Sound stretched is music. You say aa it is sound. You say aaaaa it becomes music.




Satsang Transcript 2nd June 2016

Sri Sri: Sound stretched is music. You say aa it is sound. You say aaaaa it becomes music.
In the same way, mind stretched is music.
If you stretch your body, it becomes dance and yoga.
Stretching your ego is tapas and bliss.
It says everything is me. Everybody is me. That is bliss.
We will stretch the mind.
We have five pranas. The most important is vyana.
Prana vayu is one that goes up. Apana vayu is that which goes down.
Samana vayu is that which helps you digest the food.
The prana which helps you to digest the food.
Udana is that which helps you in move. When you get up and move your hand, your fingers, your body. It is also in the upper part of the body.
Vyana is that which is all over the body. In meditation, this gets stretched. That is when Samadhi happens.
So, let us meditate.
(After the meditation…)
Sri Sri: Was it good?
65 countries are with us today in the webcast.
Q: Today, we sang about the Buddha. What is the significance of sureendering to the uddha, Sangha?
Sri Sri: Surrendering brings lightness to our head.
We carry irrelevant plans, ignorant concepts, unfounded fears of the future. These things weigh so much on our head that we are unable to lead our life.
Surrendering is letting go.
When Buddha, an enlightened person is there, it is easier to let go.
Good qualities are your nature.
These negative qualities are not your nature, you let go these qualities to the Buddha. This happens automatically. Wherever you feel safe and free.
Where Buddha is not there, there the Sangha. A group which has a sattvic lifestyle. That Sangha also creates that type of energy, Where you feel freedom from fear, anxiety, and tension. Letting o in the Sangha is much easier. Unless you let go, meditation cannot happen. Unless meditation happens, there is no peace. If there is no peace, there is no happiness.
If there is no Buddha, no Sangha, then you acknowledge the Dhama. Dhama is the natural law.
If you see from the scientific angle, everything is nothing. If you see from the Vedantic angle, everything is Divine.
This is Dhama.
Q: Is time mightier than knowledge?
Sri Sri: Yes. You may be the law minister, but you also have to follow the law.
The maker of the law, follows the law.
There is a beautiful story of Lord Shiva. It is said that when the 7.5 years of Saturn starts in a persons life, you are ripped off everything if you are not on the spiritual path.
There is a but. The difference is that it is always beneficial when there is knowledge. Adverse situation becomes a favorable situation.
An arrow came towards my head, but it only hit my cap and not my head.
A little bit of that has to be experienced. This has come in the Puranas again and again and again.
The arrow just takes your cap away, you don’t even feel it.
Karma is very deep and it is unfathomable.
Q: You decorated my life with justice.
Sri Sri: Believe in this word: Satyamev Jayate. In any war, there are setbacks. It is only in the middle, it is not in the end.
We know that we have not polluted the river Yamuna, the air, or the land.
We need to clear the pollution from the minds in Delhi.
We have left the place much better than what it was.
The Delhi Police said that this place was a place for antisocial elements, now that you have cleared it for all the debris, it has become so easy for us.
Some judgments have come, we will contest that.
I am quite calm and serene and these sort of allegations will not make us unhappy. But we cannot be complacent.
Today, I gave a tweet.
Anything we do, we do with perfection. When our intentions are right, our actions follow perfection.
A meek leader, destructive opposition, a biased judge, complacent Guru. They are all curse for the Nation.
But you are all blessing for the nation. People who are committed yet calm. I have to write about the boon also. You all think what are the boon. This could be our homework. All of you tweet the four things that you consider as a boon for the nation.
(Someone say


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