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In the past year, there is a lot more focus on smart watches, partly due to the success of the Kickstarter project Pebble, partly due to the release of Samsung Galaxy Gear and partly because there have long been rumors that Apple is working on a smart watch. We can imagine that this new attention Sony puts a bit, because the company has been working on smart watches and in 2012 released the first version of its Sony SmartWatch on the market. However, brought much fame that the manufacturer does not.

Sony now comes with a new version, called simply SmartWatch 2. Compared to the first model, there is a lot has changed. The screen is a transflective LCD constantly on, instead of an OLED disabled by default, can be charged with a standard USB plug and it is also possible to attach. Standard-24mm wristband In addition, the smart watch works with any Android smartphone that version 4.0 or later of the operating system. That makes it interesting for a larger group than Samsung Galaxy Gear, but that works with a handful of devices.

All these innovations aroused our interest and in the last two weeks, the SmartWatch therefore almost constantly on the wrist of editor Wout been to keep track of everything that happened on his phone. Informed him In this review, he explains what the SmartWatch 2 can do and whether it is a useful addition to your gadget collection.



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Design, hardware and ergonomics

The SmartWatch 2 has a fairly simple and sleek design that is reminiscent of the design of Xperia phones, mainly because of the silver, round power button. The watch measures 42x41x9mm and has a touch screen with a diagonal of 1.6 “Under the screen are three capacitive buttons: back., Home and menu, which the design is clearly inspired by Android phones.

Sony provides the smart watch with a simple black rubber watch strap, which in principle is sufficient. Not everyone, however, will be equally pleased with the material. The rubber makes your wrist quickly heats up quickly and it also attracts dust and other impurities to. Since the band uses a standard watch confirmation, however, you can easily replace it with another one, as long as it uses the same 24mm size.

Sony SmartWatch 2

On the left side of the watch is a micro-USB port, which is covered with a lid. To do that you need a lot priegelen compartment door and if you’ve just had your nails cut it open to make a big statement. The advantage of the cover is that the USB port is fully enclosed and the watch has therefore an IP57 certification. That means you can do so without worry with your SmartWatch two dishes and because he can handle depths up to one meter, it would also be swimming, as long as you do not go diving no problem.

“Should be no problem, as long as you do not go diving swimming”

With a thickness of 9 mm and a weight of 122.5 grams of the SmartWatch 2 feels the same as a regular watch sharply and thus he has the same downsides. He can be a little bit in the way when you wear a shirt with narrow cuffs and if you’re not used to watch, he feels at first heavy. Already a watch wearer, then you can upgrade without much getting used to the SmartWatch 2.
The screen

The SmartWatch 2 is equipped with a transflective color touch screen with a diagonal of 1.6 “.” Transflective “is a combination of transmissive and reflective, and means that the screen can radiate as can reflect. Both light default the backlight off and see dim your time on the screen. You can set the SmartWatch 2 itself what kind of clock you want to see, digital or analog, and through the Play Store, you can still download additional bells.

Because the backlight so most of the day off, the screen consumes relatively little energy and as long as you did not sit in the dark, it is easy to read. Once you click the button on the side, the backlight for a few seconds, so you can see what time it is in the dark. Then also press the home button, then the home screen appears.

Sony SmartWatch 2

Nice we would not call the screen. The resolution of 220×176 pixels is not high and, therefore, text looks grainy. In addition, the contrast is low and the colors are faded. Compared with the OLED screen of the Galxy Gear is a difference like night and day.
Charging and battery life

Because the SmartWatch 2 has a normal micro-USB port, charging easy, much easier than with Samsung Galaxy Gear-smart watch, with a separate charging accessory works. How long the SmartWatch 2 lasts the battery is difficult to say. That depends entirely on how often you use it and how the screen brightness is set. You only use it as a watch and the backlight is so consistently off, you’ll probably just through the work week. Through much use in high brightness it can increase battery life reduced to a day or two or three.
Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2

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Interface management and apps

The SmartWatch 2 does not run on Android like the Galaxy Gear, but on a proprietary operating system that Sony is styled somewhat like Android. Besides the three Android buttons below the screen you see on the screen a grid of six icons surmounted by a status bar. In the status bar displays an icon for the remaining battery capacity, a clock and an icon that indicates whether a connection to the phone. By swiping from top to bottom, open a list of all unread notifications, as is the case on an Android device.

Operation proceeds from both the capacitive buttons when using the touchscreen. To access the main menu you have to press the power button and then press the home button. Using the touch screen you can then navigate through the menus and options. That goes not as smooth as a modern smartphone, because the touch screen is not as sensitive, so sometimes you have to tap more than once before the phone registers the touch an icon.
Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2

To manage the watch you need two Android applications: Smart Connect and Smart Watch 2 SW2. With that combination, you are able to establish a connection. With the watch via bluetooth The functionality is still limited. To really know what to do with the SmartWatch Smart Extensions 2 you need in the form of Android apps that you can download. From the Play Store That Android apps do not appear in your standard application list, but are to be found in the Smart Connect app. With these extensions can be small apps to your phone, but also linking apps then send notifications from your phone.

