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During Sony’s press conference on the eve of the opening of the CES in Las Vegas was mainly talking about new cameras, 4K TVs and the new Xperia Z1 Compact. About Vaio, Sony’s brand name for its computers, was no word. Yet we saw on the Sony stand is indeed a new Vaio to. To be precise, the Vaio Fit 11A.

Fair is fair, is brand new 11 “Vaio with multi flip screen does. In September, at IFA in Berlin, we found the fit 11A already behind glass., When there was talk of a 11” version with Celeron processor “and in the meantime it has become clear that it is a Pentium processor, based on the Bay Trail architecture.

Thanks to the ‘multiflip’ technique, the screen of the laptop in the middle 180 degrees can be tilted about its horizontal axis, so that it, as it were the back of the laptop convenience. If you then closes the laptop sits on top of the touch screen, creating a somewhat thick tablet arises.

Compared to the already released Vaio Fit multi flips is not only the processor, but also customized the look and the price has dropped considerably lower. As a result, the Fit 11A can not be labeled as its bigger brothers as ultrabook. Reason enough for us to view.’s New Vaio close The exterior: cheap and expensive

As showed in September Sony Vaio Fit multi-flip for the first three models with an almost identical appearance, were presented in three screen sizes. The three multi-flips are made primarily of aluminum. The outside of the screen and the palm rests are all coated with a layer of brushed metal.

Sony Vaio Fit 11A

Sony Vaio Fit 13A (left) and 11A Fit

When the Fit 11A is all that aluminum departed. The top is still made of aluminum, which gives the laptop ultrabook same appearance as the other laptops in the series. On the inside it is, however, quite different. Around the keys and the palm rest is because plastic asset. Ugly, hard plastic to be exact, not pretty, but it makes sense, because this 11-incher should eventually go over the counter for about 700 euros. In comparison, the Fit 13A and 15A are both fit for almost 1,200 euros in the Pricewatch.

Sony Vaio Fit 11A

Sony has used both ‘expensive’ aluminum and also ‘cheap plastic’ combination is characteristic of this laptop which high-end components are combined with cheaper hardware. The screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels example, quite high for a 11 “screen, but the viewing angles are at first glance not fantastic. Like the 13” Vaio Pro is the touch screen not to be laminated, creating a sort of dark haze occurs at oblique viewing angles.

Sony Vaio Fit 11A Sony Vaio Fit 11A Sony Vaio Fit 11A

The build quality does not everywhere equally decent impression. With a strong attack moves the casing around the keyboard because it properly. The construction feels screen does, however, firmly, as with the other multi-flips. That’s a good thing, because the screen should be about horizontal axis hinges to switch. Laptop mode to tablet mode Magnets hold the display neatly in place when the screen is flipped. In laptop mode, a shutter ensures that the display remains anchored in place.

We regret that the weight of the Fit 11 is not what further reduced. You would expect the two inches smaller Fit 11 is significantly lighter than its bigger 13 “brother, but the difference is only 30 grams, which means that the fit 11 to 1280 grams true. This is the convertible in tablet mode, still not good to hold with one hand and is most likely to need an extra hand or you need the device resign.

The inside: Bay Trail

Sony has, as mentioned, have to cut to give. 11A Fit a friendly price The Intel Core i processor has reason to abandon the field in favor of a Bay Trail Intel processor. Bay Trail is the name of the latest generation of Atom processors, and thanks to the completely new design the chips are significantly faster than the old Clover Trail generation. The Bay Trail processors get faster branded Celeron or Pentium along and Sony chose the fastest available Pentium processor: the N3520.

The N3520 is a quad-core processor up to 2.42 GHz with a TDP tap of 7.5 watts. Good news for the power then, but less good news for the performance. In spite of the four cores of the Pentium processor is not in the vicinity of the performance of an i-Core processor. Or slow processor laptop in everyday use will break up, we can not say after a brief hands-on. As far as we could see, the laptop showed smooth the Windows interface and initiated programs quickly. This may also be due to the SSD. Benchmarks, we were unable to run the middle of the show floor.

Sony Vaio Fit 11A

The processor is fairly low-end and it came as a surprise that the Fit 11A on the Sony stand at a whopping 8GB of RAM and a fast SSD was provided. Like the latest Sony had to cut back, resulting in a rather special mix of cheap and expensive hardware. When choosing the hardware so It should be appreciated that the processor within the internal hardware is the weakest link.
Sony Vaio Fit 11A Sony Vaio Fit 11A

A natural-efficient processor has advantages. The TDP of the Bay Trail processor is 7.5 watt only half as high as that of the Haswell processor, which resides in the large multi flips. Sony has accucapciteit kept the same, so it is likely that the Fit 11A stand it much longer on the same battery. The small screen size of course contributes to this. Preliminary conclusion

The Vaio Fit 11A is a separate collection of different components. The processor and the plastic housing are clearly chosen to bring the price of the laptop down while the SSD, the screen and the screen structure seem to be borrowed from the more expensive multi-flips.

The compact multi flip seems to be for people who want to make a convertible ultrabook, but use that do not require much power, and no 1,000 or more to resign. Intended for an ultrabook The Bay Trail processor seems to be coupled with the SSD to ensure that the laptop starts quickly and react. With increased use, the processor will probably be the limiting factor, but for home, garden and kitchen use this combination of hardware do just fine.

The key question is how much will cost the Fit 11A and hear what specifications at that price. In the U.S., the price for the cheapest version will come out at $ 800. Including tax that equates to about 700 euros. This will probably not be with 8GB memory, but the SSD and full HD screen seem to be. Standard Got the CPU does not need, then the 11 “multi-flip with an interesting convertible ultrabook features.
Sony Vaio Fit 11A


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