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artikel_sony Once again, a test for headphones. As always, I point out that these tests are a very subjective feeling. Currently MDR-1000X (is the new Sony Manufacturer site ) on my desk. This is an over-ear headphone. I’ve looked at myself in the past also occasionally in-ear and on-ear, but must hold for me that these me only in rare cases please. Special on-ear is for me not an option at a high acquisition price, since one is sure to buy headphones for several years. Since I am occasionally very long on the road because of my job, the comfort of wearing is very important to me.


With almost all on-ear I get after a few hours of pain on the ear, so I’ve favored over-ear for me. I was often and for a long time without active noise canceling, but who is on the bus, train or plane, will agree with me: Noise canceling can be a true blessing. So now the Sony MDR-1000X. I belong to the people who are going directly and so did not look great in the manual. You always remember how intuitive a control is held – that fits the Sony MDR-1000X at first, since the corresponding buttons – and confuse only a few, are directly labeled under the left ear part. But later on.

The Sony MDR-1000X weighs about 275 grams and surrounds my ears well and completely. Even after several hours of wearing, he did not squeeze or pain. According to Sony, the headphones with activated noise canceling reaches a running time of about 20 hours, two hours longer it stops when you disable the noise canceling. The fact is, however, that depending on the volume used, you can also schedule two hours less. If the case occurs, the supplied cable will help or it will go into the socket for four hours for the full charge.


Functions apart from listening, which I once mentions separately: Many headphones offer noise canceling and also the Sony MDR-1000X has an option to turn on or to disable the function. You can also press the NC button on the bottom for two seconds, then noise canceling is adjusted to you. This function analyzes the operating conditions, such as the facial shape, the hairstyle, and the presence or absence of a pair of glasses to optimize the performance of the noise reduction. Science Fiction. The Noice Canceling works very well for my feeling.

Then there is the Ambient Sound for normal or speech environments. If you activate this via the buttons on the left handset, the music remains on, but you can either perceive better language (or sound) or ambient sounds. I personally never had the desire to use it, but it works. Great, however, is the placement of the palm of the hand on the right handset. The music is controlled quietly and the micro is controlled. This way you can talk without hitting the listener or pausing the music. I found this to be practical, so that I use the Bahnanagen rather than the ambient sound.


The coupling with devices. With Android quickly done via NFC, iPhone users or all others bind classic via Bluetooth. For the connection: Who uses the Sony MDR-1000X only on a device that is better served. If you switch between computer and smartphone, then you have to disconnect, if a connection exists. I thought this was a bit slanted, 2016 is a bit better.

Operation. The whole thing goes over touch with the leather-covered earphones. If you move up or down, the sound becomes louder or quieter, pauses twice, and sweeping forward or backward skips the current track. This should be practiced for a few minutes, because at the beginning I stroked the volume control, but then skipped my songs. To sweep for volume: If you wipe from bottom to top, you should leave your finger on the upper position, then make it louder – so you do not always have to go down and wipe up.

Sound. Well, always such a thing, which is different from ear to ear, is also owed to the connected devices. Many smartphones rely on aptX, which makes the sound better than when using the SBC. Create your smartphone aptX, then you can also remember the Sony MDR-1000X, because this supports aptX.


As always had my well serve as inclined to be designated favorite playlist for which I care even at Spotify . By the way: If you do not have high-quality songs in the archive, but Spotify, then with existing premium subscription the sound quality on “high quality” – with the normal quality, but also listenable music comes out – but you pay premium and have maybe As well as premium headphones.

I have a relatively colorful taste for music and so in my playlists almost everything there is in genres. Some headphones have the problem to play Nightwish properly. This is where the electric guitar meets orchestral elements and so the headphones are often asked for in the old treasures with Tarja Turunen in the highs (eternal catchword: Ghost Love Score on the album Once). With activated noise cancellation I had the feeling that I can not override the Sony up, he played what other headphones distort surprisingly around. So no drifting into hard-hearted listening. Without noise canceling, the heights are a bit pointed, but there was no scream either.

How Sony has adjusted at the highs, but can also be heard at the song Fugitive (Richard X Extended Mix) by the Pet Shop Boys, which is on the album Fundamental. If you control this on many headphones, the included heights are quite annoying. One of my favorite tracks, which I like to shoot, but also here the heights came to the point, as did the rest of the electronic sounds in the song. Alternatives for the bass and treble would be Inner Sanctum in the Carl Craig C2 Juices Rmx (also PSB, on Spotify).

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it again, but I can not wait to see what’s going on. Also here one had the bass placed and punctual on the ear and not too much.


It is difficult for a reader to explain how a wireless headset sounds. I have had some in the past few years on the ears I must say for me personally that the Sony MDR-1000X in my personal favor is currently far up. This applies not only to the pure sound, but also to the noise canceling function. This is really very fine. But free of my criticism is also the Sony MDR-1000X not. You have to get used to the control for a short time, and it is also a headphone in the price class 399 euros is a nonsense that the ear pads can not be exchanged.

I can continue to recommend: Who wants to buy headphones – and ready to spend a bit of money: Happy synonymous tried previous models. These are not much worse, but one saves a lot. In the run-up to this test I compared our “former” in terms of price – here was already a very strong price decline to be observed. Even the popular Bose QC35, launched at the same price, has already fallen a lot in price.
Sony MDR-1000X

Headphone, 3.5mm cable, microUSB cable, transport bag & stereo adapter for connecting to airplanes


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