The method to finish negativity is to fill with the power of positivity.




Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 19-01-2014

Posted: 18 Jan 2014 12:30 PM PST
Soul Sustenance 19-01-2014

Playing My Part As A Hero Actor (Part 3)

In yesterday’s message we had discussed how some of us believe that our life script has been written by God and we do not play any role in the same. In this regard, it is very important to state that respecting, thanking and remembering God in good as well as bad times is obviously very very good and the right karma but submitting ourselves blindly to God’s will is an inactive response which prevents each of us from using our free will to make any choice at any moment and shape our future. While there is a master plan which is being played out on the stage of the world, a part of the plan is that we each have free will and an opportunity to decide our actions and responses. We need to realize that each one of us possesses an intellect, which absorbs the capacity to discriminate right from wrong, good from bad, from God and decides how to act on the world stage.

In this regard, there are two aspects. The first aspect is – God writes my life script completely for me without me playing any role in the same. The other aspect is – I perform actions and create my responses, based on God’s knowledge of good and bad karmas which he has given me, so as to shape my destiny and write my life script accordingly. There is a fine difference between these two aspects, the second aspect being the correct one. This knowledge given to me by God is stored in my intellect; I am the master of it and can decide how to use it to play my part.

Message for the day 19-01-2014

The method to finish negativity is to fill with the power of positivity.

Expression: There are a lot of negative characteristics, which continue to work in one’s lives colouring words, actions and behaviour. Such negativity cannot be removed by reminding oneself of it again and again. Instead, a reminder and an excuse to use positivity, helps finish this negativity very naturally. It is when even the tiniest ray of light comes that the darkness begins to disappear.

Experience: When I start discovering and working with my inner positivity, I am able to easily win over my seemingly strong weaknesses. The lesser attention I give my weaknesses and the more attention I give my strengths, I am able to have an influence over my weaknesses and convert them into strengths. So there is a total experience of positivity, whatever the situation may be.

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