Strongest-4EV Focus! Panasonic GX7 will be listed at the end of October in Taiwan




Matsushita Taiwan Today (9/13) New products GX7 organized technical seminars. GX7 release date at around the end of October, but the current price is determined.

Taiwan loose electrical invited Panasonic Japanese camera Division Yoshiyuki Inoue (Yoshiyuki Inoue) President to Taiwan, as early experience GX7 media briefing and introduction, and respond to some of the media.

Before some readers may wonder why GX1 successor model is GX7, a jumping so much? Mr. Inoue’s response was that because GX7 substantial progress in the specification, so the model name is GX7, so roughly know GX7 in the specifications and other details on the progress very much.

1DX6044 665×443 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

In fact, the original GX1 users who want to switch if they feel, and that can be directly considered GX7.

As GX1 GX7 and differences should be no comparison is necessary, just GX7 has-4EV focus brightness was enough for users to directly replace GX1, even on your hands or other G GF series. -4EV Our on-site lighting fully closed, leaving only the scene of presentation and pen electric lights, deliberately facing a very dark place, GX7 focus is still fast.

As GX7 actual performance in quality, and so on for you to borrow the machine Jiangzai introduction.

1DX6110 665×997 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

Mr. Inoue own love machine is LUMIX G, and mentioned GX7 picture quality is well worth the wait.

GX7 with a new design LiveMOS, CMOS and circuit wiring to reduce the thickness, so the image can be closer to the diode microlens. With the new VENUS (Editor’s note: as with GF6 is VENUS 8) image processing engine therefore increased by 10% saturation, photosensitivity increased by 10%, 25% increase noise control.

GX7 a few of the more important specifications:

16MP Live MOS
Continuous 4.2 / sec
2760000 movable flip-pixel EVF, angle of 90 degrees
Support 1/8000 sec shutter
Built-in anti-shake and Peak Focus
-4EV the dark focus (the current digital SLR / micro-single in the eyes of the best)
Support touch focus
ISO 25600
AVCHD video
Time Lapse
Magnesium alloy body
Start shooting 0.5 seconds
Support for HDR shooting
Built-in WIFI and NFC
Silent mode
Built-in flash support 1/300 second synchronization
External flash sync speed up to 250 of a second
122.6mm × 70.7mm × 54.6mm
Including battery and memory card approximately 402g, with different lenses have different access aggregate weight

In fact, although the interface GX7 some a little different, but generally the operating logic with other G / GH / GF / GX series about the same, in addition to a wealth of manual functions, the user can use the built-in effects filters or situation model is obtained satisfactory results.

In this one, we are the first to tell you about GX7 in appearance and operational characteristics.

1DX6099 665×443 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

GX7 with 20mm F1.7 II’s weight is about 489 grams.

1DX6077 1 665×443 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

180 cm boys to operate, GX7 be lightweight, and has a good feel of operation. Viewfinder mining prominent design, you can close your eyes and picture windows combine, but also to avoid affecting the face too close to the right-hand direction button operation.

1DX6076 665×443 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

The EVF on the turn, somewhat similar to the previous medium format camera that waist-level viewfinder feeling. This design can be reduced to be photographed with the photographer in the face to face an embarrassing situation, when shooting can be more natural and comfortable.

1DX6090 665×443 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

GX7 flash is mechanical type flip-up design. According to specifications, the built-in flash sync speed up to 1/300 seconds, which is almost professional models only feature. GX7 external flash hot shoe seat up to 1/250 sec sync shutter, which is even more than some full-frame digital SLR better.

1DX6078 665×443 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

GX7 is no “zoom lever.” Designed together with the shutter button before the knob position with the thumb after the knob control aperture and shutter. This is more intuitive in operation quickly. GX7 body size than the average digital SLR is much smaller, it looks at the operation is still very much intact.

1DX6087 665×443 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

The button body Brother machine configuration and other similar, AE-LOCK button is designed with AF / MF switching lever, the three entities Fn key, shooting and other control buttons are used to set shooting parameters is important, with touch, the user should be familiar GX7 in a short time of the operation.

1DX6093 665×443 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

Part of the fuselage of the screen, you can on Xiandao nearly horizontal position. Although it is not the same as on the lift GF6 90 degrees, but this piece of 1,040,000 pixels wide viewing angle screen, low-angle shooting is also pretty convenient.

1DX6094 665×443 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

If you need to shoot, then depression, LCD can be turned down.

In actual operation, GX7 has a very strong ability to focus, this way, the most impressive place. In addition, the flip-up the electronic viewfinder, 2.76 million pixels, the picture quality is very delicate, but in color LCD with slightly visible difference. Dual-knob operation also gives smoother feel. Tried Panasonic’s camera, GX7 more mature and provide more maneuverability to the photographer, this is the feeling after a brief trial GX7. Although it looks as GX7 venue is completed machine, but we still wait for Taiwan pine borrowed GX7 real machine before it starts to try GX7 on the image performance.

New products and technological exchanges will try to beat Example: (opening the can download the picture)
P1040052 665×499 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

P1040035 665×499 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

P1040047 665×499 最強 4EV 對焦!Panasonic GX7 將在 10 月底在台上市

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