Spirituality & Technology: A Journey beyond Gender Identity




We live in a time where ‘google’ happens to be within the first 100 words a child learns, a time where we do not need to extend our hand to make a friend; just our finger is enough. A whole universe of information is available at our fingertips. An entire network of people, known and the unknown, all seem to be connected, there for each other, yet not really there. Families separated by thousands of miles can talk to each other; see each other with the help of technology. Children from remote villages get a glimpse of the world outside through technology. The field of medicine and medical diagnosis greatly relies on the accuracy of the technology that it uses.

As creators and users of technology, we have been greatly empowered. Yet this power often comes at the cost of becoming entirely dependent on this very technology. Our enthusiasm to explore and to know is often limited to internet searches. We do not go out and explore nature and lose the human touch. There is nothing that can replace the experience of touching snow or feeling the coolness of the flowing river-the majesty of the Himalayas or the tranquillity of the Ganges.

While it is much easier to know more about anything by connecting to the world-wide-web, the enthusiasm to discover and learn firsthand is vanishing and only the virtual experience remains. This by no means is the real thing.


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