The cure for cancer will prompt space




The cure for cancer will prompt space


Cancer researchers in search of new discoveries can be deployed on the International Space Station. Biologists have found that research in microgravity and other experiments in space give a deeper understanding of the anomalous behavior of the cell.

The cells were grown in terrestrial laboratories, flat. They are not able to fully simulate a three-dimensional architecture, which is formed by proteins and carbohydrates of the working of the human body. It does not allow scientists to carefully study the changes in the growth and development of cells.


In space, the cell clusters are easier, and the cells have less shear stress. At the same time, due to a lack of oxygen and nutrients, many cells may die. This may seem like a disadvantage, but in fact we see a simulation of the tumor with areas of dead tissue in the center, biologists say.

Cancer cell, created in microgravity, as follows:

Cell Created in space

Research Laboratory of CBOSS-1-Ovarian, located on board the space station, a cell incubator for growing three-dimensional clusters. The resulting structure will allow scientists to better understand the production of proteins, which play an important role in the formation of cells.

Recently, the American microbiologist Jean Becker of Nano3D Biosciences published in the journal Nature Reviews Cancer work on the study of cells in microgravity conditions, in which it points to the great importance of further space exploration. The paper also describes a cell culture study conducted on the space shuttle Columbia in 1998. Another experiment in space showed that microgravity leads to weakening of the immune system.

Space research, along with experiments conducted on Earth, can help biologists to better understand the cellular changes leading to the formation of cancerous tumors, and to develop ways to prevent them.

The problem does not apply to naked mole rats – they do not get cancer .
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