Super Mario 3D World – Jump in high resolution




Super Mario 3D World – Jump in high resolution

For a man that has made its debut in 1981 as the anonymous Jumpman in arcade game Donkey Kong, Mario keeps suspiciously long. The plumber of Italian origin has also its former tormentor well and truly outdone in fame and made its appearance in more than two hundred games, in which he also played the lead in most cases.

Played on: Wii (excluding platform)

Similarly in Super Mario 3D World, where the eponymous hero sets off again with his regular friends Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad. Nevertheless, the story this time officially slightly different than in many previous parts. If not you do this time on a quest to rescue Princess Peach. Bowser, again the bad guy in the game, this time it has provided on Sprixie, a kind of fairy glass tubes can conjure. Emerge Bowser kidnaps Sprixie and disappears into a glass tube, on the way to Sprixie Kingdom, so that we get a new game world presented. Although there is not much difference with the Mushroom Kingdom, but that should not spoil the fun.

Super Mario 3D World

Sprixie Kingdom appears divided into several worlds, and each world has Bowser castle where he holds a Sprixie of another color hostage. Only when you saved the Sprixie in one world, opens the glass tube that you can go to the next. Each world has a different look while theme. Within each world works in a similar way, you start with access to one of the levels, and only when you have finished, you will have access to one or two next. Only when you have made enough success in the world, you get access to the castle where Bowser the Sprixie captive. The various worlds are thematically divided roughly into familiar elements such as water, ice, fire and air. Unfortunately, that thematic classification not equally strong in the paint. Not really happen that much with the elements that are central to the various worlds. Moreover, it does little affect the quality of the levels from which the worlds will be built up. Stargazing

Access to a new world, you still earn on the basis of the stars that you can collect in the different levels. That there are usually three per level, where it is difficult to properly use all three in a first run to collect. Such a run always ends with a jump to the famous flagpole. With the search for stars is the replayability of the game so high, old-fashioned, because some stars are really well hidden. There are exceptions. There is a separate type of puzzle – the Captain Toad levels – that you go through with Toad and where you can not jump for a change again. By turning the small game world you see how Toad should send to that there are hidden. Finding five stars by the maze There are more levels that differ from the fixed formula. So is to find where you can play to an abundance of gold coins and 1Up’s. One-armed bandit in each world The time we were able to win the jackpot, we got there at eight 1Up.

Super Mario 3D World

Also on that intention has not changed, you can fail in a level, but if you have somewhere along earned a 1Up you can still give it a shot. The beauty is that while Nintendo is very forgiving. Even if you earned 1Up’s there have been rushed through, you get a new chance. All of you taking it at the beginning of the level to start and not to a save point halfway, what is possible if you have a 1Up. Should it come to that, then Nintendo is not childish and get instant five 1Up on your account. Even better: 1Up’s are already going through your inventory, Nintendo gives you the most appropriate package to get you through the level. It is an example that other publishers would be allowed to attend. Why not meet players who have trouble with a particular part of your game, as it may mean that they can not play the rest of the game They finally have a good amount deposited.

Before you start a level, you can choose which of the four available characters you want on the road. The distribution is therefore classic, Mario is the all-rounder who is average in running and jumping. Luigi jumps higher and fall more slowly, but will also slow going if you want him to run. That seems to be true for all the characters but Luigi more. Princess Peach can float a while, but slower running, which means that she has struggled to escape. Enemies to When Toad is reversed, who runs the fastest, but not as high jumps and falls faster, making it harder to survive platform portions.
Fifth Character

And then there’s Rosalina, who comes over from the Super Mario Galaxy-branch of the series. Rosalina is only available if you know its route unlockable. She runs slower than Princess Peach, but compensates with a spin attack, she does not even have to jump. Although we tend nostalgic reasons to play with Mario and Luigi life for Princess Peach’s actually a little easier. And now we’re talking about the difficulty: we noticed that especially the boss fights in the game are a little easier than we are accustomed. The same was spotted by the recently published The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Nintendo is not the only one in here, it seems to be a trend to make games easier. We do not want to attach a value judgment immediately.

Nintendo gives ten tips for Super Mario 3D World.

Next page (Cat Pack – 3/6) Cats Packet

So far, Super Mario 3D World especially familiar. The set even seems very similar to Super Mario 3D Land, the 3DS game from 2011. Yet there is enough innovation, the main fact that Mario and his companions new packages to be drawn. Especially the Cat Suit is a nice addition, which offers interesting new options. In Cat Suit, you can climb up walls or other obstacles that may be surprising and far – though some walls are really too high. Then you get energy and you irrevocably bag back down. Because you can climb quite high in the Cat Suit changes your view of the world. Because you can achieve outside the visible image, then suddenly spots you also have to think, which of course is nice. Bit more ‘out of the box’ Obviously Nintendo booty that considerably. It can at least do not hurt so here and there to climb up.

Super Mario 3D World

The climbing is especially useful in the open levels of the open sections of levels. There are plenty; levels with a spacious surface on which you can walk around freely and can often take different routes. Right there you’ll find walls that delimit the level, in many cases with a surprise on top. Though that not all levels. Of course there are plenty of puzzles and platform areas where you can not walk freely. As Where you walk a narrow path, as in an old-fashioned side-scroller, but with 3D image. Also, it is the Cat Suit frequently useful, and even necessary to win. Maximum number of stars
Split Personality

A second new powerup that Mario can get, the move is a pair of cherries. If you encounter, you do not pull so much a different costume, but you will be copied and run suddenly two Mario through the level, which neatly just keep walking, though the duo may be split if the route you take over adjacent performs obstacles. Obviously this is often the case, so if a narrower part of the route is up or down, it may happen that one Mario gets separated from the other. This leads to as funny as confusing situations.

