The bright side of technology and its benefits




There are many ways that technology has made the world a better place. Technology has a double- edged sword. It depends on how people will use it for good or evil. Therefore, we must control it and use it for our advantages like the lion trainer does with the wild beast snarling in the cage. Any technology has two sides the bright side and the dark side .In this article, we will focus on the bright side of technology.
Technology defined as the branch of knowledge that deal with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society and the environment. We have a mighty tool in our hands and how we use it is a measure of whom we are and what we stand for.
Technology advances show people a more efficient way to do things, and these processes get results. For example, education has been advanced greatly by the technological advances of computers. Students are able to learn on a global scale without ever leaving their classrooms. Agricultural processes that once required dozens upon dozens of human workers can automate now, thanks to advances in technology, which means cost-efficiency for farmers. Medical discoveries occur at a much more rapid rate, thanks to machines and computers that aid in the research process and allow for more intense educational research into medical matters.
Today, technology influences our every move. It is the basis of our global society and without it we would spiral back to the ages of using a string an a cup between windows to talk to our next door neighbors, rather than logging into our Facebook, Twitter or Live Messenger accounts.
Communication is a big part of our lives and as software has continued to advance, the world has become smaller. This being due to the fact that technology has enabled us to stay in contact with friends and families wherever we may find ourselves in the world.
Technology helps us a lot. It has brought to us YouTube that appeals to all ages and all levels of intellect to use it and watching lives videos or recording videos for any issue we want.
In addition, this technology has brought to us Skype and other programs like Skype that let people keep in touch with their loved ones in a far-off land through voice and live video. More the businesspeople can use it to keep in touch with their customers.

Technology has brought us Google Earth that can let you to locate and see any place you want to see it. Navigating Google Earth is like navigating the dashboard of the International Space Station.
There are all the mainstream crowd pleasures, sites such as Facebook with more users than the population of China and many applications such Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Kakao Talk and etc.… . They all vie our attention and one could argue that this wealth of information is good, for it keeps us know what happened around us.
A phone in the 21st century is no longer perceived as just a source of communication, but a way to stay connected with the world. Take the breakthrough – iPhones – a GPS, a source of Internet, personal modem, music and video player, camera, video and audio recorder, an ebook reader, updater of stocks, weather guide, personal diary, voice memos and an endless source of many apps. It comes back to convenience and convenience alone.
In conclusion, despite all the positives of technology, the breakthroughs and the advances, there have always been negative arguments surrounding the positive buzz. Some studies argue that due to the global society devoting a good portion of their lives to technology; it is having a negative effect; some statistics suggesting an increase in diabetes and other health related issues – what is technology was stopping such problems…

The truth is, technology needs to be embraced. It is the future and though it may forever be changing, we can at least count on the fact that it is continually becoming greater, faster and even more convenient.
The bright side of technology and its benefits do not conclude at the end of this article, the list could be literally go on and on and on. The most important that we know how to use it in correct way.


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