Star doctor starring technically this time .. a visit to the clinic Liberty and interesting interview with Dr. Majd Naji




No stranger to doctor witty, and director of the feat for dental clinic made ​​famous in the Arab world, to seek to adopt new technologies, but what a theoretical draw that race, when roaming in the Liberty Dental Clinic in Dubai you will hear the word “first” over and over again, whether they are linked to the devices or techniques or even the style and approaches.

I do not know where to start, the place is blessed with kindness and mastery of work to the fullest extent, and everything is screaming splendor attention to detail no matter how small. Today however, I realized that the saying “Success does not come from a vacuum” should be written from the water went.

Come with me to tell you about my own experience and interesting meeting with the star and the famous doctor of dental Dr Majd Naji Director General of the Liberty Clinic Dental in Dubai.

I heard it a lot, and I have seen on many media, but I did not know that the purpose of a number of presidents and world leaders, not to mention artists and celebrities, you can visit at any time, but I found him a star of the stars or a minister or a personal shiny!

Team went Gateway Technical News to Liberty Dental Clinic in Dubai to find out the techniques used, and we had a meeting at length lasted for more than two hours with Dr. Majd Naji, who explained to us the minutest details about the techniques and equipment used in the Liberty Clinic.

Out of phobia which I suffer of them when visiting the dentist usually, my questions as a whole has been focused on the element of “pain” during treatment, but I am overtaken in record time from reading the technical world and the modern techniques of large role in the service of man and to facilitate his life.

Dr. Naji told us the glory of the march for his life from the very beginning, and that will not touch upon it at this place, but I will review the most technical aspects that caught my attention during the visit.

Beginning with sterilization, as we know that sterilization global and methods followed are governed by global standards of prestigious organizations, Valais sterilization in Liberty clinic up to the point of obsession in every sense of the word, starting from the latest devices used in sterilization operations, passing through the materials and distilled water, and the end of the procedures used and the care techniques attention to detail, which led to get the Liberty to a very advanced degree in the test conducted by one of the most competent American organizations sterilization standards in the world.

As for the dentist’s chair, it is another story in itself. Fieadh Liberty boasts that it adopts the latest findings of science and technology in this area. He told us that Dr. Majd Naji has in Liberty first two chairs from the production of very well-known international company, and here I mean the product No. 1 and No. 2 product, which is testimony to the world’s attention clinic Liberty by working in this area companies. Valchrisa enjoy movements and dynamic mechanism that will remove dread the beginning of the patient, and give him a sense of psychological and physiological comfort, as well as this harnessed in comfort during treatment.

If we moved to talk about X-rays and the quality of the devices used Fsnlahz two things are very important, first of all the innovative ways in which it took a picture of the patient, and a second speed in performance. Perhaps the resulting images and software used to show and manipulate testament to the technical development in Liberty Clinic, The images produced have many and varied properties, including three-dimensional images, and multi-layered that is shown, as well as many other advantages which are innumerable and that the entire pour in facilitate the healing process and reduce the time and effort on the patient and Dr. at the same time.

Laser teeth and dig another story, there is no pain after day with the latest hardware used in this process, nor anesthesia nor grieve. I bet you’re wondering how is it inside you !!! And simply the techniques adopted by the Liberty Clinic in this area make digging age process Laser dealing with dead cells in the tooth (tooth decay), and not compromising the living cells, which eliminates any possibility of any pain, and therefore there is no any need for anesthesia.

Upon my question How long does the installation of the crown of the sprocket process, the answer came staggering in every sense of the word: only 10 minutes !!!!!! Liberty clinic, where a three-dimensional camera is used to determine the crown sizes in just a few seconds, to then be sent wirelessly to a three-dimensional printer prints the required age or crown within 10 minutes. That is, you simply will get the crown in one sitting no more than 45 minutes as a whole, instead of multiple sessions with conventional cases.

I will not talk about cosmetic surgery and the many stories that have spread on the Internet about an amazing facelift conducted by Liberty Dental Clinic in Dubai, and we saw the glory of Dr. Naji during our visit. But I leave you with this interesting video:

This is the tip of the iceberg adoption of modern technologies in the Liberty Dental Clinic, Vtschar modern techniques in dentistry would reduce the time spent on the treatment process, and access to accuracy, and the abolition of pain during treatment.


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