Super Mario 3D World as shown at E3.

Next page (Three-dimensional – 4/6) Three-dimensional

As the title suggests, the game has a 3D game world. It starts with the map, where you viewed from above looking down. Then you will see a map of the world you have arrived, and the levels in which the world is made of. You can also see which levels you’ve unlocked and which have not. You can roam around the map and do not just the lines between the different worlds to follow. To good use even on the maps of the different worlds yet to be found. Necessary surprises Within the levels, the camera angle similar, though usually depends camera something lower and closer to the skin of Mario and companions.

Super Mario 3D World

That changes slightly when you play in co-op because obviously shows that popular Nintendo return, but also slightly chaotic game part. You can use up to four players at once through the levels, in which a player uses the Wii GamePad and the rest a Wii controller or a Wii Pro controller can use. On the structure of the co-op mode is also changed little. You can help each other, but also just as easily hamper, which makes co-very entertaining. Who is going to result, however, can only play better. We should add that in 2013, in an era of the Internet and high-definition consoles, pity is that the game is not to play in online multiplayer. C oop is nice, but most friends will find you usually online and not next to you on the couch.

Discussed the GamePad, obviously the whole game with just the GamePad can be played in the hand. You can at any time the TV into something else and rely on the screen of the GamePad. Indeed, there are situations where it works even better to watch than the TV to the controller. Though there are actually remarkably few situations where the touch sensitivity of the screen is being exploited. You will here and there platforms up, down, forward or backward must swipe, but often is not.

Super Mario 3D World

Next page (Beautiful pictures – 5/6) Nice pictures

Although there are a lot of levels in the game, which again is very varied and delicious inventive and imaginative, Nintendo delivers perhaps his greatest achievement or to graphics. Super Mario 3D World is not the first Mario game on an HD console – that was Super Mario Bros. U of last year – but it is the first fully 3D is. And Nintendo knows the game very stable to run, so you will be presented with a very smooth 1080p picture. At 60fps That’s actually a picture of 720p to 1080p resolution that will be upgraded, but you will see in practice little. The advantage of the high frame rate is evident in the faster platform areas, where it comes to the timing of your actions, is 60 frames per second blessing.

Super Mario 3D World

The resolution makes the game world there has never looked better. Detailed It also seems that Nintendo has all the assets for the game redesigned, with high resolution in mind. The many props used in the world but also the fixed parts – such as Mario, his companions and the solid opponents all look super sharp. Nintendo has even for the first time in a Mario game built a good shading, and dynamic lighting. Graphically, so nothing but praise for what the game also provides a clear added value compared to Super Mario Bros. U.

What sound is concerned, we are talking about Super Mario 3D World. Less Since Nintendo seems to have. Just that all the familiar sounds of revived That makes the game obviously very recognizable. Yet crept us feel that the quality of the sound lagged behind that of the image. Especially with the music. Not that the songs are bad, certainly not. But the sound that Nintendo has chosen for instruments one remains close to that of the old midi bleeps. Necessary to increase the visibility but it had us a fuller sound may be. Beautiful again or that Nintendo an eye – or ear in this case – to detail. So you can hear music and other sounds duller be as Mario lands in or under water.

Super Mario 3D World

Next page (Conclusion – 6/6) Conclusion

Super Mario 3D World is primarily a very nice new Mario game. It is the first full three-dimensional Mario to admire in 720p, and that even at 60 frames per second as well. Both frame rate and resolution are very pleasant. The high resolution is just beautiful. The frame rate ensures that the game runs smoothly even in the fastest passages of the game. There remains sound and music at some behind, though that’s mostly a matter of taste.

Furthermore, Super Mario 3D World another example of game design. There are a lot of levels, so you get a lot of old-fashioned value for money. In addition, Nintendo in the design of those levels again fashioned inventive. The publisher puts the emphasis on pure gameplay. Rolling, sliding, rising, falling platforms. Trains that you need to put the bills friendly version of the Loch Ness monster, is coming back from all over, including a lot of secrets to be discovered. To good use, the levels are all worth replaying Moreover, because the three stars in each level are usually well hidden. What gameplay is perhaps not the revolution that brought Super Mario Galaxy, but a very solid and most beautiful edition.

This is Super Mario World 3D game that the Wii U could give at the launch of the console a year ago. Much needed boost This game leaves a lot more and a lot easier to see where Nintendo and Wii are able to then launch game Super Mario Bros. U. Only the GamePad will be some off badly. It’s nice to play the whole game with just the GamePad, but the touch-sensitive screen or motion which is little used. It does not spoil the fun. Super Mario 3D World is the game that the Wii needed and a game where every Mario fan hours of fun can enjoy as well. If need be with the whole family.

+ Runs stable at 60fps
+ Cat Suit good extension arsenal
+ A textbook example of level design

– GamePad little used
– Music sounds old-fashioned
– Still no online multiplayer
Final grade: 9
Title Super Mario 3D World
Box Super Mario 3D World
Platform Nintendo Wii U
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date already appeared

Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World

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