“StarCraft 2: Heart of Swarm Listing the super lively activities, NesTea with Sen Underking Deathmatch showdown




“StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Listing the super lively activities, NesTea with Sen Underking Deathmatch showdown
Blizzard single game news game world

The whole like Carnival lively “StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm,” listed press conference.

To usher in the boot in at 1:00 on March 12th StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm “Taiwan Blizzard advance listing lively press conference held on the 11th, like a carnival-like activities on-site in addition to the original development team, Korea insect king NesTea also invited to come and Taiwan Underking Sen exhibition game showdown. Site participants also include a representative of the Taiwan eSports League team, as well as the super heavyweight players Shi Wenbin.

SC2_worm_10 ▲ From left: Electronic Sports League in Taiwan, Huang Bohong, the American Blizzard Greater China Managing Director of Dai Jin, Kylie root Cosplay, the American Blizzard chief 3D animation art designer Allen Dilling, American Blizzard 3D animation art designer Steve Provost Li Yuan Yi, general manager of Soft-World International Branch Channel Platforms Group, Taiwan Blizzard Managing Director Eddy Meng.

“StarCraft 2” first piece of information “StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm” single plot revenge and regain power in the history of interpretation of the Queen of Blades Carey root. After “StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty” baptism, a new piece of information in addition to adding new maps and multiplayer units, many of the existing units added new capabilities and open Battle.net new function, significantly strengthened The game also for gaming activities to provide a more convenient user interface.

Vapid world’s first boom of the listed activities, though, is in the 11th week school and work time, the site is located in Taipei’s Xinyi District Neo Studio is still the influx of more than 500 players, there are a lot of people a long time ago over waiting. The activities started selling merchandise from the approach as well as the game, as well as to predict the exhibition game in the end NesTea or Sen will win victory in voting kicked off.

SC2_worm_2 ▲ Moderator Alex.

Activities outset host Alex Dafang Song pieces StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm “T-Shirt. The American Blizzard Greater China Managing Director Dai Jin and his speech stressed that Taiwan is the first “StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm” onto the television, another declared that Taiwan Blizzard will be held in various universities and colleges in Taiwan ” StarCraft 2 game. Blizzard chief 3D designers to participate in activities on behalf of the development team, said Allen Dilling this come back after the “Wings of Freedom” Taiwan’s participation in activities was quite happy, and expect the players to be able to enjoy the convenience brought about by the new system experience. Taiwan eSports League chairman called everyone to the generous support of the E-sports!

SC2_worm_1 ▲ an opening Alex to carry a bunch of T-Shirt sprinkle site attracted berserk.

Next was a series of catwalks and photographed ceremony. Most attention is absolutely Nova and the momentum of the female agent full Queen Kylie root, especially Kylie root, the Queen who belongs the Zerg Festival limbs and insect A performance super delicate.

SC2_worm_3 ▲ female agent Nova Cosplay.

SC2_worm_4 ▲ Queen Kylie root of E Ae!

SC2_worm_5 ▲ to take advantage of the Queen is not anger, hurry to take a closer look at the fine detail of the body armor.

The specially invited to Taiwan for the listed activities Korea insects the NesTea soon stage matches with the exhibition of three wars and the Taiwan Underking Sen. Field cheering oversized host Alex has been yelled “absolutely can not lose!” But NesTea still straight sets record victory. Strategic and economic control inside the two exhibition games, the main display the new piece of information units 100 Health insects (first the NesTea master) and fly pythons (the second field Sen control), but unfortunately NesTea to grasp a larger advantage skills, Sen swallow this defeat.

Interesting Alex inquired the NesTea for Taiwan ShowGirl feel how, NesTea shy smile: Taiwan must suit the taste. Of course, NesTea Taiwan’s mild climate, the food is good to eat.

SC2_worm_9 ▲ Korea Underking NesTea debut, won the listed activities of exhibition games undefeated.

