Technical harvest 2015: Google has not only with its I went to control the alphabet




Google Inc. was general track record at all levels, The company, which was founded in 1998, began search engine to archive web pages, but after nearly two decades of time it can be said to have become the Internet itself.

Google projects in 2015 is not confined to one area, the company is always seeking to control the technical scene with new ideas and innovations did not reach one, thanks to the secret laboratories, known as Google X Google X. efforts
Technical alphabet, Olfabt

News re sudden restructuring of the highlights of technical events in the company for 2015, without introductions announced Larry Page, founder of Google’s partner in August / August, for the establishment of a new company carried Olfabt Alphabet name on Google and all of its projects be implied as companies operate under its umbrella and so to ensure more regulation and transparency as he put it.

After transmission Larry Page to be CEO Olfabt, along with Sergey Brin to be President, has been appointed Sundar Pichai Sundar Pichai Chief Executive Officer of Google Inc., who received a congratulatory letter from CEOs in the world, led by Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple.

Emphasizing the seriousness in the technical control of the scene, the Google company in October bought the scope of Domain Name to a new site consisting of all the alphabet to be in shape to denote a new identity.

With the beginning of September Google launched its logo new look after it adopted the slogan former for a long time with the introduction of simple amendments to it during the past years.

It also announced Olfabt in the month of November for physically independence from Google projects emerging and independent like Google X labs, and fiber, and thus these projects need to work on it customers with Google and pay a monthly fee in exchange for services such as such as cloud storage.

Number of active users of the Android system a month this year exceeded one billion and 400 thousand users as Sundar Pichai announced in October / October, an increase of 400 million users about the numbers that were issued in 2014.

Interestingly, in these figures that almost 29% of Android users running their version 5 Lollipop, while working almost 40% of the phones version 4.4 Kit Kat, especially as 2015 is the year of the sixth version of the Android system, which unveiled the first time in the Google conference Mturien in May / May.

Android system 6, which bore the name did not give Marschmilo Marshmallow significant shifts of the visual side comparison system Android 5, where the company focusing on the hidden improvements within the system to improve stability and provide a better experience, has also been providing energy conservation Doze feature, which allows the system close operations When you discover that the device is not used, or move it to a period of time.

And Google has also worked to avoid errors in the previous Android systems, and worried that a lot of users, especially the powers system, where users are given more control for private data that applications can access.

The graphics for the lion’s share of this year, announced its intention to add sophisticated graphics engine to Android allows developers to access applications and games to the graphics processor hardware to provide interfaces and games better than the performance and processing hand.

Android ware Android Wear system in return got the new updates this year, such as “Always On” feature that keeps the time working on a permanent basis, and support for gestures, allowing users to control the hour through certain movements by hand, such as moving between screens, and the transition from one screen to another, By moving the hand. It has also become possible to connect Wi-Fi networks in a few hours without the need for the use of the phone, and change the facades of time after Google provided 17 new interface is ready for download from the Google Play store.

It also announced through the official blog for Android ware support system, your smart clocks, phones iPhone, where working hours were not supportive of the system to work, but only with Android phones.

In November / Nscheran second it announced Google that more than 19 thousand institution you are piloting and include system Android -oriented business Android for Work within their systems and networks, a system that allows the separation of the normal user applications for business applications, and thus can be used smart devices without problems within companies, with the possibility of the use of business applications and personal applications without any displays the company’s data at risk.

Lovers smilies Emoji on Android have access to all the new expressive faces where there Google Altramaz table Unicode in Android to eighth version that includes new faces, and this process also requires updated lines within the system, and keyboards, as well as tags code.

At the level of protection and safety did not this year, not who is nearing completion of the defining years ever for the system Android. In the month of January the company “Rapid 7” issued Rapid7, specialized development of digital security tools, a report on Google Inc., accusing exposing millions of Android users at risk, due to the stoppage of sending security updates for the tool “Web View” WebView for devices operating by issuing Android 4.3 and below.

And after a period of long and specifically in August announced researchers Ohad Bobrov, Bobrovsky District, Voronezh Oblast and Avi Bashan of the company Check Point security for their discovery of a new loophole in the system Android bearing the name Certifi-Gate, and is this gap by exploiting the support tools remote mobile or the so-called Acronym mRSTs.

