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The Crew has a fine setting that enables gamers to create a wonderful road trip across the United States. Such a tour of New York City, the forests of the Midwest, Las Vegas, the Rockies and Los Angeles impresses. But there are some around stabbing late The Crew. The most important thing is the graphics volatility and moderate user interface. In addition, the drive itself mediocrity transcends moment. The Crew’s no time boring to play, especially online with other people, but now also offers little tough reasons why the racing enthusiast this game, and not one of the many other racing games at home should get.

Large, open folder
MMOG elements
Variation in packages for cars


Graphic changeable
Moderate UI
Unimaginative story
Gameplay does not really impress

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Price at time of publication: € 55, –
How many games nowadays know a smooth release? It seems like every new game a few weeks or even months before the deal with patches really work quite tasty. The problems are often even greater if it is a game with a large part online. Ubisoft knows like no other. Assassin’s Creed: Unity is already weeks as a patient on the operating table and complete healing does not seem in sight. Also games from other publishers, such as Halo: The Master Chief Collection, struggling with the necessary bugs. Even acclaimed by our Dragon Age: Inquisition was not completely free of bugs. And then there, in December on the calendar, Christmas at the door and temperatures plunge below freezing, is an online racing game-playing to. Enough reason to be careful with Ubisoft’s The Crew.

Tested on: PlayStation 4
Also available for: Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360

This is not least due to the many beta tests that Ubisoft has taken the past six months for The Crew. Although falling form of openness and commitment to the development rates, the look in the kitchen also gave away that The Crew buggy was whole. Even in the latest version of the beta, which was playable until two weeks ago, did not fit all. Very much trust in a spotless release that resulted not from us and in the community. In addition, we had already been some criticism provide the basic gameplay of the game at E3 earlier. A slightly better birth interim preview based on a beta version for the PC made something good, but not all.

Remarkably, we held that skepticism there after despite our love for Test Drive: Unlimited. Yes, those games were buggy. “TDU” turned out some years ago to a delightful ‘together a round rijden’ game. We reported on Xbox Live, jumps into a party and was already talking about our friends laps in Hawaii and Ibiza. The oddities that happened along the way by bugs made really just for fun. At the first announcement of The Crew emphasis was placed on the open world nature of the game. All of America was passable, with some big cities such as highlights, and therefore the ability to make a road trip from New York to Los Angeles – and back, if you like. An attractive idea and enough reason to proclaim The Crew to become the roadtrip gaming.

In that category, The Crew competition mainly of very fine Forza Horizon 2. That game distinguished itself with its relaxed atmosphere and friendly atmosphere. The Crew has the advantage that Forza Horizon 2 takes place in a relatively small area. A road trip from New York to Los Angeles sounds a lot sexier than a road trip from Nice to Castelletto. On the other hand, however, Forza Horizon 2 plays like a charm, and that needs The Crew course only prove.

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