The Middle East And North Africa Benefit From Artificial Intelligence To Create An Interconnected World




Today, the world is developing more rapidly than previously due to the radical developments in technology, and it is expected to maintain its acceleration in the future. The adoption and application of new technologies and innovative tools will increase the convenience of users and give them the opportunity to enjoy life longer and the simple pleasures that Offer.

Internet is a typical example of a technology that is available to us to adapt to and invest in. Today, however, we have come to a new door that opens up the possibility of reaching a truly interconnected world of artificial intelligence technology.

There has been a lot of talk, expectations and warnings about artificial intelligence in the last two years, but today it is a reality that is used in many applications and adapts quickly to people with increasing strength, capabilities and well-being, until today it has a tangible presence in varying degrees in many sectors of commercial and industrial and even medical to become part Of our daily lives, and continues to grow rapidly in this direction.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to speed up innovations when it spreads in the joints of the economy, because of its ability to influence society while creating a variety of economic opportunities at the same time, one of the least mentioned benefits when talking about artificial intelligence. Artificial are easily measurable, but others such as consumer comfort and time saving remain unbalanced because of their nature.

By taking a look at cars today, self-driving cars are gaining momentum every day and gaining worldwide attention. Through a combination of sensors, global positioning systems, radar, cameras, computer vision and automated learning algorithms, self-driving cars can “feel” Circumference and response according to changing circumstances.

Self-driving cars are just one example of the impact or capability of artificial intelligence. The potential impact of autosurfing will extend beyond the automotive industry to the economies.

Mobile operators may experience greater demand from subscribers who act as drivers after they have the freedom to enjoy travel entertainment and spend more time on the Internet, resulting in new advertising opportunities for service providers and new opportunities to sell consumer products.

Artificial intelligence and the robotic revolution are changing the lifestyle around us, and the effects of automation techniques are already tangible across the economy. The number of industrial robots has risen globally over the past few years as many companies around the world have focused on automated services.

LG Electronics, for example, focuses on automated services and seeks to improve them. Airport guidance robots, airport cleaning robots, and the first airport flyer provide information and assistance to passengers, while the second keeps the airport floor clean and shiny. Thus, many companies, including LG, are demonstrating their initiative to develop the robotic business sector and expand as the engine of growth in the future.

Investment in the technological innovation sector is still low in the Middle East, influenced by the global trend rather than by regional consumers. Technology has become the key to empowerment and its role in societal change as consumers adopt a more modern and comfortable lifestyle.

Artificial intelligence reports indicate that UAE companies expect to invest in automated and deep learning, while Saudi companies are expected to invest heavily in artificial intelligence solutions in the near future.

The Middle East and North Africa region includes countries with very different conditions, yet the potential in the region is related to some of the key trends that allow it to play a leading role in adopting and benefiting from new technologies.

Artificial intelligence, according to the studies, has the potential to increase labor productivity by as much as 40 percent by 2035. This will not be the result of longer working hours, but is linked to the creation of technologies that enable people to use their time more efficiently.

The reliance on artificial intelligence is expected to have clear benefits in different countries, with prospects for economic growth and new standards for the new natural situation as a period of long-term high economic growth.

Different countries also derive huge social benefits from the growth of artificial intelligence, and self-driving vehicles are expected to significantly reduce road traffic deaths, making technology one of the largest public health sector change initiatives in human history.

Self-driving cars will make travel more comfortable, free people from the burdens of driving, and divert excess time for work or leisure.

The success of human beings in the process of integrating human intelligence and machine intelligence into a two-way learning relationship is more important than before. Today, technical education is one-way. People learn how to use machines, but this will change steadily. Machines learn from humans, and people learn from machines.

Robots do not necessarily create jobs but will make you work better, allowing you to focus on what people are good at. Machines are skilled in performing repetitive tasks, monotonous and focused for long periods of time, and searching large databases. Automating such tasks will be welcome.

In the years to come, we will see companies harnessing this innovative technology of artificial intelligence to overcome small and big challenges to make their work more smoothly and intelligently. The region is on the verge of a huge digital revolution. I believe they have the ability to seize this opportunity and continue their path towards a more productive and integrated future.

By Kevin Cha

President of LG Electronics Middle East & Africa


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