August did not end up without the announcement of the discovery of a security hole bore the name of Stagefright, which threatens 95 percent of smart devices Android operating system, then the second version of the discovery of the gap in the month of October, which allows control of the Android devices and remote-controlled.

Accelerated the pace of events, the researchers then confirmed the existence of a new type of malicious software that resides in thousands of applications, and making matters worse it is almost impossible to remove them, which users may be forced to completely replace their computers. Which it was confirmed by a research study published by the University of Cambridge, where the British reported that 87 percent of Android devices are susceptible to security holes , and must be on some operating system Android hardware makers put more effort in order to protect the owners of smart phones from the old security gaps.

Google did not stand idly by and announced directly from the program for security updates issued on a monthly basis to address any gaps are discovered immediately, a program that acceded to the two companies Samsung and Blackberry stressing notified they will send security updates on a monthly basis to users of their devices operating system Android.

To improve the Android system further and overcome the monopoly issues, which although plentiful, but they did not succeed in reining in Google spoiled child, which controls 85% of the smart devices, Google has changed some of the items in the contract to use the Android system by the manufacturers for smartphones such as Samsung, LG or HTC, where abandoned install some applications in advance.

And got users Android finally on Google service electronic payment Android Pay in September, and in the United States, to enter this competition in the field of payment via smartphones, next to Apple, which has previously launched Apple Bai service, as it allows Google’s service for users of Android Kate phones Cat 4.4 and above, carrying a sensor NFC, complete the payment operations in many places, in order to add more features, banks, shops for service, in the coming period.

In conclusion, Google talking about Android this year humor launched by Sundar in the light of his participation in the question and answer session which was held in Delhi Delhi University in India, where he was asked by the students about the reason for non-use of Indian sweets names when naming copies of Android, to answer joked that he needed to ask his mother about the proposed names, before putting the vote on the Internet to choose the most appropriate name.
Google Play
Google Play

Did not get your Google Play store applications Android system on a lot of updates in the current year, but the company began testing the new update carries a wide range of improvements to the most important re-division of the store into two parts only are the applications and games, and a special section for entertainment, where the store has a current determination to 6 main sections include applications, games, movies and TV, as well as music, books, and magazines.

Also, there were reports that the US company is preparing to return to the Chinese market by launching a fully copy of the store especially China, separate data from the original store, this is to be her first return to the market since the closure of the store in 2010.
Search Engine

Google updates on the search engine can not be counted at all, the company is constantly working to improve engine algorithms and ranking of search results in a distinctive way to facilitate access to the information as quickly as possible.

For example, the company announced that it will enrich the results of the search for music, actors and movies through new algorithms which provide a large amount of information the user sings to leave for any other site search results by order of the results and information within tabs.

In addition launched with the beginning of December a new feature that allows users to save images favorite in the search to return at a later time results, so when you use the search engine on smart devices. Also it began to experience a new feature, code-named App Streamed By Google , Find allows viewing from inside the system applications are available for the results of Android , even without their presence on the user’s computer, without the need to install them as well.

Among the new changes the company has announced a new update to search algorithms through which she could understand the meaning of the question posed, as well as the possibility of understanding the relationship between its parts to get the best answers. In addition, it announced that it will begin by focusing on sites that use the HTTPS protocol on the search results, so that the priority of her appearing to protect users from cyber attacks.

And Google announced in September for a new update in the algorithms and search results on diseases and their symptoms and possible treatments have to include more than 900 disease, including rare tropical diseases, after it was limited to only 400 disease.

That’s not all, The company, which occupies the second place in the list of the top brand the most valuable brand in the world announced for AMP technology to speed up the loading web pages on smartphones and tablets, which are designed to display video clips regular and animated images very quickly the same time simple Kalnsos view the content .
Chrome Chrome world

Google has two different Chrome two applications within the company, the former Google Chrome browser is available for almost all operating systems, and the second Chrome OS Chrome OS computers which run the system is characterized by its simplicity and focus on providing a simple to use experience does not consume a lot of computer resources.

