Summary of the most prominent events in the Mobile World Expo 2013




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Summary of the most prominent events in the Mobile World Expo 2013
Summary of the most prominent events in the Mobile World Expo 2013

March 2, 2013

The curtain came down on the twenty-sixth session of the Conference and Exhibition Mobile World 2013, which was held in the Spanish city of Barcelona from 25 to 28 February, and saw through the four days to reveal the number of smart phones and computers tablet new addition to the range of technologies and services and new processors allocated to the sector.

And participated in the conference which is organized annually Union operators and mobile phone operators (GSM er) companies such as Finland’s Nokia and Samsung and LG Koreas southern, Asus Taiwan and Lenovo Ze TE and Huawei Chinese, in addition to Alcatel and Qualcomm, Intel, Ericsson and other telecommunications companies.

The corporate presence in Arab Conference and Exhibition Mobile World, for example, participated Emirates Telecom and Qatar’s Qtel in addition to the 17 Egyptian companies working in the field of information and communication technology.

And emerged computers tablet heavily in twenty-sixth session of the exhibition technical, where keen handset manufacturers to disclose the RCI in tablets and mobile tablet, also saw Congress emerge official system Firefox to run smart devices, detect approaching exit the first mobile operating system Teisen to light.
Samsung unveils a Tablet PC and plans for system Teisen

And exploited the Samsung exhibition to detect computer new tablet Galaxy Knott 8 and who owns a screen measuring 8 inches and a resolution of 800 × 1280 pixels, and will copy Android 4.1.2 known as Jelli between, and processor quad-core speeds 1.6 GHz powered memory random capacity of 2 GB, as well as Rear Camera 5 megapixel, and other front 1.3 megapixel.

It will support PC Samsung Tablet new contact networks wireless internet, Wi-Fi, in addition to support communications networks third generation, is expected to find computer tablet way to the Middle East in the second quarter of this year, will be available in two versions the first capacity of 32 GB and the other with a capacity of 64 GB with the possibility of providing an external memory card up to 64 GB capacity, in addition to having a battery capacity of 4600 mAh.

Samsung also revealed stop supporting mobile operating system Bada and allocate all its resources for the benefit of open source Teisen system which is being developed in collaboration with Intel and Unix, as was pointed out that the first mobile operating this new system will be in July or August next.

On Developers Conference, announced the South Korean company for two services two new service Knox security for institutions and companies that provide a work environment separate applications on smart devices for workers so as to ensure the safety work environment private college company or organization, the second service is service and Walt – any portfolio – which allows for smart phone users the ability to save shopping cards and debit cards and tickets in one place on their phone and use it through.

For its part, Asus unveiled two computers to Ohieddin new, first carries phone calls feature a computer iPhone iPad, and other smart phone can be integrated into the screen turns into a Tablet PC or used as a smart phone device separately, a Badfon Infinity.

And provided computer tablet, iPhone iPad, running Google Android and screen high-definition Size 7-inch will come as a processor dual-core running at 1.2 GHz, and includes a bouquet Materials camera at a resolution of 3-megapixel in the Model supplied memory 8 GB, while not available in the Model supplier memory capacity of 16 GB, and will be available in gold or gray in global markets during the month of April next start cost of about U.S. $ 286.

In contrast, comes a Badfon Infiniti of two pieces are a smart phone can be mounted at the base of the computer tablet attached, which include screen and battery only; provided the smartphone screen size 5 inch precision super full and powered processor quad-core type of Snabdrajohn 600 of Qualcomm works fast 1.7 GHz.

The device Badfon Infiniti is one of the devices that fall in the top tier of devices Taiwanese company where supplied camera 13 megapixel can capture up to 8 images per second, and record video clips at a resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels, and in video mode can the camera capture 30 images per second, phone also supports communications technology field near known as the FC; The base computer tablet Faqamt Asus providing screen size 10.1-inch working precision super full battery capacity 5000 mA / hour; expected to be available smartphone with base prices start of 1308 U.S. dollars.

To this, and saw the wing of Lenovo display three new tablet computers running Android Jelli They er 1000 and 3000 and S. 6000, are computers that will push their company in the market beginning of the second quarter of the current year.

And owns Computer Tablet, A. 1000, screen measuring 7 inches and supported processor dual-core fast 1.2 GHz, and specifically targeting the youth category where enhanced sound system Dolby music experience better; The Computer Tablet II, A. 3000, he screen measuring 7 inches and a resolution of 600 × 1024 pixels with a quad-core fast 1.2 GHz, and will present Computer, A. 3000, two copies first storage capacity 4 GB and the other with a capacity of 16 GB, and supports versions the ability to add external memory card type Micro SD; will also support dialing networks third generation and another new feature on tablet computers, a support installing two tranches connections.

