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Hard to achieve their dreams. It must be remembered that the only way to do it – forget about everything else. And do not let that scare below, we will explain what to do.

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Road to a Dream
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Our brain resembles a ball filled with bees. Thousands of thoughts and they all scatter in different directions. For which of them to follow? For everyone. We are arranged in such a way that we want the most. We both want to become millionaires, learn 10 languages ​​and eat pizza. That’s just it right?

Imagine that our thoughts and desires – it’s the bees that push the ball (ie, us) in all directions.

And so it was.
And so it was.

And the ball just standing still. He would like to move in the direction of the dream, but something always interferes. That pizza, the series, then friends.

The absence of one main goal lead to defeat.
The absence of one main goal lead to defeat.

And most people live.

We are constantly in conflict, and we never have enough time to follow his dream.

Let’s change it!

Curse great idea

Imagine that you are back on 20 years in the past and are ready to create a Google, Facebook or Vkontakte when more of them, no one thought. You have in mind there are 3 ideas that can bring billions, and you know it. But if you chase all three, you will not get anywhere.

When you want the most.
When you want the most.

That’s why many of us never reach their dreams. After moving in 3 directions, you will pass much smaller than moving one of them.

As people reach the impossible

Imagine an absolutely incredible goal. For example, to write a book about his life or to go to Mars. If you want to impossible to do this if your life revolves only around it, that you will take? You will lose interest in everything else. You turn into a big bee, which pushes the ball in the right direction. Only forward, to Mars, without turning.

You’re on the way to the goal.
You’re on the way to the goal.

Maniacal desire to get things done – is the key to success. This pattern is evident in all geniuses, from Einstein and ending Mask . Ability to focus on one goal – this is what determines the ultimate success.

follow the dream
The formula for success.

Many people are defeated not because of lack of capacity, but because of the number of different ways in which they spend their time and energy.

How to Train a swarm of bees

You will always want more than you have. But realizing that the movement in one direction – is the key to success, you can do something about it to change:

Put big goals. Move to the big goals is easier than to a small, as paradoxical as it may sound. Since moving to the big goal, you ignore everything else.
Divide life into three parts. For example, work, home and weekend. Each piece must have one big goal. Not any more.
Postpone unnecessary. Zuckerberg was smart enough to first create a Facebook, and only then to teach the Chinese language.
Beware desires. As I said, you will always want everything and more. Control yourself. Each new goal will be to increase the time to reach the main.
Monitor your bees. Maybe you do not make a new Google, do not land on Mars, do not become a rock star worldwide. But you can be, for example, healthy and athletic director. Success and sports – are complementary goals. Healthy and athletic man is a better leader. Imagine two bees that push the ball in the same direction. This success and sports.
follow the dream
Success and sports.

People who reach the goal of his life, did it due to the fact that it is not distracted by anything else. Do not be afraid that life will become less interesting.

If you find a favorite thing, the time devoted to it, for you will be the most desirable and conducted a pleasure. Put serious goals, monitor their bees and say “no” to all the other goals. It is not easy, but now at least you know the price of his dream.

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