Chrome OS system got a lot of updates this year, in the month of April revealed the curtain on a new device that converts any screen to computer “Chromebook” at a price of no more than $ 100, followed by the announcement of a new tool that allows applications to the Android system to work on any device works Chrome OS system carried the Android Runtime name for Chrome.

In the month of June the company Google launched a new update bears the number 43.0.2357.81 bring many of the features such as auto-complete data of credit cards, and automatic correction of writing, it also provides expanded voice command use “feature Ok Google”, where they can take orders and search any time and anywhere on the device, this feature will be available in the computer and Google “Chromebook pixels” second generation only.

The Google Chrome browser is in fierce competition with other browsers such as Apple Safari, or Firefox from Mozilla, and recently EDGE from Microsoft, but Google has never hesitate updated with lots of features.

The company officially announced about its intention to end its support for the Google Chrome browser on Windows XP and Vista system by April 2016, and the company will stop providing updates for the browser on those systems, including patching security holes, because Microsoft has also stopped issuing updates to these systems and especially XP.

The company removed the own voice to search the optional feature of the browser, and have been doing to make the browser listens permanently for the user waiting uttered the phrase “OK Google” to use the voice search, in addition to the removal of alerts Center Notifications Center because of the lack of reliable by users.

The terms of performance The company promised to improve and reducing computer resource consumption, a problem complained about them a lot of Google Chrome users, where a large Google Chrome browser engineers publishing a pamphlet on his Google Plus site, which demonstrates the company’s intention to improve the Google Chrome browser resource consumption, including the processor and battery hoc computer.

And as a kind of protection the company announced through the official forums for Chrome extension to disable the ability to install add-ons from outside the Chrome store browser to include all users. As a new tool issued a permit for the applications of the Android operating system to work on any device that can run the Chrome browser.

Finally, it concluded the Chrome browser on computers 2015 range tests on the most popular Internet browsers, but the results indicated the presence of a common denominator major one is that the browser Google Chrome is empty the battery significantly by between 10% and 28% compared to Internet Explorer browser .

As for the browser Chrome on smart devices, specifically Android, with the exception loophole that allows the breach of any device and get full powers on the Android system because JavaScript user v8 engine, this year carrying a lot of good news, where the number of times loaded billion exceeded the process of PlayStation store. It has also Google launched a new update adds support for Safe Browsing users by default, to alert the user when trying to visit a website is likely to be dangerous, as well as a feature that allows the provision of up to 70% of Internet bouquet consumption by ignoring the images during the loading of any page.

The Google Chrome users on any or feed system The company gave them the possibility of beta versions to install the new browser also stopped support for keyboards Foreign 3rd Party Keybaords.
YouTube Logie mile

YouTube changed a lot this year about YouTube in its traditional form, Fjocal launched four different versions of it are YouTube, YouTube music Youtube Music, Youtube games Youtube Gaming, in addition to YouTube Kids children Youtube.

Four copies rely heavily on the original YouTube database, but each one offers different features depending on the kind, without forgetting the monthly assessment system, which was launched recently, which provides access to exclusive content, as well as get rid of the ads, too.

Apart from that, the support site began to offer live events at 60 frame per second, in addition to a new design for the video player on the Web version provides a transparent interface and an amendment to the control icons.

Virtual reality was the highlight of Google this year’s events and for this reason has announced since March / March for the start of support lifting recordings comic angle of 360 degrees, with the addition of support for glasses VR Virtual Reality, and support for video clips of this type on the application of YouTube on Android.

In August revealed YouTube about the real reason behind the figure 301+ appearance in counter Views with farewell forever, where the company in Illustration explained that the previous method was based on the stop counter Views Upon arrival at 300 View to record holders Views and make sure they Hakicon people, not programs It operates automatically to increase the Views section and publish faster.

Before the beginning of December, the last months in 2015, the publication of Matthew Darby Product Manager at YouTube blog post on Google Arabic forums where announced saving feature watch videos in some Arab countries without the need to connect to the Internet permanently, where the feature is available in Jordan, and Egypt, as well as to the right, and Algeria, and Libya. As Google Inc., categorically denied all reports and news that talked about the agreement with the Israeli occupation collected by the government under which monitors the content YouTube with the deletion of sections that they do not like.

