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It is becoming a tradition in quiet times what games to set up a row that are good, beautiful, cute or at least special. Games that are not all large enough to justify a review, but remarkably enough to still draw attention. Hence a round-up of six summer games. There is nothing that binds the games. The only similarity is that they have appeared very recently and have drawn our attention.

Denmark is not much further north than the Netherlands, but as the games of Play Dead are normative, it seems a completely dark world where the sun just will not penetrate through. That was in limbo from 2010, the first game of the studio, and this is again the case in Inside, the successor who is just out. Limbo which was initially available only to Xbox Live, Inside is to get Windows and Xbox One. We played the version for Xbox One.
header Inside
Title Inside Score
Platform Windows, Xbox One
Developer Play Dead

Who has played Limbo: there are quite a few similarities between Inside and its predecessor. Both games are therefore set in a dark world game and in both there is a nameless boy central to experience an adventure that fully told without words. In both games you relive that story over and puzzles in both games though sidescrollend walk through the dark world game. In both games you can have minimal resources. In Inside you need exactly two buttons next to the two thumbsticks; one to jump and one for action, though you can only be used in very specific situations: a button here, a lever there, and occasionally an object that you can do something with it. shifting a coffin, for example. More over, it is not. Still Play Dead proves that you do can make it an entertaining game.

There is a number to identify reasons for this. First Play Dead finds a good balance between story and puzzles. All puzzles are focused on progress. The point in all cases that you also know to come and find a way out. There is also a necessity for it, turns out directly from the start of the game. The unnamed boy who plays the leading role from the beginning attacked brutally. At the beginning of the game Play Dead makes to get clear by dogs and adults with guns on your path. You’ll have to creep – or run – to avoid the dangers.

Images from our passage Inside, the Xbox One.

In the beginning is also clear that your enemies have no scruples. If you get caught, then a horrible death follows, whether it be at the hands of the dogs or the adults. Fortunately, the game quickly load a save, just before your unfortunate death. There appear to be very many such automatic saves, so you never have far back and you quickly a new attempt.

The good thing is that the puzzles in the game or fanciful, but never really be very difficult. Perhaps more importantly, the solution is always close. Inside is no Myst, where the result of your action may well lie outside. It makes the puzzles are entertaining, but do not distract from the story and the adventure.

This adventure is so completely told without words, and thus always remains puzzling. There is here the same as for the puzzle; the lack of dialogue is the story rather than surprisingly clear and detailed. The lack of depth or brightness is not happy in the way. The story is entertaining and continues to fascinate to the end, all will be just the end for some players are just too bizarre and deviant. It is perhaps the biggest downside to Inside; that the end is not completely in the foregoing, seems to fit.

Fortunately, the game is a very strong asset that pays a lot: the appearance, and especially the style. There also is the biggest gain in over its predecessor. Limbo seems that gameplay concerns very on Inside, Inside only many times more beautiful. Who puts the two together, we see that Limbo was mostly very flat, where Inside has a lot more depth. Does that make a sidescroller? Yes! You can not use that depth; you can not walk to or from the screen and you have to do with left and right. Yet that depth adds very much. Atmosphere above, a very important part of Inside.

PlayDead achieved that, as in limbo, with very limited resources. Very limited colors especially. The world is completely shrouded in gray tones, with a single colored accent. The jersey of the boy that you control for example, but also some elements that you can do something with it, such as switches. What’s more three-dimensional game world Adding especially, the sense of scale. The makers know very well to convey that the world is big and you are but small. It increases the sense of vulnerability that you get when you’re out with the kid.
thrifty music

It also helps that the sounds are beautiful in the game, both the sparse music and the sounds from the environment. If you walk to the start of the game during a rain through a corn field, you hear changing the sound drops in the typical sound of rain falling on leaves. Perhaps even better to PlayDead know that silence can be just as impressive as the sound. Finally, we would mention the animations of Inside, without too much to betray. Especially at the end of the game they are very good dividends.

Inside is a beautiful, mostly subtle puzzle game nonetheless is full of atrocities. The subtlety lies in the style, in shades of gray when the world is shrouded and where some sparse touches of color to speak of. The same is true for the sounds and the music. The atrocities are in the story, it is what can happen to the boy if you do not know how to solve the puzzles. These puzzles together with the story the main part of the game. Puzzles are enough and they are happy in almost all cases in the service of the story. Only in the middle of the game are some parts where most had been allowed to be built in a puzzle less. however, generally PlayDead knows how to find the right balance between story and puzzles. It makes Inside an entertaining and memorable adventure, with only a few remarkable end.


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