that “fortitude, ” , is RAJASIC (passionate)




Chapter 18 — Verse 34

yayā tu dharmakāmārthāndhṛtyā dhārayate‌உrjuna |
prasaṅgena phalākāṅkṣī dhṛtiḥ sā pārtha rājasī ||

यया तु धर्मकामार्थान्धृत्या धारयते‌உर्जुन ।
प्रसङ्गेन फलाकाङ्क्षी धृतिः सा पार्थ राजसी ॥

Translation: But the “fortitude, ” O Arjuna, by which one holds fast to duty, pleasure and wealth, from attachment and craving for the fruits-of-actions, that “fortitude, ” O Partha, is RAJASIC (passionate).


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Truth is what we are!

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