The 14 “Chromebook HP: attempt two




The 14 “Chromebook HP: attempt two

In late July published we test HP’s first Chromebook. With the Pavilion Laptop HP not only took his first steps on the Chrome OS path, it was also the first Chromebook with a 14 “screen. Despite this feature the laptop from HP did not sufficiently different from its competitors. From highly recommended was no question, we found, because of the cheap look, moderate keyboard, trackpad and even the audible fan. It seemed that HP had made himself there with his first Chromebook. easily from

Who thus had the impression that HP releasing Chromebooks only a little bijdoet will be disappointed. The manufacturer appears Chromebooks indeed seriously. Complacent after his first release In fact, the CEO of HP, Meg Whitman, recently gave to alternative operating systems like Chrome OS firm embrace, because Microsoft is a direct competitor of HP has become.

The first result of this renewed focus is two Chromebooks who designed., In collaboration with Google The Chromebook Chromebook 11 and 14 would have to embody much more. Google’s vision of the best laptops on the web The Chromebook 11 already experienced a bad start, the laptop was off the market achieved due to overheating of the charger.

We tested the Chromebook 14 to see if this model mediocre impression of the Pavilion Chromebook can forget.

Appearance and impression: perfectly fine

Where are you still thinking of a kind of successor to netbooks Chromebooks, we get the Chromebook 14 again impressed with a full-fledged laptop to be dealing. Impression that we had at HP Pavilion Chromebook already, but there is a big difference in the sequel. Where it was immediately clear to the Pavilion that it was a cheap model, the Chromebook 14 very luxurious about.

This is firstly due to the surface of the housing. The Pavilion Chromebook was completely reflective black to the screen edges and surfaces of the keyboard. Our test Chromebook 14 is completely matt white and looks in our eyes better, while another advantage is that fingerprints less noticeable. The surface is rough and thus the laptop is nice in the hand. Incidentally, HP brings mint green and pink red versions. The area around the keyboard is metallic gray.

HP Chromebook 14

Where we could quite depressing, the Pavilion housing in many places feel HP’s new 14 “Chromebook anywhere pretty solid, the finish is also perfectly fine,. All seams good match to the additional strength is seen, for example at. the screen hinge. Where the screen of the Pavilion with two small hinges were attached to the body, at the new Chromebook for a wide hinge chosen HP, that holds the screen in place much stronger.

The draft also speaks anymore. HP uses a more wedge-shaped design. The laptop runs forward more pointed. This gives the Chromebook 14 a sturdy appearance. The laptop can with its looks and durability all in all measuring 13.3 “- 14” laptops that are a lot more expensive.

