Tablet PC shipments of low-level rescue, Acer and ASUS has perhaps made the most stupid decision




Tablet PC shipments of low-level rescue, Acer and ASUS has perhaps made the most stupid decision
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Less than NT $ 6000 Tablet PC, whether playing in Double-A Taiwanese what tricks it?

Tablet market reached a strange environment, with regard to Taiwan, the two brands Acer and ASUS, the recent turn to launch low-cost tablet to attract the attention of consumers, that this approach is correct it?

This tablet computer, whether it is to buy the brand, or buy user habits, do not know you have not thought about.

Perhaps you will say that Android does not have a look, you can go to what users are accustomed to creating. But we have forgotten, Android regarded as an Open Source system that allows each partner to develop their own self-UI, such as HTC’s Sense or Samsung TouchWiz UX.

On the other hand, from the single-core, dual-core to quad-core processor, but only a short period of two or three years, it has gone x86 architecture, a 10-year cycle, in fact, tablet PCs and smartphones, has been walking on the x86 architecture processor’s footsteps.

Acer and ASUS PC or in the past thinking in the business tablet market, then the war may have been unable to have a vertical integration capabilities with the Samsung Electronics hard.


Volume up, revenue was flat, but the entire gross profit to fall, which is really something you should pursue business?

We think that it should not be so be it.

The current global brand tablet PC shipments to 180 million, while the cottage flat has 7000-75000000 about shipments. When the product is focused on high performance and entry-level case, Acer and ASUS can not be high during that compete with Apple and Samsung, had to reduce their worth, turning the original cottage flat market in order to maintain a certain shipments to able to explain to the shareholders, which seems to have become a negative cycle.

Tablet PC users should pay attention to UI surpassed the hardware specifications, but Acer and ASUS PC or in the past, thinking applied to the tablet computer, may have been destined to face ended in failure, because you really want to play the standard low-cost tablet war, how could Have a bunch of over Chinese copycat brand?

ASUS is currently working with Google seemingly cooperative partnership, may really be a distraction. ME371 sold well, really because of the brand ASUS, perhaps we are wrong. Today it were China HUAWEI, Taiwan, South Korea’s LG or HTC to get this 7-inch Nexus 7 Tablet PC, they would get pretty good sales performance, rather than the ASUS may well want to come, because this is Google’s products.

In a large environment, ASUS, but that is one of Google’s OEM manufacturers only.

Less Nexus 7’s blessing, ASUS Tablet PC shipments bound to revise down many, which the company has already begun in the 25th amendment notebook shipments, followed if the delay due to the second-generation Google Nexus 7 and not listed, then they are bound to once again for the Tablet PC shipments for the next repair.

Perhaps instead of looking for the next step ASUS hardware engineers only know how to hold a meeting or a group product manager, but to find a group of really know how to design the UI engineers to join the team, a good improvement without any change in the current user interface. As for Acer, only here bless them.


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