“By default, the SmartWatch 2 alarm clock and flashlight function”

Sony presents itself via the Play Store a number of Smart Extensions available for SmartWatch 2, including a weather widget, a remote control for the music player on your phone and various extensions that send notifications to include Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, SMS, missed calls and calendar. Not all functionality goes incidentally via Smart Extensions by default, the SmartWatch 2 alarm clock and flashlight function. The latter does not any more than a white screen on maximum brightness.

Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony has the Smart Extension system open to third-party developers, and that means everyone apps for the SmartWatch two can make. Because the techniques and APIs are largely the same as Sony’s previous SmartWatch, there is already a wide range of apps. So we’re in the Play Store apps on a calendar, Endomondo, calculators, card games and remote controls for the camera on the phone. Certainly not all apps are of the same quality, and they are all decorated differently and need to be set up differently, so a little about the ecosystem is messy. Must be paid for. Quite some apps
Notifications appear cumbersome

SmartWatch 2 The SmartWatch 2 can be used for running small apps, but also to give. Notifications of the smartphone, So you do not have to take to see if there is a notification that requires action. Every time the phone out of your pocket That is, in our opinion one of the most appealing features of a smart watch.

To get notifications that you have to install each service a separate Smart Extension. For example, do you want notifications for Gmail, Twitter and Facebook, then it means that installing and configuring three different apps. This happens completely independent of the official smartphone apps, so you will also need to login. Separately by Smart Extension

Because the notifications on your phone and the SmartWatch two are separate, they keep watch on your site if you’ve already read them on the phone. After a busy Twitter discussion so you just have twenty new notifications on your watch. Which you then one of the watch or you can remove from the Smart Connect app on the phone all the notifications as read, but an automatic link is not there, and that’s awkward.

“It is strange that you have to pay for notifications WhatsApp money”

Sony itself provides a number of notification apps with it, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Calendar on your phone. For services that Sony does not support, such as WhatsApp and Hangouts, you’re on your Smart Extensions from third-party developers. And in some cases, this means that you have to pay. So we could not find free Smart Extension for WhatsApp.

That’s actually not crazy, developers stabbing after all time, but it is strange that you have to pay for WhatsApp notifications while the app on your smartphone is free money. In addition, several third-party Smart Extensions available for some services, such as WhatsApp and Hangouts, and it is up to the user to find out which is the best one out.
Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2

Whenever we were working on the configuration of a new Smart Extension for a specific notification, we could not shake off the impression that this is easier. The APIs are sure present. In the latest versions of Android developers can capture the notifications in Android and then do something with it. If the management of the SmartWatch 2 was based on those APIs, had no user having to do with add-ons would be difficult and brand new apps also work immediately.

After some time we found a paid app that different types of notifications on the phone tapping and then forward it to the SmartWatch 2, as described above, thus, making the notification function of the watch a lot more useful. Those This type of functionality we had expected, however, free from Sony and should not be conducted. Using a paid app from a third-party developer
Specifications and product photos
Brand and model
Category Smart Watches
Brand Sony
Execution SmartWatch 2
Rate and Review
Lowest price € 144.37
Number of providers 9 stores
First prize entry Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Review Score: 4 (3 reviews)
Compatible with Android
Notes Compatibility Works via NFC with all smartphones running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later
Dimensions and weight
Length 42mm
Width 41mm
Thickness 9mm
Weight (grams) 122.5 grams
Diagonal 1.6 ”
Screen 220×176
Screen Type LCD
Battery life (hours) 96h
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 3.0
Other specifications
Color Black
Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony SmartWatch 2

Rating: 4.5 € 268, – Smart Watches Samsung Galaxy Gear Black
Samsung Galaxy Gear Black

Samsung Galaxy Gear looks more luxurious than the SmartWatch 2 and is also dustproof and waterproof. It used OLED screen is a lot better than the LCD panel in Sony’s watch. However, Samsung’s watch works only with some Samsung devices, while the SmartWatch 2 works with more phones. In addition, the app offers for Sony’s watch more extensive.
Rating: 4.5 Unknown Smart Watches Pebble E-Paper Watch Black
Pebble E-Paper Watch Black

The Pebble has an e-ink screen and is therefore a bit more efficient than the SmartWatch 2, though the picture quality is less. 1.6 “screen is the same size, but because there is no touch screen is present, the operation is via buttons. There are already a lot of apps for Pebble available and there is support for both iOS and Android.

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