HP Chromebook 14

Compared to other Chromebooks will keep for a heavyweight and extra attention to the case will even gain weight compared to its predecessor with it. The thickness is almost 21mm, which the laptop is thicker than ultrabooks anno 2013. The weight of 1.85 pounds is also higher than that of ultrabooks. In this price range, however, are fine values, ultrabooks are at least twice as expensive.
HP Chromebook 14 HP Pavilion Google Pixel Acer C7 Samsung XE303
Screen 14 “, 1366×768 14 “, 1366×768 12.85 “, 2560×1700 11.6 “, 1366×768 11.6 “, 1366×768
Thickness 2.06 cm 2.06 cm 1.62 cm 2.74 cm 1.75 cm
Weight 1.85 kg 1.72 kg 1.52 kg 1.38 kg 1.1 kg
Price < € 329, - € 299, - $ 1,299, - € 295.18 € 299, - HP Chromebook 14 On the keyboard and trackpad on the Pavilion, we had much to criticize. For a good web experience, which Google still wants to accomplish with Chromebooks, is a good combination input is indispensable. Apparently Google HP this principle to convince. HP has the irritating trackpad with tip relief of the Pavilion namely thrown overboard, and now uses a surprisingly delicate touch pad. The surface is large enough and record the finger movements accurately. Integrated mouse also has a nice click, which is a rarity for cheap laptops. If we have to call a critical point, but then we are really looking for, then the surface is a little too smooth. However, the touchpad is of higher quality than that of many more expensive laptop. What applies to the touch pad, it is also applicable to the keyboard. The white keys typing nice way, they provide plenty of travel and feedback. It is an island keyboard with white keys. Typing with dirty fingers, for example, if you just read the newspaper, is not recommended, because visible black spots. The keyboard has a simple layout and has the specific Chrome buttons for search, refresh, page further and back and full screen. HP Chromebook 14 Hardware: adequate Hardware Specifications do not really matter to Chromebooks, Google finds. The specification pages on the Chromebook site are very brief. A somewhat similar, the company does, Chrome OS does not experience so much difference in user experience between a thick and a quad-core Celeron and Windows. However, Google recommends manufacturers instance to use for quick start. An ssd The company recommends taking an amount of 16GB of storage, to reduce costs, but also to encourage users to use the online storage service from Google. Users get this standard 100GB online storage with their purchase. So the Chromebook 14 also has an SSD of 16GB. Furthermore, there are 2GB 1600MHz DDR3. That seems little anno 2013, which 4GB commonplace for most notebooks, but is more than enough to run. The browser operating smoothly HP Chromebook 14 The most important piece of hardware is the processor. Most Chromebooks have so far been equipped with relatively inexpensive Intel processors except Pixels Google itself, which had a Core i5, and the Samsung XE303 with Samsung's own Exynos ARM soc. The Chromebook 14 has a cheap Celeron 2955U. This is a recent dual core Intel does not support Hyper Threading and no Turbo Boost. The clock speed is 1.4 GHz and the integrated GPU is the HD Graphics. It is a Haswell processor and the latest generation of Intel processor especially offers improvements in the area of ​​usage. The TDP of this 22nm chip is 15W. Many improvements in battery life are optimizations of the operating system required. Apple and Microsoft Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks example optimized for Haswell. We wonder what the battery life Chromebook 14 with its Celeron 2955U offers. HP Chromebook 14 The Chromebook has support for dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. On the left side are HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports and audio input and output. In the right-hand side a USB 2.0 port and an SD card reader. Sit HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 The laptop by its efficient processor barely warm. Even if we show a graphical browser benchmark ten-minute sequence, the laptop stays very cool. However, the fan is clearly audible. The fan not only in heavy workloads of the processor hear, but also at random times shows itself when the laptop is idle doing nothing. Browser Tests: significantly improved The problem with Chrome OS is that it is difficult to give the performance of Chromebooks, an indicator because there are no good benchmarks. Obviously there are browser benchmarks and that seem ideally suited for testing the laptops, since Chrome OS is not much more than a browser. The problem is that it is necessary to then test it with the same version of Chrome OS Chromebooks all, a substantial upgrade of the operating system can lead to significant differences in results. Since Chrome OS is automatically updated, it is not fair as well as older, but perhaps faster laptops get a lower position because the results are outdated. Fortunately we were three competing Chromebooks available. The HP Pavilion Chromebook unfortunately did not include, so we do not. Use those results Who still wants to have an indication: the Pavilion scored in all tests about the Acer C7, which has the same processor. We worked all Chromebooks at 31 to stable version of Chrome OS and turned the browertests several times. Strikingly, the Kraken benchmark