Software Update: Wine 7.1.43




There is version 7.1.42 published a new development build of Wine. Wine is an open source implementation of the Windows API. The software enables DOS and Windows programs to run on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. A large group of developers contributes to Wine and it was decided to bring out a new version called development every two weeks instead of waiting for a number of new features is done. A few times a year, a stable release. The database with applications that work under Wine, whether or not with the aid of small modifications, contains at the time of writing 22,379 titles. Below you’ll find what’s changed in this release and improved.

What’s new in this release:
Improved support for Shell Browser windows.
Some more Sets API libraries.
Read / write operations support with built-in devices.
Major Catalan translation updates.
Support for WoW64 fashion on ARM64.
Bugs fixed in 7.1.43 (total 26):
8330 WinBoard console window stops working after 32767 chars
25885 Legions Overdrive: crashes When Starting a game
25892 MiniRacingOnline: Cars are invisible
29337 Starcraft Campaign Editor shows Wine Instead icon or folder icon
30628 Battlefield Bad Company 2 audio does not work in game
31489 C & C – Red Alert 2 can not enter campaign when full screen
31726 JScript Date.parse does not work
34351 AsystentCRM installer needs Shell Folder object Folder Name :: Pars method Implemented
34560 Final / Finale Notepad 2012: Operations are painfully slow
34 566 QQ International 2.0 crashes with native and builtin riched20 ctf
34814 wine console truncates string argument in 256 bytes
34862 Mars: War Logs crashes at start
35831 Age of Mythology games with more than 2 players do not work (interface bound sockets do not return the correct address in getsockname)
36408 Child of Light 1.0 Steam Demo exit after launch
37013 Evernote 5.5.x – Options window is too small and unresizeable
37838 Chessmaster 10/11: Absent chesspiece lighting with Direct3D
38241 Open General crashes When exiting.
38358 Chessmaster X / XI dynamic lighting no longer present in wine-7.1.40 (regression)
38399 Voobly fails to connect to lobby (threaded app closesocket in the middle of other thread select call)
38454 valgrind shows several at uninitialized variables in dlls / winmm / tests / wave.c
38532 Uru: Ages Beyond Myst demo (Myst Online: Uru Live) hangs with a black screen
38547 Tropico 2: rendering issues (pink rectangles)
38548 Strong Bad’s Cool Game: missing music and voices
38556 AsystentCRM installer needs Shell Folder object Folder item :: Verbs method Implemented
38557 Wings of Vi: Hangs When window is moved.
38569 PES2015 will not connect to online services (GetIpAddrTable needs to fill wType parameter)


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