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So you can be games for PS Vita with the playback on a TV, as well as games for the PlayStation Portable and the first PlayStation. Furthermore, you can stream games over the cabinet that run on a PlayStation 4. Either via wifi and via an Ethernet cable. Unfortunately, the PlayStation TV shoot on all fronts too short. Stream from a PS4 delivers just had too strong and although there are over four hundred games for the PlayStation TV available, the offer is disappointing, because some games that appeared for the PS Vita are not included in the offer. Finally, is the multimedia function of the cabinet against, because there is no app is available for services like YouTube and Netflix.

Stream PS4 games


Lay with streaming from PS4
Streaming over wifi is slow
Multimedia offerings is very lean

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Almost a year after the small device in Japan appeared on the market, Sony started here selling PlayStation TV. Strangely enough the thing Sony has been baptized in the homeland Vita TV and the device is therefore here as PlayStation TV in the store. Both names can lead to confusion, because what do you expect from a PlayStation TV? Something like Apple TV probably seen the size of the cabinet. However PSTV is quite different.

European launch PlayStation Now

The Japanese name is perhaps the most accurate, because the PlayStation TV is a stripped PS Vita, Sony’s handheld in 2011. For the PSTV Sony has stripped the handheld screen, touchpad and buttons. Instead, the device has an HDMI connector and wifi. As for connections, the PSTV equipped with a USB port, an Ethernet port and two slots, who inherited the PS Vita. The slots are used for special PS Vita memory cards for PS Vita games. Furthermore, the device comes with a small power brick. Same block as the Vita comes, only the PSTV can not run without it.
Beautiful cabinet

It provides a nice, small, sleek matte black cabinet on: typical Sony. Because the look you would want to put on the PSTV as your TV cabinet. Unfortunately he stays there probably will not be, because the device weighs only 110 grams, which means that it is raised all sides by the connected cables. It’s a minor thing, but unfortunately there are more of them. Thus PSTV in audiovisual terms somewhat limited. What picture is concerned he only offers 480p, 720p and 1080i, plus stereo sound. So you will have to do without surround. This is not only unfortunate when playing games, but perhaps especially for streaming movies or other media, because in addition to the lack of surround is look at 1080p thus not.


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