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The British division of Wired magazine has presented a brief interview with Steve Wozniak – co-founder of Apple and one of the veterans of the consumer technology market. Being a highly controversial figure, Wozniak, however, always gives an interesting view of what is happening to us on an interesting market.

“These young people with new ideas – some of whom had not heard – I love most in the world” – said Woz. – “Because it reminds me of a time when we created the Apple».

Ever since the 70s Wozniak started to pay a lot of attention, time and money, and the formation of new businesses. He currently serves as chief scientist in the company of USB Flash Drive Fusion-io, it is also easy to invest in new technologies and applications.

“It is best to capture your imagination are the things that you have not thought about that before, and did not talk in the news lately.”

Ideal candidates – those applications that offer smart approach to the use of human speech, the ones with whom you can talk to, “like a normal person.”

“I want to speak with errors in wording, with grammatical errors” – continues Wozniak. – “When you enter a query into Google, it rules your mistakes. As for the speech, I want to [technology] was smart enough to understand what I mean. Maybe I have something else in mind, and it should be clear. Over the next five to ten years, software will be actively developed in this field, the field of artificial intelligence. ”

Other technologies that promise rapid development – a “smart” clock. The research team predicts sale 8.9 million hours in 2014 and 214 million – in 2018. But Wozniak has already determined that the current model is too limited.

“I want a full-fledged smartphone to the entire Internet was on my wrist,” – he said. – “I want a larger display. They start with displays that do not exceed the size of iPod nano, it is the size of the last hours. I think we need to keep watch of the past in the past and move on. ”

“I hope,” smart “watch of the future will be independent, to work on their own and will not be bound by Bluetooth to a smartphone in your pocket. But this does not mean that such an option would be bad. ”

Another notable product that no doubt will receive a significant development for the next five years – Google Glass, and Wozniak believes that this system is too limited and dry: “I think they have a chance, and the reason is simple: I want them. I do not have them because they do not have time to beta-test. ”

I think that’s where they come from the biggest innovation. When people look back and say, “There is something I want, but that does not exist. I’m going to do it, maybe for yourself and for your company. ”

Given the launch of the new iPhone last week from Apple, Wired, of course, asked Wozniak about his opinion of the new models “apple” smartphones.

“I’m not particularly looked into 5c, because I do not like it” – says Woz. – “Everyone knows that Apple products can truly appreciate, just hold them in your hand. But I’ve only seen pictures online. So I’m a bad judge, but hardly something draws me more than the products of Apple ».

“Most of the products I’m interested in high-end, and I like the look of the iPhone 4, and 5 I just love these products. Therefore, 5s, which is close to the two smartphones, I like more. For me, it means: “O Lord, now I have the opportunity to buy three new phones, 5s three colors. I did not include in this list 5c, but maybe he has a big market, and I’m just not that person. ”

We recall not so long ago at the cinemas appeared reel of film «jOBS», describing the life of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
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