Space tourism with Virgin Galactic will begin in 2014




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Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is one of the companies that are profitable to boost the development of space tourism to acceptable levels. In the latest test VSS Enterprise, known as SpaceShipTwo, successfully tested the mechanism of inhibition ship at higher speeds and altitudes than previously thought. Enterprise Voyager and his brother are larger versions than SpaceShipOne, and they also took the Ansari X Prize in 2004.

As Enterprise, and Voyager gain height 15 thousand meters. The advantage of starting from the upper atmosphere is not gravity, and air resistance (the device has a Triangle wing). Start with a space at ground level would require a lot more fuel. During the test, the missile Enterprise worked 20 seconds – which is less than a 70-second flight that is required to complete space flight, but longer and higher than it was before.

The purpose of the test was to check the operation of the mechanism tail plane. Official Development Plan (above) is very difficult to make out – someone should tell the designer to Virgin Galactic, which is impossible to do such unreadable picture. Wings of the ship are in the same position on the launch of the ship, but later revealed to help the brakes bring back the atmosphere of the ship in orbit. Apparently, the ship is running fine.

There are now two spacecraft, which will fly in 2014. Last month, 640 people (out of the ticket in the $ 250 000 for one) have signed up for something to experience about six minutes of weightlessness orbital. The current goal of Virgin Galactic – surprise about 1,000 customers by 2.5 hour flight.

Nobody is talking about flying to the moon, but with a maximum height of 110 km, such flights promise to start the exploration of outer space. If you believe that the price will continue to fall, Virgin Galactic will be the first company to offer commercial space travel, but in fact, it is one of the first companies, like SpaceX , is trying to reduce the cost of transporting goods and people in space.

SpaceX is also moving forward, though most of the public funds are still being spent on the theory per se. There is no guarantee even that will remain on the ISS orbit after 2020 .
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