SC2_worm_8 The ▲ NesTea Sen open play before Alex ran with this as a race assessment (left) SoBaD of and the (right) JoeMan, asked whom to support in the end.

SC2_worm_7 ▲ first exhibition games NesTea won the victory before last screen.

SC2_worm_6 ▲ (second from left) NesTea (second from right) after the end of the first exhibition games, Sen, completely regardless of the stage state immediately on the launching of discussions.

SC2_worm_11 ▲ sweepstakes players get the Collector’s Edition of “StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.

Exhibition game soon came to the scene players came to power to expand two on two PK activities time with two Underking team.

Grouped the players draw lots to decide, NesTea Zerg player with one claiming just finished team Sen is with a self StarCraft players enter the old team; NesTea team showdown in double worm Sen insects, fit. Before NesTea tactical deduction through an interpreter with the players come up with a pen and paper and start eliminating the need for complicated upgrade time, take direct hit Sen Zaigong the same group of players of fast-break strategy, which also made the first of NesTea won the day three wins.

SC2_worm_14 ▲ scene singled out two pairs of PK participating players keep NesTea Sen, on the left who claimed to be a novice.

SC2_worm_15 ▲ results NesTea and claiming to novice players resolved smoothly Sen.

SC2_worm_16 ▲ heard of exhibition games to be added to the field, but also open to players to participate in the venue flocked enrollment.

Seeing three Sen-game losing streak, Alex, in addition to continue shouting on stage shouting “I’m so want to win Korea ~!” But also because of the warm atmosphere, the scene decided plus a game in hand. By Sen’s coach is also orange bear Leaf yoe Iron Man Hui in the audience surrounded by players after both came to power, with Sen and NesTea team. Sen and coaches Leaf before actively studying the battle As for the once and NesTea showdown Hui probably have worked, they came to power after very calm begun setting.

After the two sides have come up with this worm, the combination of God pairing points to control Protoss Leaf and Hui outset active lineup to meet the challenge, two teams of about four minutes after the start time cut and thrust, the temporary cease-fire between the two sides restructuring lineup soon NesTea and Hui sniper separately, Leaf siege bullet, the Sen select direct pull soldiers stationary Watch Hui Unfortunately, Hui Sen offensive clinging to the door jammed, then NesTea straight into the waves offensive Sen this battalion pulled out, the war situation this off. , NesTea also scored the fourth victory of the day, the same group Hui shoving winnings the Razer Gaming surrounding group to donate to lottery players overweight.

SC2_worm_17 The ▲ Sen coaches, orange bear Leaf yoe Iron Man Hui, both on stage.

In addition, the activities Starcraft 2 custom map awards ceremony, the order for the first: Alliance Moe Bullock’s economic development, the second: Star War Room Craft, third: the date of death Field issued a total prize money of $ 50,000.

Soft-World Group, chairman CPWang half after coming out, just under the high iron CPWang saw the scene to participate in the crowds filled full, could not help out the check, after declaring In addition to the on-site activities, prizes, also fixed overweight allows players to provide cash prize join the festivities, but also the players a lot of action to the on-site support. Site immediately pulled out in peripheral sold 50,000, divided into 25 copies of the $ 2,000 prize sweepstakes generous really attracted the scene players to enthusiastic response.

SC2_worm_12 ▲ activities include a custom map awards ceremony.

SC2_worm_13 ▲ “StarCraft II map making contest winners.

SC2_worm_18 ▲ Soft-World Group Chairman Wang Junbo, came to power speech hiked pumping 25 of 2,000 yuan a red envelope, once again attracted players cry.

The third and final in a series of sweepstakes and development team brought quiz temporarily come to an end, and to SoBaD JoeMan Allen Dilling, Steve Provost, NesTea Sen’s signature Assembly come to an end.

“StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm boot in at 1:00 on the 12th, the players turn on your computer, we washed it to

quiz time by the Blizzard development team.

final signature of the General Assembly.

signing his name going home to prepare on-line pull.

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