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Research among more than ten million users Facebookers seemed to be the filters of their own content rather than the algorithms of the site. However, the algorithms in the future may harm the democracy if they have too much shielding views of users.

facebook tweakers That writing researchers from Facebook Thursday in the journal Science. The click behavior of the users currently seems to be an important reason why articles from the viewpoint of a Facebook user differences are less likely than the algorithms of the social media giant. The algorithms of the site that try to predict what a user ‘fun’ will find and present it, however, certainly in the future as part of potential damage to the democratic system because too many people are shielded from alternative ideas. Therefore, it is important to understand how such a personalized websites work as compared to traditional media.

To find out how it stands with the common complaint of the existence of “filter bubbles” and “echo draw their own opinion,” the researchers used anonymous data from 10.1 million Facebook users in the United States between July 7, 2014 and 7 January 2015 were collected. It focused on how users interact with socially shared news. The users who were tested, all had publicly declared their political orientation: liberal or conservative. Of these users were looking for something new that was posted by the Friends of the respective users, users also reached effectively through the algorithms of the site.

Then the researchers looked at what content the user also finally clicked. This showed that the new algorithm flow is generally ensured that there was a percentage point difference in the amount of news that went against the user’s political leanings, ended up with the user. However, the click behavior of users themselves resulted weather for clicks four percentage point less ‘challenging’ content. That seems to now suggests that Facebook provides people a new broader power than the average colored new medium, as used in the study, conservative Fox News against the liberal Huffington Post. Chances on Facebook to be greater users are confronted with other ideas.

The entire dataset was potentially good for about 3.8 billion unique, individual displays, 903 million newsfeed impressions and 59 million clicks. The final ranking algorithm ensures that conservatives see about five percent fewer ideas cross-get content without the algorithm and that liberals have to do with eight percent fewer other types ideals. The final click rate on hard news stories were on average only seven percent, so conservative or liberal: both sides few clicks on hard news.

Facebook mainly consists of networks of friends and family, giving users an average of around twenty percent of contacts who have a different view. This is not comparable to other social networks such as Twitter, orbiting other groups including those with similar interest.

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Perspectives- An accompanying article in the journal of David Lazer pulls the broader investigation. According to him, we are still only at the beginning of social algorithms. The social algorithms used are so complex that no single person can understand them completely, which according to Lazer is proved by the fact that nota bene researchers from Facebook itself examine the impact of Facebook Algorithms.

While this may seem investigation still endorse that Facebook is a place where people still somewhat able to taste each other’s interests, that perhaps after the introduction of another way of filling the news flow on 21 April this year, has changed. Since then try Facebook updates of the people you care ‘in any case pass. People to whom you are probably also the people with whom you have more in common ideologically.

There is practically no comparison with the world for the coming Facebook and other social media. The volumes of data are not comparable. And despite thorough research on the company itself, should not be forgotten that research must also be done outside, something that has become more difficult since April 30, 2015 because the data can request applications from other parties has been drastically reduced.

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