Finally, Google is seeking through YouTube to get the rights to broadcast films and television series on monthly subscription service hers, for the sake of an escalation of competition with companies such as Net Flex, and Amazon, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with.

The Gmail Fjocal a dealing treatment search engine seeks permanently to develop it and make it universally the best, as announced in May that its service for managing and organizing e-mail, “Anbox” Inbox, became available to all, after it had been her experience is limited to a few of the users according to the system Referrals.

And brought in June “undo transmission” Undo Send feature to Gmail, which is a useful feature the long-awaited, as provided two of the open source tools and allocated to import e-mail to a Gmail account.

Google also raised the level of security and protection through a new feature The warning users in the form of an alert pop up in the event of receiving the e-mail message from an unencrypted source. In addition to the updated search algorithms to improve results and to ensure that the loss of any incoming message, and the possibility of Titles ban nagging Block Transaction just one-click.
Nexus, pixels and Chrome Cast

Nexus Nexus family founded Google in 2010 almost, and included a lot of individuals that fall under the smartphones and tablets, as well as some media playback devices.

In 2015, Google added two new to this family are the phones Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, where I worked in manufacturing with Huawei, and collaborated in the second with LG.

Phones that was quite popular, especially as it first devices got a sixth version of the Android system, but some users Nexus 6P complained of problems in the glass rear camera, in addition to bad sound quality when making Amalikmat, which prompted Google to respond formally and try to stop the spread of these problems .

Telephone users of 5X also complained about the appearance of images inverted 180 degrees after taking them, which forced Google to explain, where the cause of the problem is due to the camera sensor, but the company promised to solving the problem programmatically.

Because of the arrival of new devices, Google announced officially stopped selling Nexus 6 inside electronic stores, leaving only the new hardware users to purchase.
CNN pixels Pixel C
Pixel C

Apart from the smart phone Google launched Hasabha Tablet “pixel C” Pixel C, which is running Android, which seems to have come to rival Alhaspin Allohieddin “Service” from Microsoft and “iPad Pro” of Apple.

In the month of December has some key members of the team responsible for computer Pixel C to answer questions in Who’s Ask Me Anything session on the site Reddit, after officially launched for sale through the Google store, and at a price of $ 499.
Chrome Cast
Chrome Cast

The last of the individual or “cluster” as it is called in the vernacular language was Chrome Cast ChromeCast device that got a twin, this year Chrome Cast Audio ChromeCast Audio.

Chrome Cast overall device allows broadcast content from smart devices to TVs connected after him, and thus is converted to a TV to receive the tablets and smartphones content.

The second generation of Chrome Cast Supports Wi-Fi networks using private broadcasting company Google protocol-compliant applications that run on iPhone and Android phones or personal computers. It also comes in a circular motion and in three colors, namely black, red, yellow, and connects TVs by “HDMI” HDMI. Port

The Chrome Cast Audio Chromecast Audio dedicated broadcast acoustics same Chrome Dreamcast normal way, is related to Bmkipri voice by 3.5 mm audio connector, or optical connector, or traditional “RCA” audio connectors RCA. Audio broadcast is also supported via the Google workers special broadcast from a number of broadcast audio, such as Google Play Music Services Protocol, and “Dezr” Deezer, and “Teun The” TuneIn, and soon will support the broadcast of my service “Spotefaa” Spotify, and “BBC Aablaar Radio “BBC iPlayer Radio.
Google glasses

In January of this year, Google announced the end of the pilot phase of the project to develop the smart glasses Google Glass, and the transfer of the project from the laboratory to its own separate section, to return in February to announce the changes in the second generation working group, which was assigned the task of supervising him to the American engineer a Lebanese assets, Tony Fadell, next to his mission at the head of its subsidiary “NIST”.

In September Google unveiled the new name for the second generation, where the project became Aura carries the name as stated newspaper Wall Street Journal. She also worked on a new contract with the former engineers from lab126 company which is a subsidiary company of Amazon Ivy Ross under management responsible for the first generation of Google smart glasses, and the supervision of Tony Fadell.

