firewall groups and static routes.
Fix firmware caching when firmware update service returns an error.
Fix a bug which may have prevented database migration when upgrading the controller.
Fix Missing logo in Sites overview.
Fix empty Property Panel after page reload.
Fix Release notes bounce when left open on low height screen.
Fix empty ISP Graph X axis scale.
Fix Moved temperature in USG overview property panel.
Fix always displayed warning about not allowed channels.
Fix device table icon padding.
Fix WebRTC functionality on recent builds or Firefox.
Fix various text overflow issues.
Fix client historical label displaying the wrong value.
Fix known clients inconsistency.
Fix client’s uplink incorrectly in Client List view.
Fix double DHCPv6-PD node with PPPoE and DHCPv6.
Fix Compact Database feature.
Fix some untranslated strings in Insights / Switch Stats view.
Fix XSS on fatal page.
Fix interim update interval provisioning.
Fix broken Device dist. module color picker.
Fix console error in Hotspot Manager> Payments and Transactions> click on Payments button.
Fix batch edit for nanoHD / In-Wall HD (and possibly other SKUs).
Fix Release notes bounce when left open on low height screen.
Fix unreadable controller logs when using default / lower loglevels.
Fix issue that would cause devices to get stuck in adopting state.
Fix a NPE which may occur when attempting to adopt a USG, and on every inform from it.
Fix validation in Add Client form.
Fix AP VLAN toggle applying to another property panel.
Fix for long name overlap.
Fix missing adopt button for USG in Property Panel.
Fix no DPI data when switching from Overview to Apps.
Fix position and size or tooltips.
Fix sorting via model does not work for UniFi AP-BaseStationXG.
Fix icon size or dashboard DPI modules.
Fix spacing on Switch port profiles tagged networks checkboxes.
Fix wireless uplink detection when using Auto-Optimize Network feature.
Fix and improve database handling to mitigate migration issues with large databases (reported HERE).
Fix incorrect LAN traffic counter on switching widget.
Fix voucher printing.
Fix displaying Tx and Rx Radio values ​​in Devices panel.
Fix displaying Wi-Fi Experience for devices with one type or radio.
Fix firmware notice alignment.
Fix IPS date range.
Fix tooltip for Adopting multiple USG.
Fix the error message when deleting user groups attached to WLANs.
Hide PoE label on switch port profile form when no PoE options available.
No margin between buttons in airView.
Remove ambiguity from switch power consumption in device properties.
Switch ISP upload / download colors.
Port Usage widget cleanup and componentization.
Legacy (Svg) map – add workaround for Chrome bug when device marker is moved to top left corner on animation applied.
Dashboard main status: fix case when no WIFi Experience is available (ie 0 APs) but vertical separator is shown.
Add missing icon for STP blocking event.
Firewall: Fix saving IPv6 rules.
IPS: fix Geo Location that was incorrect in certain cases.
Security improvements.
Various bug fixes and improvements.
* This upgrade will run on any device and admin upgrades via the controller. It will only run firmware prior to 4.0.6. These devices will have to upgrade to 4.0.10, and then they can upgrade to the desired 4.x release from there.
Version number 5.10.12
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
Ubiquiti Networks Community
License type Freeware


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