of Mozilla, the duration of a series of browser operations calculates, in all cases better times yielded compared to older results, but both Peacekeeper by Futuremark as BrowserMark lower scores than previously earned. Apparently give benchmarks fewer points to the newer versions of the operating system, because it underperforms in certain scenarios. Kraken 1.1 System Name Processor In milliseconds ms, lower is better Chromebook Pixel Core i5-3427U ** 1769 Chromebook 14 Celeron 2955U **** 2734 Acer C7 Chromebook Celeron 847 ****** 4338 Samsung Chromebook XE303 Exynos 5250 ******* 5377 The Haswell-Celeron the Chromebook 14 performs significantly better than the Celeron 847, which is in the Pavilion and the C7 Chromebook Acer, when it comes to JavaScript operations. Core i5 is still a bit too big. Incidentally, all the scores in the latest version of Chrome enormous strides compared with our previous Chromebook reviews. Peacekeeper System Name Processor In points, higher is better Chromebook Pixel Core i5-3427U ******* 3484 Chromebook 14 Celeron 2955U ****** 2936 Acer C7 Chromebook Celeron 847 *** 1386 Samsung Chromebook XE303 Exynos 5250 ** 1095 Is also in the Futuremark Peacekeeper of Chromebook with his score closer to 14 against the Google Pixel than against its competitors in the same price range. BrowserMark System Name Processor In points, higher is better Chromebook Pixel Core i5-3427U ******* 4834 Chromebook 14 Celeron 2955U ****** 4383 Acer C7 Chromebook Celeron 847 **** 2868 Samsung Chromebook XE303 Exynos 5250 **** 2614 Mark browser shows a similar scorecard as Peacekeeper see. The Chromebook 14 shows the Celeron 2955U a very capable processor available. HP Chromebook 14 Screen: cheap What the screen is concerned, we have HP laptops have so far not such good experiences, but we also tested mainly cheaper laptops from the company, after a few Envy models. Also this Chromebook is labeled as cheap so we do not expect super quality. It is a glossy 14 "screen with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. The laptop has all the laptops in this price range as a TN panel, and we know that this type of screen has poor viewing angles. HP Chromebook 14 viewing angles HP Chromebook 14 viewing angles HP Chromebook 14 viewing angles HP Chromebook 14 viewing angles HP Chromebook 14 viewing angles HP Chromebook 14 viewing angles The viewing angles are indeed not to write home about. Especially when we screen 15 degrees forwards or backwards, we see the well-known effect of light and dark haze occur. HP provides a screen brightness of 200 nits for the Chromebook 14. That should be enough for indoor use, but for use outside or on the road, with sunlight on the screen, it is on the tight side. Screen Brightness System Name in nits, higher is better Chromebook Pixel ******* 393 Chromebook 14 **** 243 HP Pavilion Chromebook **** 240 Acer C7 Chromebook **** 218 Samsung Chromebook XE303 **** 209 HP is selling itself short, because we measure 243 nits. The Chromebook would appear to have as the Pavilion the same screen. HP Chromebook 14 color The color reproduction is not good. Any color is close to the ideal values, but that is especially true for blue and red. With expensive ultrabooks with IPS screens manufacturers have their color now in good order; in cheaper models tn panels continues to make do. HP Chromebook 14 wit The white balance is bad. The amount of green hovering around the ideal value, but blue is overrepresented, while too little red in the RGB balance is present. The Chromebook 14 has a screen that offers an equally poor picture quality as other laptops with a TN panel and a similar price. The Chrome OS laptop knows this is so indistinguishable. Battery life: nice long The Chromebook 14 has a battery capacity of 37Wh, like the Pavilion predecessor. So we can see what impact the Haswell-Celeron is the battery life. Intel has focused on energy savings in Haswell. However, we have not played any of the previous models battery tests again. It may be that Google has made its operating system now also more economical though our subject unknown. Battery Test - Video - 180cd / m² System Name Battery Capacity In minutes, higher is better Chromebook 14 37000mWh ******* 5 hours 33 min Samsung Chromebook XE303 30000mWh ****** 4 hours 50 min HP Pavilion Chromebook 37000mWh ***** 3 hours 54 min Chromebook Pixel 59000mWh **** 3 hours 33 min Acer C7 Chromebook 37000mWh **** 2 h 50 min The Chromebook 14 holds considerably more crowded than the competitors were doing at the time of their release. The difference with the Samsung Exynos soc is more than 40 minutes. Battery life - browsing - 180cd / m² System Name Battery Capacity In minutes, higher is better Chromebook 14 37000mWh ******* 7 hours 12 min Samsung Chromebook XE303 30000mWh ***** 5 hours 32 min HP Pavilion Chromebook 37000mWh ***** 4 hours 56 min Chromebook Pixel 59000mWh ***** 4 hours 42 min Acer C7 Chromebook 37000mWh **** 4 hours When browsing, the difference is even further increased. The HP keeps up to 7 hours and 12 minutes in our test. That's an impressive score. Specifications and photo gallery HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 HP Chromebook 14 Brand and model Category Laptops Brand HP Series Chromebook Product HP Chromebook 14 Execution q000ed Pictures Rate and Review Lowest price € 329, - Number of