The ancient Martians could breathe hydrogen




The ancient Martians could breathe hydrogen


Agree, it is difficult to imagine that dried the surface of Mars will save lives, but the chances of finding it under the Martian soil – a lot more. However, any form of life to exist need a source of energy. We have, for example, breathing oxygen. But the Martians, it turns out, may well have as much dependent on hydrogen.

A team of scientists led by Lisa Mayhew (CU Boulder) found a specific chemical reaction that could occur between the iron-bearing minerals and water, producing hydrogen. So a lot of hydrogen, that he might become a platform for life – as we have on the planet, and on Mars, and anywhere else.

This chemical reaction occurs between the seawater and igneous rocks under the ocean floor. Near the hot stones hydrothermal sources producing iron ions in water, and those in turn, reacts with water, produce iron oxide and hydrogen.

Although this hydrogen (dissolved in water) is produced in the regions too hot for the prosperity of life (more than 200 degrees Celsius), it seeps into the colder regions, where already, to our knowledge, certain microbes can live. Mayhew and her colleagues have found the first evidence that this reaction may well take place at low temperatures.

“Reactions of water and stones, which produce hydrogen, we believe, was one of the earliest sources of energy for life on Earth. However, we still know very little about the possibility of the formation of the hydrogen at a temperature too low for the survival of life. If these reactions could produce enough hydrogen at low temperatures, bacteria can live in the rocks, where the reaction is potentially would create a great environment for living under water. ”

Well, this type of reaction, which also occurs with ease, leads to interesting reflections on how primitive life could survive on very young Earth. And if the Earth’s primitive life could survive in such a way, then why not Mars feat to repeat it? Or set an example.

Could dependent on the hydrogen to be life on Mars? At present this possibility is not excluded. The mechanism of the kind that we have described, it could be shipped huge amounts of energy to indigenous Martian microbes. Mayhew command and found that hydrogen can be produced at a temperature of 50-100 degrees Celsius mineral called spinel.

Spinel are fairly common on Mars and on Earth ( and even on the moon, too .) On our planet, they are often found together with rubies. On closer examination, the researchers found that the spinels are catalysts in the formation of hydrogen at much lower temperatures than previously thought.
The life of modern Martians

Although the modern Mars does not suffer from an overabundance of water, it almost certainly was filled with water in the past. The recent discovery of Martian pebbles brought compelling evidence in favor of that ancient Mars flowing river. However, some believe that Mars still has water. The presence of methane in the Martian atmosphere have tried to explain other reactions associated with water and stone.

The truth is that Mars – is a mysterious little world. We send back robotic research for decades, but still do not know much. But now, thanks to the close attention to the red planet of the scientific community around the world, we know more than ever before. You could say, well acquainted with the neighbor.

Some astrobiologists are pretty sure that if we find life in the solar system, we will find it on Mars. After all, Mars is slightly colder than the Earth, and it does not have the extreme heat and acid heaven as on other planets.

If Mars is hiding a higher temperature and liquid water beneath the surface, it is possible that some kind of Martian life is hidden below the crust of the planet, even today. But while we can not know for sure – and damn intrigued.

By the way, life can be even on these planets .
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