Space euphoria: the feelings of the brain in space




Space euphoria: the feelings of the brain in space? March 14, 2013

In February 1971, an astronaut, “Apollo 14,” Edgar Mitchell experienced an obscure phenomenon, sometimes called “effect of epiphany» (Overview Effect). According to him, he felt a sense of understanding of the universe. Without warning, as the astronaut, he experienced a feeling of bliss, timelessness, as if there was a strong relationship with the cosmos. Instantly and profoundly aware astronaut every atom apart from matter, and looked out the window and saw the other atoms of the universe. The vast expansion of consciousness. The most interesting is that it is not the first nor the last of the astronauts who sign up under the “effect of enlightenment” in space. What happens to the brain in a state of weightlessness?

Rusty Schweickart experienced this feeling March 6, 1969 during a spacewalk from the “Apollo-9”:

“When you are spinning around the Earth and a half hours, you start to feel the absolute relationship with the planet. This change … it touches you so much that you turn into a lump of sensations. ”

Schweickart felt almost the same as that of Mitchell, describing the intuitive understanding that everything is interconnected stronger and deeper than it really is.

Astronauts experience, accompanied by dozens of other similar experiments on other astronauts, scientists seriously interested in studying the brain. “The effect of insight”, or acute awareness of matter as synergistically related substances suggestive of religious experiences described by Buddhist monks, for example. Where does it come from and why?

In order not to produce myths about the human brain and its nature, will have to understand more deeply.

Andy Newberg, a neuroscientist and a physician with experience in kosmomeditsine carefully monitors all who have had space travel. He says there is a difference between the people who were in the open and that – no, and wants to get it right. Newberg specializes in finding markers of neurological brain in a state of altered consciousness. This can be attributed to the monks at prayer, transcendental mediums and others associated with the transcendental psychology, of different confessions.

Newberg found out which regions of gray matter related to the manifestation of these effects, and now plans to use his experience to study “effeta insight.” Advanced brain scanning tools will be sent into orbit to fix the state of consciousness of space travelers. If the “effect of insight” is indeed a physiological phenomenon, it is worth exploring.

The first subjects Newburgh become not an astronaut, but the ordinary civilian. Rita Andersen left the planet along with the rocket plane Kistler. She says that being one of the first ordinary explorers, happy to help Andy scan her brain, to shed light on the mystery. Why do astronauts experience a state of altered consciousness, when they go into space, and whether Rita or other civilian astronauts experience it?

After decades of research of its own insight, Ed Mitchell firmly believed that his “unity” with the universe is the direct proof of how little we know about quantum physics. Quantum mechanics rather paradoxical than understandable, and we just talked about this. What is remarkable is that quantum mechanics does not deny that the universe may be a higher intelligence (read more here ).

In a recent interview with writer Diane de Reynier of “American Chronicles” Mitchell explained how the incident changed his life and view of the world and how each of us fits into the scale of the cosmos:

“Hundreds of years ago, the philosopher Rene Descartes came to the conclusion that physicality, spirituality, mind and body belong to different spheres of reality that do not interact. Then it was the signal for the Inquisition, which can be burned at the stake of heretics who argue with the church and postulate materialism thinking. And while it’s all over, the whole four hundred years science has considered the mind and the mind as the subject of philosophy and religion, not science.

In 1940 the mathematician and physicist Norbert Wiener of MIT first defined information as negative entropy. Entropy – is the fundamental idea that the universe is exhausted and loses energy. But Wiener called information entropy in the negative, and that’s great, but it is far from a complete understanding. ”

Mitchell says, trying to fill in some gaps, in 2008 issued a revised edition of his book “The Way researcher”, which deals with the fact that science ignores the human consciousness. Using what he called a “binary model”, the writer examines the “two faces” of energy.

“It’s not two separated concepts, this energy as the basis of our existence in the matter and the basis of our knowledge and information,” – explains Mitchell. – “In our science does not determine consciousness. The only definition of consciousness in the dictionary says that a basic level of awareness (self-identification). Conscious – so be aware of and understand, and so we have different levels of consciousness, depending on how complex the object. In laboratories has demonstrated many times that basic awareness of their existence have even vegetables, the simplest bacteria, simple forms of life.

This was done using a Faraday cage. And it proved that the information on the deepest, quantum level, can bypass the electromagnetic theory. And now we get into quantum physics and can not comprehend it. There is a fundamental understanding that awareness is at the core of the essence of things. ”

Mitchell believes that perhaps both scientists and theologians do not understand how things work.

“I can say the mystics and theologians that our gods are too small, they fill the universe. Scientist, I can say that the gods do exist, they are eternal, and their minds are connected – is the experience of all sentient beings. ”

In response to a question de Regnier, Mitchell believes a God or not, he said he believes that though, but his faith is not an assumption, that God – a “white-bearded grandfather.”

“We have a great mystery – the origin of the universe, and how it could happen. But the question is whether the Big Bang right answer, and under what circumstances and for what purpose it happened. I do not think that we are now able to answer this question. But over time – quite. ”

Although Mitchell can not explain the experience of insight, he is sure that he looked into another reality, in which people, places, and things are much stronger connected than we think. He also notes that the resources of our precious planet to spend it wisely.

“The great thinker Buckminster Fuller, philosopher, now deceased, but the modern twentieth century, noted at the beginning of space exploration that we all have,” the crew of the Earth. ” But we are rebellious crew, and you run the ship mutiny on board? ‘.

Do you believe the words astronaut? Whether “the effect of enlightenment” has a scientific basis or science is powerless to explain it? And whether mystics give the right answer to this question?

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