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World of Tanks Blitz has its origins in Wargaming , the maker behind World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, Master of Orion and Total War: Arena. It can be seen as the small, fast brother of World of Tanks, and is a free-to-play, online game in which players fight each other in teams with tanks from the period between roughly 1925 and 1965. The game is free to play, but uses microtransactions with which you can, for example, purchase better ammunition or premium vehicles. The game runs on Android, iOS, Windows 10 and macOS. In addition, a version via Steam is available. Version 5.5 has been released with the following announcement:

Update 5.5

Commanders, get ready to meet the new update on November 13! In Update 5.5, we added new German vehicles and camouflages, increased profitability in rating battles, and preserved the Wasteland map in regular battles. We also reworked more than 60 vehicles and improved the gameplay or low-tier vehicles.

Main Changes and Improvements
The VK 100.01 (P), Mäuschen, and VK 72.01 (K) heavy tanks were added to the German Tech Tree.
The VK 100.01 (P) and Mäuschen can be researched after the Tiger (P).
The VK 72.01 (K) took the place of the research and after the UK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B.
Until the release of Update 5.6, the Maus can be researched after the UK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B and Mäuschen.
Starting from Update 5.6, players will be able to research the Maus after the Mäuschen only.
The bonus to credits earned in rating battles was increased. Now it depends on the current rating, not on the league. The higher your rating, the more credits you will receive after battle:
Gold League (3,000-3,999 rating points): a bonus of 0-32% was added to credits earned, depending on the current rating.
Platinum League (4,000-4,999 rating points): a bonus of 33-65% will now be added to credits earned instead of 30%, depending on the current rating.
Diamond League (5,000 rating points and above): a bonus of 66% and above (unlimited) will now be added to credits earned instead of 60%.
In Update 5.5, the Wasteland map will be available in regular battles and training rooms. We like to hear your opinion on this map. Your feedback is very much appreciated!
A button that allows the selection of collector vehicles was added to the vehicle filter.
4 weird camouflages were introduced. Their cost varies from 65 to 1,200 depending on the vehicle tier.
Changes to Vehicles

The Tech Tree, available modules, and mechanics were reworked for low-tier vehicles.
Tier I vehicles were removed from the game. They were replaced by more powerful tanks. Players will receive compensation for gold spent on camouflages for former Tier I vehicles.
To reduce the speed of the vehicle, we have removed howitzers and high-capacity magazines for almost all Tier I-IV vehicles. Some vehicles have a reduced rate of fire or damage per shot, while others-more HP or enhanced armor.
The economy of low-tier vehicles had been reworked: the cost of research modules and vehicles, purchasing vehicles, provisions, consumables, and resupplying camouflage had been changed. The profitability of these vehicles was adjusted according to the new prices.
Please note that the modified modules of low-tier vehicles may also be available for Tier V-VII vehicles. In such cases, the technical characteristics of vehicles, except in top configuration, were also changed.
Since guns will be removed for many vehicles in this update. After updating your game client to version 5.5, check your ammunition before you enter battle.
Some researchable vehicles received Collector status and were removed from the Tech Tree. Several Premium tanks were also given Collector status. You can either keep them or sell them for gold.
For some vehicles in the updated Tech Tree, their vehicle type and tier were changed. They have a different number of available shells, slots for provisions and consumables, a different bonus to concealment, provided by applied camouflage, etc.
Bug Fixes and Improvements
The “Damage by shot” ribbon was renamed “Damage caused” because it also counts damage from ramming.
The VK 45.03 was the winner of the Hunter medal.
The bug, where the reticle could suddenly switch to Sniper Mode when moving from behind with auto-aim enabled, was fixed.
The bug, where the battle selection controls were unavailable for some players who had vehicles or Tier V and above in their Garage, was fixed.
The bug, where black vehicle textures were displayed in the Garage (Steam version), was fixed.
The bug, where refracted shell tracers were displayed, was fixed.
Various screens, notifications, and descriptions were improved.
General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
World of Tanks Blitz 5.5

Version number 5.5
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, macOS, iOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
License type Freeware / Paid


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