In contrast the third tablet computer will be put er 6000 10.1-inch screen size at a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels, powered by a quad-core processor 1.2 GHz speed.

Revealed LG for her new smart Optimus LG Pro, which falls under the category of mobile tablet will copy Android 4.1 known as Jelly Bean, and in addition to that will own camera background accurately 13 megapixel front accurately 2.1 megapixel, بالإضاف to screen measuring 5.5 inches precision super full, and at a resolution of 1080 pixels, and powered processor Qualcomm, Snabdrajohn 600, quad-core speeds 1.7 GHz with random memory capacity of 2 GB, in addition to fit on a memory storage capacity 32 GB with the possibility of increased across an external memory card of the type Micro SD, all powered by a battery Capacity 3140 mAh.

The company has offered South Korea as well as in the conference wing place in Barcelona, ​​chanting others in the series F, and two F-7, F-5, and has the ability to connect to the fourth generation networks Il TE standard.

The phone comes F 7 screen measuring 4.7 inches accurately Tru HD, supported processor 1.5 GHz dual-core, and RAM 2 GB, with memory storage 8 GB with the ability to add external memory card; addition owns camera phone background accurately 8 megapixel; In contrast phone has F-5 screen measuring 4.3 inches accurately Kyu HD, with a dual core processor 1.2 GHz speed and RAM capacity of 1 GB and 8 GB storage memory with the ability to add external memory card, in addition to a 5 megapixel camera.

Revealed LG as well as smaller Wireless Charger for smart phones which W. CB – 300 diameter 6.9 cm only, which is compatible with chargers Size Fife bin-type Micro USB as well as all smart phones that support the standard QA; The device works to urge the electromagnetic field to produce a magnetic field generator of electricity in the smart phone batteries without the need for wires; company did not reveal the release date yet.
Faster smartphones

It phones deals witnessed by Congress, entrusted me 2 of Huawei, which it describes as the fastest smart phone for communication networks fourth generation standard El TE, thanks to technology Il TE Cat Four, which can provide speed connections over networks fourth generation Internet Up to 150 million bytes per second.

And supplied Huawei her new smart screen measuring 4.7 inches accurately HD supported by a layer of glass Corning جوريلا resistant to scratches and shocks and equipped with technology Magic Touch that increase the sensitivity of the screen to touch even if the user wears gloves, and the phone will copy Android Jelly between processor and quad-core at 1.5 GHz, In addition to the battery capacity of 2420 mAh and Rear Camera accurately 13 megapixel imaging technology accurately backed HD seen with a front 1.3-megapixel camera; is expected to be available in the second quarter of the current year.
System, Mozilla Firefox for smartphones

The Mozilla Corporation announced at the World Mobile it had agreed with a group of handset manufacturers for the production of new smart phones running the new smart run Firefox, and they are LG and Alcatel Ze ZTE and Huawei recently joined the Japanese company Sony.

The presentation during the conference chanting working operating system Firefox where revealed ZTE for phone ZTE OpenOffice, which comes screen 3.2 megapixel and processor type Qualcomm speeds ranging between 600 and 800 MHz, and powered memory random of 265 MB, and memory storage 512 MB, followed by Alcatel phone detects One Touch Fire, which comes technical specifications similar to OpenOffice phone.

The “Mozilla” to the new phones will be launched first in the markets of Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Serbia, Venezuela and Hungary and Colombia, as planned to reach the Arab markets through a “communication”; is expected to put those phones in the middle of this year.
Awards consortium of mobile phones

It is noteworthy that the Federation of operators and mobile phone companies organizer of the conference announced awards best in the market in the last period where reaped company “Samsung” South Korean good number of awards including the best factory in the year, and the best smart phone for Samsung Galaxy S 3, and the best product electronic consumer supports mobile phone services for the Galaxy camera, and with the best in technology for technology Il TE Smart.

And claimed “Asus” and “Google” Best Computer Tablet for Nexus 7, with award went better phone low cost to Nokia Asha 305; At the level of telecommunications companies went Award Best Product supportive of communications technology the near term that FC and easier for users to services Payment for my company “contacts” and “MasterCard” The award for the best innovative product went to the company “Ericsson”, claimed the company “Vodafone” Best Service Award for relief and humanitarian work.
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