The Last Survivor” survival is the test begins, a good story to say adventure game




The Last Survivor” survival is the test begins, a good story to say adventure game
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Both action and gameplay, a profound description of human nature works.

Naughty Dog because of the “Uncharted Adventure” series after series of fanfare, out to new work is “The Last Survivor” will make people less adrenaline rush treasure hunt theme with magnificent exotic beauty, “The Last Survivor” In addition to focusing action of the physics engine, but also emphasizes the plot layout depicting the depth and humanity. This on the “last survivor” story structure narrative demo impressions may be some drama mines, have not played them, please be careful!

Ellie by the window

Story began around the player is not strange “viral infection Terrier”, the original city of peace because of the sudden virus crisis, collapse overnight, filled zombie rampage around biting people, the protagonist of the already lucky to escape with her daughter together with friends car fled the aftermath of the accident again changed the actor’s life, the game begins.

Screen and back, time and space to virus outbreak in 20 years, the state of human society is still in disorder, hypertension management rule only to maintain the surface forces of peace, do not see hidden beneath the eaves of the original features of decadence, values, cares for people , people and suffered environmental challenges. Age in the past, the actor suffered a lot, mixed with a little gray hair, hair, somewhat cynical personality until the partner Tais day to come to, and that makes seemingly simple power struggle became once again changed his life key.


Alone plot level, strengthen the role of dialogue properly lay out the tension, people to feel exclusive “The Last Survivor” charm, here is also very fortunate to have the presence of Traditional Chinese version, to allow more players to easily understand hidden in Every emotional ups and downs of a dialogue, better bring the story Naughty Dog feel tension.

For example, the original contempt or even think Allie is a big trouble for Bill, from his opposition, but too cumbersome Allie gun, but also because of her performance beyond the age of maturity, so that in turn persuaded Bill Joel let Allie take a weapon help. As Joel want to stay out of trouble, but in harmony for a long time, do not consciously betting past love for her daughter to Allie. Tais tough act decisively, despite clear that they will yield inner fears, but still practice their act completely criteria.

Bill with lamp

Story, the background music aptly create atmosphere; based on this for no apparent task or chapters distinction, the production team simply utilize the scenes with background music that will plot transforms make distinction, but also gives the player a convergence emotional respite space.

The most common plot is the protagonist group has just ended a compact wheel war, being prepared from the battlefield, go to the next place, then, in the role of their pace towards the end of the dialogue, while stemming the flow of background music in a timely manner with a sense theme background music, probably with anxious guitar melody, it may be a little uneasy tunes; this time, players can safely enjoy the surrounding scenery while nudging the analog stick forward to follow the protagonist, at least at this stage, you can completely relax, do not worry about the next step if someone waiting to attack you.


Talked about the scene design, production team repeatedly stressed light, lighting elements, then this play vividly; based on the general street both day and night, along the road on both the military roadblocks, the enemy ambush on the outside, in order to facilitate the action as well as to secure sake, get a lot of time shuttling back and forth in a different building, underground stations and other places to the right to charge the secret passage, flashlight is not only extremely important for the players and more can always feel different time and place construction lighting changes, like the dawn through the dust refraction halo, such as evening dim indoor scene.

Incidentally, although the production team had warned flashlight will use no electricity, players can only storage controller was swinging, but the actual feeling of playing together, flashlight battery life is quite well and do not deserve to make a ten minutes was charged.

basement ellie running

Wrote here, I must mention the “last survivor” distinctive two enemies “seeker”, “fortunate person.”

For in addition to the enemy, there is one kind of being “caterpillar fungus” viral infection of the enemy, after the onset of the disease will lose the mind of the strange infection germs, according to the disease extent with “seekers”, “fortunate persons “dichotomy; former is still barely sustain human visual appearance and have the ability, will take the initiative to attack the enemy, which has completely lost human appearance, leaving only the ability to act and rely on auditory recognition.

The earliest period in the Taipei Game Show contact trial version , simply feel it sound attacks “were more fortunate,” super tough, move fast and attack high, once wraps almost certain death (not yet fully in place at that time weapon ). Wait until the official version after the sale, only to find these enemies like Bill’s thoughts like, those fortunate fairly good solution, normal people are the game’s most formidable guy, and not only tough, simply to make people see scalp tingling .

Museum clicker attack

This is because “the more fortunate who” all five senses incapacity, identified only by listening position, even if no direct reaction with a flashlight, just a low-key pass or diversion to divert attention, and almost never a problem, coupled with the “search Sound who “rarely appeared in large numbers at the same time, as long as the hand-held knife, petrol bombs almost all drawbacks of such weapons, but other normal enemies do? See also hear everywhere surrounds you even, more locomotives to be an instant gush a big ticket, just being to make people exhausted. These people hated teeth itch enemies, most of them will find a way to attack from the four, and some turtles also smart enough to not come out in the shelter killed; Fortunately, this type of enemy are considered a good solution, even if the gas to rush to direct Take a stick flat barely able to cope.

Museum melee

The whole of the “last survivor” played again, I discovered that Naughty Dog make bets in this effort, but also able to see them in the “Uncharted adventure” outside of creation skill. Although the “last survivor” was challenged but lack adequate amounts of the ultimate leader, and even was considered too plain and direct references, the outcome lacks excitement climaxes. But compared to large-scale scenes lay, Naughty Dog has always been more emphasis on the work atmosphere, scene modeling, and even gives each work individually different characteristics, such as has been emphasized in the past has urban style, motion design, has been made to the extensive use of lighting, sound, light, etc.,

Like the development team had to be implicitly through the “last survivor” redefine “survival action” game concepts, in order to portray the darkness of human nature, as well as love, redemption, loyalty bright side; development team does not give this as too complicated world settings, most of the plot structure, relationships between characters are relying on the talk, a sentence to lead the players slowly depth events; finally able to understand the “last survivor” In addition to giving the ending right, wrong choice, the gave play by a space to think, after all, the world is not all are great, not every game’s protagonist is a hero.

Riding through woods

Looking back, not so much “The Last Survivor” players want to follow all the way Joel sweating scored enemy, but rather that the size of the way to drip through, so players from the sidelines Cha Qiaoer ideas, values, and from Naughty Dog want to feel the outcome in this as in the expression of ideas, they want to talk about this story ….. do not see the end, do not know “The Last of US” real mood.

“The Last Survivor” may not be the most exciting adventure of a work, but it is said that a good story of the game.

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