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How do you conquer a spot in a crowded market? It is a question that suspiciously developers to know the answer to thinking, considering the many clones who have been here and to be announced. Similarly Blizzard, that Heroes of the Storm obviously wants to hook up with the success of Moba -based embedded as League of Legends and Dota 2. It must be a strange feeling for a studio which over the past decade itself was precisely the great example . The studio had with World of Warcraft created the monster that a lot of publishers and developers were trying to beat. First with games very much resembled the original, then with games that take away something more daring. In vain.

Heroes of the Storm top
Title Heroes of the Storm Score
Platform Windows, OS X (Battle.net)
Price Free
Are Blizzard succeed to defeat the two samples where the fighting? The chances. If Blizzard is good at something, that’s all it through the wringer pick an existing genre and then deliver a game that is easier to tackle than the examples, but is at least as addictive. And in a genre notorious able to achieve its steep learning curve is still a lot of profit.

The basis of the game is largely similar to those of competitors. Two teams of five players try to destroy each other’s base. Before a game starts, all players can choose from a huge amount of Heroes, which can play four different roles on the battlefield: Assassin, Warrior, Support, Specialist. Heroes gain experience during a match and level up, giving them more options. They fight on maps where different lanes linking the two bases. Rows Towers and Gates protect the bases and must therefore first be demolished before the base can be achieved. From both camps Grunts walk down through the lanes on each other to meet in the middle. So far Heroes meets all standards.


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