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A few months ago claimed inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of including SpaceX, Tesla Motors, eBay and PayPal, have figured out that faster, more effective, cheaper and safer than existing transport transport system. He called his proposal Hyperloop and would work out details before making. Hyperloop are as open source design public

After weeks of speculation has Musk plans Hyperloop are explained in detail. The Hyper Loop is a transport system that cities like San Franciso and Los Angeles can connect with each other. The system would be particularly suitable for medium distances, up to a thousand kilometers. Moreover, fly a better alternative and shorter distances would be better with more conventional means bridged. The travel time between LA and San Francisco would amount to half an hour. With a planned high-speed train, the six hundred kilometers in three hours passed.

Musk has a system of tubes and capsules designed with Hyperloop. The system seems to be a combination of old-fashioned pneumatic tube and Japanese bullet trains. The capsules may be electromagnetically moved in a sealed tube. Unlike tube mail systems prevails in the tubes provide a low tire pressure, in order to reduce the friction. The capsules also have a system somewhat similar to air hockey tables, to generate. Cushion That too must the friction at high speeds is huge, reduce.

Hyperloop: concept

Musk has calculated that his Hyperloop for a relatively low amount can be built and is safer than transport with cars, planes and trains. Passengers would be for a relatively low amount of the Hyperloop can travel and the system would be about 7.4 million passengers annually to transport. Moreover, could be transported. Cars with Hyperloop from city to city A brief statement of the Hyperloop system based Musks documentation follows.

The design

The Hyper Loop consists of a steel tube containing a low pressure of 100 pascal: one hundredth of the normal pressure at sea level. These low air pressure would be much easier to maintain than a vacuum, it will significantly reduce the friction in the tube. The tube is constructed of steel and is built on pylons. These pylons have a small surface area occupy, which would simplify the construction, but it would also resistance to earthquakes benefit. The targeted area between San Francisco and Los Angeles is quite prone to earthquakes and pylons would provide sufficient freedom of movement to resist. Earthquakes

Hyperloop: tunnelbuis

The tube would be every thirty feet supported by a pylon and made from 20 to 23mm thick steel. The cost of the tube would amount to about 650 million dollars. If need be, even cars transported in larger and heavier capsules, the metal of the tube are slightly thicker. In addition, the diameter than 2.23 meters but not 3.3 meters. The required 25,000 pylons were 2.5 to more than $ 3 billion to cost.

Solar panels would be built that the full energy of the Hyperloop should be able to provide. Above the tubes A battery system must periods without sunlight, such as nights and cloudy days, bridging.
The capsules

The passengers of cars are transported in capsules, which are made of aluminum. A large air intake prevents high pressure for the capsules is built. A sliding door or opklapdeur to passengers at stations and outlet. In the passenger capsules 28 people, fit with room for luggage and electrical systems. In the larger capsules cars must fit three cars. Hyperloop: capsule

In addition to the low friction which is realized by the low air pressure, the capsules are provided with draagski of inconel , a high quality material which is resistant to high temperatures and high pressure. These skis come with holes that provide for cushion, similar to an air hockey table.

An air intake on the front of the capsules, the air flow allow for the air cushion, with an internal air compressor supplies. A battery provides the necessary power to drive the compressor. The air is also, after water cooling, is used to keep the cabin. Under pressure The batteries must maintain three quarters, the reservoirs would be exchanged at each station.

Hyperloop: capsule
The stations

The stations would be a lot easier than airports. The capsules would come in an airlock, and can be. Passengers can get off and water changes The removable luggage compartment is also changed. A second airlock serves as an access point.
The drive

The capsule is for a part moved by the air flow that is generated by the internal compressor. A magnetic induction motor, however, provides the bulk of the drive. The drive with an electric linear motor is similar to that of fast roller coasters or a railgun. Therefore, the capsules are provided with an aluminum rotor as point of engagement for the drive system. This rotor is a hollow sheet of fifteen feet long, 45 inches high and 50 millimeters thick.

The stator of the motor is in the metal tube Hyperloop. A current through the stator pulls the rotor electromagnetically, so that the capsule is accelerated. The linear accelerator can also be used to reduce inflammation in the stations. The capsule off Hyperloop: aandrijving The capsules should be initially accelerated to 300 miles per hour, or 480 kilometers, that way. On the long straights should be the rate further increased to 1220 kilometers per hour. Then first slowed down again to 480 kilometers per hour, to a halt at the station. An induction motor for every hundred kilometers of the route, the speed can be constant.

The whole Hyperloop system would require approximately 21MW of energy, including the acceleration and deceleration of the capsules, charging the batteries for the compressor and pumps for low pressure in the tube.

According Musk solar panels provide top of the Hyperloop tube enough energy to keep. Hyperloop the energy neutral There should be sufficient space to solar energy to generate. 51MW During days with little sun and at night would be a battery system Hyperloop of energy services.
Cost and safety

The Hyperloop would be a fraction of the estimated costs for a planned high-speed train will cost. According Musks calculations takes the Hyperloop between LA and San Francisco 6 billion to $ 10 billion while the planned rail link will cost $ 70 billion. For travelers, the Hyperloop cost a fraction of alternatives by car, plane or train.

The system would have every two minutes, with a maximum of every thirty seconds, can be allowed to depart. One capsule with 28 passengers This gives a total capacity of more than seven million people per year. The bulk of the cost for the Hyper Loop would be added to the tube, and then above all the cones, is allocated. The capsules for people and cars cost ‘only’ fifty-four thousand and sixty-one thousand dollars
Hyperloop: concept
Musk would not build the Hyperloop itself. He says it is too busy with his other companies like SpaceX and Tesla Motors. With the open source design, he hopes that an entrepreneur picks up the challenge and Hyperloop builds. Include Musks own employees SpaceX and academics have the physical feasibility of the system by Hyperloop calculated and confirmed.

Or Hyperloop as outlined Musk has ever built, is unknown. For now, the plan to build between Los Angeles and San Francisco, with an estimated cost of $ 70 billion. A high-speed train The Hyperloop could be. However, also be used on other routes

The Hyperloop would be in areas where earthquakes occur built. The construction pylons have any earthquakes catch: the tube with links that can be passed mounted on the pylons. This provides sufficient freedom of movement to absorb shocks.

If a capsule beaches in the tube, then the capsules that will travel just continue on their way. The capsules can stop out using mechanical emergency brake, then the “landing gear” pops up and the capsules with a backup electric motor can move on their own. Return to the station

Should anything go wrong with the pressure in the capsule, then it can be held at 1 atmosphere thanks to a reserve air supply on board. Oxygen masks are also available at decompression. Small leak in the tube can be compensated for by the pump, in larger leaks, the system is shut down.

Passengers would be like at airports monitored by TSA personnel and mission-critical systems are redundant.

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