providers 2 stores First prize entry Sunday, October 27th, 2013 Other specifications Laptop Type Notebook Laptop Extras Card reader, Webcam Operating system Chrome OS Color White CPU and motherboard CPU-type Intel Celeron 2955U Speed 1.4GHz Display and graphics Diagonal 14 " Screen 1366x768 (WXGA Wide) Backlight Led: Edge-lit Video Chip Intel HD Graphics Dimensions and weight Weight 1.9 kg Height 20.6 mm Length 240mm Width 344mm Memory Memory Size 2GB Maximum internal memory 4GB Memory Type DDR3 (SODIMM) Storage HDD Type Solid State Disk Storage 16GB Number of SSD 1 Interfaces Video out HDMI Connection (USB / FW) USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0 Connection (wlan) 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n 5GHz support YesAlternatives Rating: 4.5 € 299, - Laptops Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01NL Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01NL The XE303 is a capable Chromebook from Samsung. Special is that it has a ARM SOC from Samsung's own Exynos stable features, which the laptop a nice battery life knows to put down. The laptop also has a matte screen. It is an alternative for those HP Chromebook 14 will be big and heavy. link Samsung's new Exynos vs Acer Chromebook with Celeron with Rating: 0 Unknown Laptops Acer Chromebook C720P Acer Chromebook C720P This Acer C720P is not yet available at the time of writing, but that will change in early December. The laptop features Intel Celeron 2955U same as the HP, but the outstanding feature is the touch screen. Note, however, that this is the case only when the P-variant. The price in the Netherlands will amount to 349 euros. Rating: 4.5 € 349, - Tablets Asus Transformer Book T100 Grey Asus Transformer Book T100 Grey Who does not need to Chrome OS, but rather go for Windows, it can be considered as an alternative Transformer. Asus delivers great value for the price. The 10.1 "IPS screen of this laptop is Windows 8.1 to disconnect, so use the device as a tablet. Processor is the Atom Z3740-quad, which is a decent battery life should yield. link Review of the Asus Transformer Book T100 Grey by redtails Rating: 0 € 437.50 Laptops Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E335 (NZT6ZMH) Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E335 (NZT6ZMH) Laptops with screens of 13.3 "or 14" and a price of less than 450 euros are hardly. This Lenovo ThinkPad Edge is an exception. The laptop has an AMD-Kabini APU, 4GB DDR3 and a 320GB hard drive, which rotates at 7200rpm. Conclusion: more than successful HP makes the Chromebook 14 good comeback. Where the first Chromebook attempt by the manufacturer was an easygoing release, raises the partnership with Google for the new models is paying off. In almost all areas, the laptop better than its predecessor. Only the weight is slightly increased and the price is a few bucks higher. However, the benefits can far outweigh those two negatives. The Chromebook 14 for a laptop in this price range ie very slim and firm, and besides, he's fine by grasping the stiff surfaces. The laptop is matte white and looks fresh. With its wedge-shaped design, the laptop also tough. HP has what impression and appearance is concerned, a laptop made that can compete with much more expensive ultrabooks. The quality of the screen is clear from the level we expect in this price range. Compared to other Chromebooks you the advantage that the HP with its 14 "screen, a full-fledged laptop. Who smaller and more compact wants to come to the alternatives. HP compared to the other Chromebooks a size bigger, but that also true for his performance. This performance is excellent, and especially the battery life thanks to the use of an Intel Haswell processor significantly better than those of previous generations Chromebooks. By choosing the bare Chrome OS, not much more than a browser with multiple accounts, manufacturers have to compensate. What They should make the laptops a lot better than similar laptops with Windows with low price. If it has to do with a browsing experience, after all, would then have a nice browsing experience. HP and Google are there with this Chromebook 14 more than succeeded. Did you go into Chrome OS, do you know the benefits, but also the limitations and are you willing to risk the step then the HP Chromebook definitely recommended. Scorecard Pros Beautiful and sturdy design Fine keyboard, touchpad fine Long battery life Downsides Poor screen Sometimes fan noise in idle mode Tweakers says: good! Reviews Ergonomics Score: 4 Heat and sound Score: 4 Mobility and battery life Rating: 5 Price Rating: 4.5 Featureset Score: 4 Performance Score: 4 Image Quality Rating: 2.5 Building Quality Rating: 4.5 Lowest prices for HP Chromebook 14 q000ed : + / - Shop lev.tijd Price Total Place Rating: 4.5 | Cool Blue On a working day before 23:59 you ordered, delivered tomorrow € 329, - € 329, - 6 stores Rating: 3.5 Media Markt On a working day before 22:00 you ordered, delivered tomorrow € 329, - € 329, - Rotterdam Rating: 3 On a working day before 23:00 you ordered, delivered tomorrow € 329, - € 329, - Utrecht Rating: 2.5 Saturn On a working day before 22:00 you ordered, delivered tomorrow € 329, - € 329, - Rotterdam Rating: 3 Misco Netherlands BV Delivery expected within 3 days € 337.59 € 343.58 Amstelveen


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