Study reveals twelve pattern of characters users of social networking sites




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Study reveals twelve pattern of characters users of social networking sites

A British the study of revealed about and existence twelve a different pattern for the personalities people in the social media sites

Made it clear the study of conducted by the University and Winchester the British in conjunction with a company First Direct specialized in the banking business, that it can be discrimination twelve a pattern of personalities between users and social sites, In some often combines the person Wahed between the More style of based on the to the size of his activity and the extent of regularity and the quality of the content that submit it via those sites.

And according to Dr. David Glees, an expert in the behavior of and means of social media and a teacher Psychology Media at the University of and the British Winchester “may is acting some people in your | FaceBook Android | so that different from what they’re doing in up for Twitter on the for example,”.

And added Giles that smart phones facilitated the for the extremely access for the platforms of social media, and thus goes on Many and takes longer in the chat with their friends in space-mail more from the phone or and face-to-the face of, thereby alters the form of their relationships with others, and alters also from the their personalities.

And study was based on to the results of an experiment for a period of the month of the in which participants was obliged to change their habits in the social media sites, you in addition to clear of the trends of and people’s behavior in the social locations on the level of Britain. And diversified patterns personalities between the loyal users and the Users and researchers this for fame.
1. Ultras or of addicts

يتعصب those belonging to this the team for | FaceBook Android | or Twitter, and usually what are using Community Member List Forum mobile phones to reach her, as inspect the their personal accounts of more than visits All times are during the day and even during the work.

And represent social media sites to them the primary means to linking them to with friends and family, and Baltalevan any change are sick with with a sense isolation from what around them. And while the Some feel of isolation since the the first few days, is accompanied by the others sense of isolation for a longer period as a result of their sense of the loss of piece of information or a conversation via the their favorite network.
2. Deniers

Of these throughout the reduces the time from the the importance of and of social media, and assert always that they does not control the their lives and that the able to to live the easily without it. For the but they in fact are sick with a feeling anxiety and isolation from the the rest of the world If what were unable to for a access to the their social network this ad.
3. Browsing

In spite from owning the owners of this the team to social across the sites accounts they inspect the their pages of without and the pace of a regular basis, and may go days or Osabie without the propagation of Tweets or a new Reload this.
4. Neophytes

Is located this team within the the large numbers which accede every day to the means of communicate Social Council, At the outset, strive to learn how to using the Site and building a network of friends or Followers, and after the hesitate to inside them questions about the feasibility of their presence in the these sites; and often what is determined by their direction during the the first two months and if they are Silthakoa the team the first of loyal users.
5. Non-regular

Hiding the owners of this pattern the center of Space-mail, and are pursuing accounts of others and debates the circle, but rarely what participate therein; and usually what complain of these publicly from the messes what is being said in social networks and lack of its feasibility, while in the deep down themselves are afraid of they do not have something very interesting for the of its publication.
6. Peacocks

This style can be discrimination of the easily figures in | FaceBook Android | and up for Twitter & Anstagram. And seen his companions to the social networks as an arena to a statement the extent of their popularity and their social status that are based on to the number of admirers or Followers, and turns Issue Number into a means to compete with others, and it becomes the objective of each a message or Tweets a new reap the More of the signs of admiration and re-dissemination of Tweet “Retweet.”
7. Ranters “the owners of-pitched high-”

May is acting the owners of this kind of personalities gently through direct talks, except that the situation differs when their presence in the the Internet; as it allows them to and social media of expression their opinions without concerned about the replies the actions of others, and thus are exaggerating in the adhering to their opinions, Nobody connected with this kind social networks specifically ; as it perhaps shall be of bloggers of ex-only that up for Twitter has provided an to them to access more of people.
8. Ghosts

Masquerades these behind the the names of and fake and information scattered do not reveal the their identity, and so that fits their desire to presence in social networks and integration in the the talks, At the same time their fear from the availability of their personal information is to the strangers.
9. Almtbdlon

Goes the owners of this The style of the personalities a step farther, since do not just for non-disclosure for Hoatham across the the Internet, and Atqmuson different personalities for the extremely about what they are please feel can One to identify them.
10. المتساءلون

Loves the owners of this style ask questions via the | FaceBook Android | or Twitter, and do not are aiming from the during which he to figure out the answers as much as What gives them a of questions an opportunity to start new talks and integration the with others, of these may suffer from obsessed with in Unthinking people about them because they do not intentionally spread Things to excite attention.
11. Informants scouts News

Prowling of these news sites and social networking in search of about the Oarod stories Omqata Video attractive for dissemination in the hope in the Neil of Fame and more of Followers and admirers, considering that information and important messages is the currency blockbuster-in-means of communicate Social Council.
12. Who seek for the the desirability of

Focuses the owners of this the pattern their attention on the Number of the comments or re-Twitter after the all the a new or Tweets message published it in the social media sites, and follow up THE RESTLESS deep their page until the the reach them replies the actions of others.
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