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World of Tanks Blitz has its origins in Wargaming , the maker of World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, Master of Orion and Total War: Arena. It can be seen as the small, fast brother of World of Tanks, and is a free-to-play, online game in which players fight each other in teams with tanks from the period between roughly 1925 and 1965. The game is free to play, but makes use of microtransactions, with which you can, for example, purchase better ammunition or premium vehicles. The game runs on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10. In addition, a version via Steam available for macOS and Windows 7, 8 and 10. World of Tanks Blitz 5.8 has been released with the following announcement:

Update 5.8

Just two words: Mad Games! From March 15, the mad modifications will be back for a week, but this time will be available on a larger number of maps. Which means battles in this mode will become even more diverse! In the meantime, while everyone is waiting for their gates, you can start and research the brand-new Chinese tank destroyers from February 21.

A branch of Chinese tank destroyers was added:
WZ-131G FT
T-34-2G FT
WZ-111-1G FT
WZ-111G FT
WZ-113G FT
The Shellthrower top gun of the Scavenger: the caliber display for the 32-pdr HEAT Mk. 21 High-Explosive Anti-Tank shell was fixed (94 instead of 90 mm).
Valentine II: engine power was increased from 140 to 160 hp.
Mad Games
From March 15 through 21, the Mad Games arenas will open their gates again. Battles will be fought in Tier V-X vehicles on all maps available in the Supremacy mode. We’ll tell you all the details about the upcoming fun in a separate article soon-stay tuned!

New warpaints were introduced:
Wild legendary camouflage for the Leopard 1. Cost: 2,550. Changes the tank name in battle to Leopard 1 Wild.
Origin legendary camouflage for the T-54 first prototype. Cost: 1,450.
Old Signora weird camouflage. Cost: 65-750 depending on the vehicle tier. Free resupply.
Galácticos weird camouflage. Cost: 65-750 depending on the vehicle tier. Free resupply.
In Update 5.8, the Nine Lives and Verdun Forest camouflages can be resupplied for free.
The cost of different camouflage types was brought into uniformity. The current price ranges depend on the vehicle tier:
Common camouflage: 50-3,000.
Rare camouflage using credits: 42,000-600,000.
Rare camouflage using gold: 65-750.
Rare camouflage for specific vehicles: 105-1,200.
Legendary camouflage: 125-2,550.
The cost of the following attachments had changed:
Tank-o’-lantern and Wasted Shot: Tier V-185, Tier VII-325, Tier VIII-435.
American Eagle: Tier VII- 1,950, VIII- 2,500, Tier X-4,000.
Steel Pike, Forward, and Pioneer: Tier VIII-2,500.
Flagship, Corporal, and Commander: Tier X-4,000.
Certificates for Free XP
Now, you can combine certificates for Free XP:
A Common certificate grants you 200. 10 Common certificates can be combined into 1 Rare certificate.
A Rare certificate grants you 2,300. 10 Rare certificates can be combined into 1 Epic certificate.
An Epic certificate grants you 28,000. 10 Epic certificates can be combined into 1 Legendary certificate.
A Legendary certificate grants you 350,000.
Other Improvements
Temporary avatars will be given for 3 and 7 days instead of 12 and 72 hours.
The ammunition screen was improved: after clicking the shell icon, its characteristics and detailed description are now displayed.
The items receipt screen was improved. Now, the number of received items is shown in the upper left corner of the icon instead of the word “Item”.
Twister season tickets from the Storage: Eskelon Championships (Lower, Middle, and Top) tickets to Grand Championship Tournaments. Items of the New Year’s Adventure and World of Ducks events were also removed: Candy Canes, Lucky Tickets, Garage Improvements, Camouflages and backgrounds for the New Year tree, Ring Buoys.
Bug Fixes
Upon achieving the highest level of supply level, players now see the correct status (“Researched by the clan” instead of “Researched” indicating the level progress).
Equipment for the T-46 was changed. Now, players can mount Improved Ventilation instead of Gun Rammer in the first slot of level I.
The bug, where multiple hints were available for the vehicle were selected.
Lighting, unplanned passages, terrain subsidence, and the rocket taking off again on reconnecting the game session were fixed on the Faust map.
The cases, where water textures were displayed incorrectly on some maps, were fixed.
The online players counter now displays a correct value.
Various screens, notifications, and descriptions were improved.
General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
Version number 5.8
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, macOS, iOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
License type Freeware / Paid


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