Space Telescope discovered galaxy with highest intensity ever




NASA has discovered a galaxy which emits light with an intensity of 300 billion suns. Never before a galaxy was discovered that emits light so intense. The observations were made with light which 12.5 billion years needed to reach the earth.

According to the space agency the galaxy has the unattractive name WISE J224607.57-052635.0 received . WISE stands for the space telescope made the discovery: the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. According to calculations by NASA galaxy emits light with an intensity comparable to 300 trillion times the intensity of our sun.

NASA thinks a black hole located in the galaxy is causing the high light intensity. It attracts namely gas and matter, which are in a cloud around the black hole. Due to the coming together, the temperature increased to millions of degrees Celsius, and thereby emitted light. Then that light is blocked by surrounding dust clouds, but which are thus well heated, and will therefore emit infrared light itself. That is eventually absorbed by the scanners of NASA.

The light intensity is so high that NASA must define a new category for such galaxies. Schemes such as WISE J224607.57-052635.0 now fall into a category called extremely luminous infrared galaxies. Meanwhile, there are already a number of others discovered which also can carry this label.

It has a whopping took 12.5 billion years for the light that WISE Space Telescope has observed reaches the earth. Therefore it seems that the system early in the life history of the universe has been developed. According to NASA from the obvious observation that some black holes at their “conception” were larger than were previously possible.

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