Tests of a new vaccine against HIV / AIDS have shown promising results





Scientific staff at Oregon Health and Science University and the Institute of Gene Therapy, USA, conducted successful trials of a new vaccine against HIV / AIDS in the laboratory tests on chimpanzees. Article published on September 11 in the scientific journal Nature reports that in terms of testing the vaccine has proven to be surprisingly incredibly effective.

More specifically, the magazine writes that the new vaccine could rid the body of animals from the AIDS virus. Scientists report that to verify the effectiveness of the vaccine, they used 16 chimpanzees. For each of the individuals “addicted” so-called simian immunodeficiency virus (or SIV), which, as scientists describe, is “non-human” form of HIV, but more deadly than the “human” version.

As part of the test of 16 individuals infected with SIV vaccine is completely healed 9. However, it proved to be so effective that fully withdrew from the body of primates all traces of SIV.

As much as it may sound surprising, but the researchers report that the basis for a vaccine that could cure the monkeys was another virus – cytomegalovirus, also known as CMV. So, this mutated form of CMV was able to get the T-cells of monkeys, which are an integral part of their immune system to seek and destroy cells infected with SIV.

“With this method we were able to teach the body of monkeys to be” better prepared “to fight the disease,” – says Louis Picker, leader of the study.

“Our vaccine could successfully mobilize T-cells to fight the invaders SIV in 50 percent of cases. Moreover, the results showed that in the successful cases of viral cells completely left the host, “- he added.

Scientists working on the project hope that the opportunity to try the vaccine in human clinical trials to test whether genetically produced CMV help in the fight against HIV infection .

“Recent research provides hope that, in some cases, the vaccine can stimulate the immune system to fight and complete excretion of HIV infection, “- said Louis Picker.

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