Although not to be so far from the shape of the new glasses but the patented explained figure expected where Sttoda glasses Google’s new on one ear only with a simple belt wrapped on the head from behind to install the glasses, but the belt parts able to reset the position to fit perfectly with head and authorized user, to the later save the situation to be used permanently, as the belt can be used also as a means to interact with the introduction of the glasses, which recognizes the part dedicated to control and interact with the content Touch is available.
Self-driving cars

In May / May Google announced the commencement of testing of the next phase of the project self-driving cars on public roads in California, but in the same month report told The Associated Press reported that the three incidents caused by a subsidiary of Google’s experimental cars from model Lexus SUV.

In November the car returned again to stir up trouble with the police in the United States, where the policeman of the State of California to stop the car because of the slow speed unusually, where wandered speeds of 24 miles per hour in less speed in a 35 mph zone and that near the headquarters of the private company Google in Mountain View, California.

And got as well as the company patented a new technology that allows them to address the pedestrians on the street to get to know the direction or action you are going to do through the screens are located on the outskirts of the car and the roof, where will display signs such as stop or lack of traffic on the side doors to avoid accidents that can result from being a self-driving.

Finally, a few days before the two companies announced that Google and Ford for the establishment of a joint venture between them to build self-driving cars via Google technology, this project is a big step for both companies both in the field of self-driving cars.
Internet everywhere around the world

Google Inc. began in October by announcing Indonesia’s accession to experience color project the Project Loon, which will be used hundreds of special balloons project color to make the Internet available in all parts of Indonesia, which is still considered one of the least countries South East Asian associated with the Internet.

Also it obtained the necessary license to test the experimental frequencies that are used bandwidth than a millimeter in the category of wireless transport in all fifty states as well as to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, which is the state number 51 of America, in order to test Internet Assigned broadcast balloons.
Internet onHub prompt

As Vajit Google world the announcement of the restructuring and the establishment of Olfabt company, launched in August in cooperation with TP company-LINK Internet prompt smart own and which bore the name onHub to create Wi-Fi and distribution of Internet network, it supports, in addition to the Wi-Fi 802.11 a communication protocols / b / g / n / ac, the fourth version of Bluetooth technology and protocols such as smart home Smarthome protocol Weave of Google’s Internet of Things IoT.
Form words from the alphabet Google

Google did not leave the characters of the alphabet, but benefited from it in the formulation of a new project, and the project Ara Perhaps the best proof of that. Action Project Team phones Project Ara across twitter account announced that the launch will be delayed a little phone, and confirmed that he is working on the re-calculations again concerning the date of availability of the phone in the city of Puerto Rico, which was supposed to receive the phone during the current year.

Because Google’s software company in the first place, Rachel Potvin, director of engineering department at Google for revealed statistics and data related to base the company’s software used in all its service, during his participation in the conferenceScale of Engineering, where she said that the number of lines of code within all Google applications such as mapping system, Mail and Gmail, Google Docs and others up to two billion lines of code size exceeds the 86 terabytes.

The company is also considering to walk in the footsteps of Apple and design phones processors and Hawwasabha tablet according to a site The Information on the lips of some sources close to the company, which pointed out that it has already begun talks with some smart devices Planning processors manufacturers to process design and production of special processors with Android only.

Google improvements did not stop on the Android, the search engine or Gmail and YouTube a just, where he also worked to improve the quality of video calls heavily in its service for immediate talks Hang Oates Hangouts, as well as a new tool loaded About Me name will allow users to control the privacy of their personal information and how it is seen within the company’s various services.

And finally it launched the application Cardboard Camera system Android , which allows to capture three-dimensional images of the glasses VR Virtual Reality.

Next year Google lovers will get the important features such as simultaneous interpretation from within the applications in the Android system, and a new way to log in to a Google account user without having to type a password the private, as well as a new application for immediate talks, similar to applications such as Hang Oates Hangouts or Facebook Messenger, to provide him with an intelligent personal assistant.

Google surprises for the current year and concluded when he applied for a patent for a system of drawing blood without a needle, which can be used in the form of device that the wear on the wrist of the person or as a hand-held can take blood from the finger of the hand or from other parts of the body easily.


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