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Startups often have to negotiate with investors to get money or to answer questions of the employer. It is not difficult, if you are confident. But what if before you Steve Jobs – the legendary founder of Apple? And if you remember that he is spoken staff – ground slipping from under his feet, because he was rumored to be very hot-tempered and sometimes humiliated people. Ain published three true stories of product launches inspirer Apple.

Sex Vaynshtayner presentation startup

“It was scary, but at the same time is pretty cool. I’m an outsider, pitch the product (total we had three), and he just tore his own team in front of me. At some point he asked me my name and when I told him, he said: “Paul Vaynshtayner’re the only one who knows what all he says hell” – and left. He wanted to clarify a very specific item, and the rest of his little interest.

Since then I have not seen him for several years, and once a couple of months before he died, I ran past him when he dined at the restaurant – he stopped me, said hello and asked what I was doing and how I’m doing For Palo Alto, California … it’s as if you stop Bono or Bill Clinton and says, “Hi!”

Mike Cobb, a presentation of the new version of Apple’s product

“It was great. Despite all the stories about how Steve humiliated people at our meeting he was very polite and positive. He came to look at the new version of the same program, we have worked in Apple (he really liked the previous version), and we showed him the prototype. He liked the part, but he also had a lot of ideas of how to change the software.

Some of these ideas were a disappointment because it put aesthetics above usability. The same thing I observed today in the iPhone with its ever-growing number of enigmatic gestures, like swipe up or down, double-tap, etc. – It pisses me off. Despite the fact that I did not agree with some of his wishes, it was clear that we are facing a really smart and passionate people who seriously involved in the conversation.


But what I remember best from that meeting, it is the clarity of his ideas about what the user wants. And he talked about it directly. He was looking through some element or function, and said: “People do not care,” and then he was talking about, what they do not care.

The details of that meeting, I had forgotten (if I’m not mistaken, it was held in 1998), but that the clarity with which he has seen market, sunk into my soul. It seems that much of the success of Apple, Steve brought because of that perception – that it is important for the users, so they’re still coasting happy to buy the company’s products. ”
Kate Makin, business negotiations

“It was 1992. I sold them ODBMS (object database) as an element of the new operating system NeXT OS. Our sales director was terrified, but I’m not. I knew that Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, that Pixar too, not all, thank God, and NeXT was a pipe dream, because the education market for anything I would not shell out a cool computer. I saw him as a charismatic startups, but a great idealist, with a lack of business instincts (note, we have collaborated with Apple after 20 years of losses, but I got distracted).


During the meeting, it all kind of showed that he was smarter than everyone in the room. I tried not to pay attention to it, but it scared me. It would not be here if it were not the chief engineer advised him to come. I knew it. He leaned back and listened, asked a few questions and then got down to business – he wanted a product for next to nothing.

Negotiations began. They lasted a month. I could talk endlessly detail, but what is most interesting. One leaned over to me and said, “Before you just do not get, is not it?” And I said, ‘income. We trade. ” After that, if not strange, he focused on my superiors and bullied him, not me. ”

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