Stan – material capable oust graphene electronics




Currently in modern processors are more than a billion transistors, which are connected to the circuit through copper connections. With so many transistors have to create a fairly large amount of copper compounds, which are not always rational use.

As is known, copper is not the best material to fulfill the functions of conductors in the chip. It is strongly heated, rather fragile and has a relatively high resistance, causing copper gives part of its energy into heat. In addition, the scale of a few nanometers begin to show themselves undesirable quantum effects.

To replace copper scientists thought to use graphene , but after further investigation there was another alternative – Stan. Mills – one-atom thick material, consisting of tin atoms and fluorine atoms.
As the calculations of physicists from Stanford University and National Laboratory SLAC linear accelerator U.S. Department of Energy (US Department of Energy, DOE), the material may become the first in the world pictures, conducting electric current with absolute efficiency. Moreover, this efficiency can be achieved both at room temperature and at higher temperatures at which today’s microprocessors operate crystals, in an article written Physical Review Letters.

According to the model constructed in the two-dimensional layer of tin atoms should be observed quantum spin Hall effect, that is, the electrons can move with zero resistance along the edges of the conductor. When added to the fluorine atoms stanenu effect should be maintained at temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. This is excellent for computer chips that operate at temperatures ranging from 40 to 90 degrees Celsius.

Currently it is only theoretical calculations, and to create a workable conductors based on Stan still must overcome some technical problems. But let’s hope that scientists will find an acceptable solution to this problem, and the world in the near future will see the new low-power and high-performance microprocessors .
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