Synnex Technology International war agents Xbox 360 game, “goddess Knights”, “DoDonPachi Maximum reborn on sale in Taiwan




Synnex Technology International war agents Xbox 360 game, “goddess Knights”, “DoDonPachi Maximum reborn on sale in Taiwan

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Synnex started acting Xbox 360 games.

Microsoft Taiwan recently launched two Xbox360 barrage new Goddess Knights (Caladrius), the DoDonPachi reborn “is expected to be introduced in the 29, 2009 and May 30, two are X-rated games . Incidentally, this will be Synnex acts as a proxy.

Also launched the “lightning”, “lightning” series Japanese factory Moss, barrage new goddess Knights. Import role in the game voice, seiyuu lineup substantial. Works outlined originally used to enhance human industry and life alchemy Jinzhou, to coveted for a long time “Pala Deng China” Graham King with a total steal, massacre villages know Jinzhou, the heavens and the earth become discolored. At this time, far from the task of returning the head of the Kingdom of the Knights of Alex, is the village survivors is to destroy Jinzhou Kei, as well as the nun Maria church sent to the king. The trio will try to stop the king going crazy acts, and will lead the world back to the right path. Incidentally, the first batch of products limited threw the Xbox 360 “Goddess of different smell recorded 4 ultimate late-night arena.

Goddess knight Mission 10

Goddess knight Mission 6

Main “elements Shooting” and “shame” Break “goddess Knights.” Treated as special attack “element shooting with three different firing properties, players can add props shooting energy, or to increase the skill level in order to obtain a higher attack power, shooting range; Break As for the” shame “, the player with the the role of leader in wartime, as long as attack to a certain extent, holds the role of the clothes will be readily violent!

Adapted from the mainframe platform, is expected to follow the Japanese version launched simultaneously on May 30 vertical scrolling shooter DoDonPachi reborn “, also belong to the barrage style. The Xbox 360 version added a new role, the new system, plus key mainframe platform version of the high-definition; new role contains seiyuu Hirano Aya the “Sakura Night” with Big Wood Bi voice of “Yang Bee.
Developer Cave In addition to for DoDonPachi reborn “inherited” DoDonPachi “series consistent style, the soundtrack continues DoDonPachi Resurrection tonality by Namiki learn to play, and another popular illustrator Nagi good play character design, incidentally, game theme song singer Hirano Aya.

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