Tech It Easy: Forget the pen drive now!




Tech It Easy: Forget the pen drive now!

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How long at this point, when your friend that she was promised a collection of your favorite songs, you will bring in a pen drive? That was some of the recent photos that your friends were left trapped in the camera. Not Pen Drive – did not get songs, no photo! Email sporadical photos she sent were also probably where they were going. After all, email attachments, which is not able to handle.

Pen drive name mess
The Damned ‘pen drive’ with the same trouble. People often forget to be brought forward. Or, pretend to forget them. Which takes the pen drive, he forgets to return. If you can handle the pen drive, how will he disappears. Not missing, do not know where he is hidden not get on the spot! But the most annoying is when you see the pen drive files stored within the project file, it refuses to open in time. When you lose by trying to show that the file ‘corrupt’ is over – the file is bad like that last forever.

With songs Virus Free
These pen drives that you already know, the greatest way to spread the virus. Pen drive not detected on your laptop friend with songs and photos were found in virus free. Now keep up the anti – Wayis investigated. If you went in a heavily guarded government building security check at the gate so that only you will know the bag lying in the pen drive has big trouble.

How often will come in your mind is that any way to any large files at once, in a moment sending the same way as email. Any way, the pen drive, memory card, take – only affair to be over. No virus threat, not afraid of getting lost or corrupted files to tension.

Backup important files, data security
Cloud storage (cloud storage) by using the thickest files as email attachments without which you can easily send. Moreover, your files are always safe – its a highly dependable back – up copy is ready. Then your pen drive, memory card, then complete the call, the computer will also be lost, go wrong, suddenly formats – have to reset, then your data (data) will not go anywhere. Photos, songs, documents, video clips – all of them, but in a few minutes, then you will be in front. Your data ‘cloud’ also means having Knekted from the Internet by logging onto any computer or mobile can find the file. Take your laptop everywhere with no need.

Email easier
Most people have heard the name of Claude Storj, why go on, day and night too many people living on the email do not use it. Cloud storage means that your data, your files, your phone and computer than any other place, the company is also present on the computer, with your user name and password. It also adds remote server. Whenever you like, with the help of internet you can get your data on remote servers, you can change it, you can share it with someone or you can delete it forever. Just like any computer by logging on to your mail Czech.

This service is Muft
Like email, many companies tend to a limit, free cloud storage feature. If you have more data space as much as the annual fee, you can buy some. But in free cloud storage space so you can achieve your important documents, music collections, can handle lots of photos. Cloud storage to share any files placed on the pen drive is not needed, nor the memory card. Swap eliminate the hassle of pen drives and still have a backup of your data resilient. All photos on any computer, anytime you see. Ever, enjoy your collection of selected songs.

Just be careful
But the cloud of Storj and singing before we tell you about some of its shortcomings. Here you can understand anything that was laid on cloud storage on another computer or a mobile internet connection is required to gain. Without it, you can see it on your phone or computer, but can not send anyone. If you have slow internet, large files (especially video) uploading and downloading is both extremely boring. And the thing that you must remember to upload large files to the cloud and download Internet bill increases. But if you have high-speed Internet connection (such as Wi – Fi or 3G), and you are using unlimited data plan so you can enjoy with relish cloud service.

The second thing is to tie the knot that no company itself, but also to claim – the truth is that everything that has been put anything on the Internet could be hacked – in the hands of the wrong people, can access it. So anytime extremely Gopaniy things – such as bank details, credit cards, passwords and highly personal photos, video – do not place on the Internet. If something is important, then it must have a backup somewhere else.

Choose whatever you want!
Cloud storage is extremely easy to use. Dropbox (Drapboks), Google Drive (Google Drive), Sky Drive (Sky Drive), Sugar Sync (Shugrsink), Box (Box) all service as a cloud service of your choice to choose from. Just once, you might want to use the cloud storage service, be sure to download the small software your computer or phone. Which is the best cloud service is not to be much in this debate. Everybody has their own strengths and drawbacks. If the restrictions imposed on you and not someone that you could use just one cloud service. If you prefer, use multiple cloud service can do for different things. I see myself as a collection of Music in Drapboks, Google Drive will keep up the photos and video clips in Sky Drive.

But first you have Dropbox (Dropbox) or Google Drive (Google Drive) can have extremely popular and dependable.

Dropbox (Dropbox), click on the link below to get.

Google Drive (Google Drive) Click the link below to get.

Just two minutes should
Now create your own user name and password. Is that your task. Now Dropbox or Google Drive on your computer will become an icon. The icon on the desktop for convenience, keep the front of the eye. Whichever files you want to share in it, put it into the lift – or cut copy – paste. According to your file size and your Internet speed will sync this file in a few minutes – that the files on the cloud now gone. Now to say that a copy of this file in your Dropbox on the server has become.

Once your files on a remote server, or uploaded to Drapboks left hand, then her share of games. Now you do not complete file, just send a link. And have these links, it will download it from the computer directly to Dropbox. Is not it easy? If you wish you can give another person the right to make any changes to your file, look certain additions or divert. If you are creating a project and the teacher for advice or want to show your friend.

Do not pinch anything now in stock
Likewise, if you want to create a collection of songs together with friends, then put the music folder in Dropbox. Then go to Dropbox folder within which you will see. folder will appear on all your pets. Want to share the folder, please right click on it. Options will appear to you all. Invite to folder by selecting the Opsn if you would share with friends, so they can change. If you just share link with your friend then you can download the file, but it can not change anything. Right click on the folder to which you are Dikten Opsn, you can use it according to your need.

Be there where you want your Data
Then the fun of using the cloud service and increases your every file, every photo, music – all those computer, phone, tablet are located you use everyday. The Dropbox (or Google Drive, or whatever cloud service you are going to use) Please download on every device. But your same username and password to log you first use was made. Every file of your work, is present everywhere. If you make some changes to a file – then he changed automatically look elsewhere.

Not one to leave the pen drive? The usage of pen drive only if you want to send a file that is too large – like the whole entire movie. Because it will take too much time to pass large files to the cloud and the internet is not free or unlimited plan can increase your bill higher. If you want to share files with which he is but he lives in another city, then what will?

The choice is yours, please send by courier putting pen drive files or come to the shelter of the cloud service.

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