The most prominent technologies to be addressed by the CES 2016




Preparing Las Vegas Las Vegas for the American embrace of CES 2016, the first technical exhibition in 2016, in the period between 6 and 9 of the month of January of this, an event that was keen to do since 1967.

Technologies to be addressed by the exhibition is not entirely new or have not heard of them yet, The event mainly aims to shed light on some of the products, in addition to the confluence of companies with their partners around the world to give them a simple look for future devices.

In December / December of 2015, representatives of the show decided not to allow the devices to ride Hoverboard, which gained great popularity in the last year, into the exhibition site, but this decision will not disturb the techniques that it is possible to highlight them.
smart phones

Companies largely do not focus on the launch of smartphones during the show, if they prefer to hold a special event to get adequate media coverage, but this will not prevent some companies such as Samsung of the next review of the phones with some partners on an almost secret away from the lenses of the press.

Company Huawei Huawei Stkhtef spotlight is certainly, they are gearing up to reveal her new Huawei Mate 8 which is one of the most prominent smartphones according to the opinion of the most important technology specialists in the Arab world, and in the world as well. The company also plans to reveal its new brand Honor directed to the markets of the United States of America.

The company LG LG are always going to take the opportunity to review the highlights of its organs, in a copy of last year revealed only her GFlex 2 with a curved screen, it is possible to formally launch a new version of the phone itself or another high specification phone.

Lovers HTC HTC and Sony Sony need to wait until the beginning of the exhibition officially, there is no a lot of rumors about the upcoming devices, but the element of surprise is always present, especially as the competition has expanded in the last year, so the secret dramatically required of companies Do not stand on solid ground in the field of smart phones.
Technical devices wearable

All companies seek definitely to enter the realm of technical devices wearable smart Calcaat to name a few, but the user has not yet found the need to buy this type of device due to the many obstacles the most important interoperability with smart devices, and the age of the short battery and, finally, the type of jobs that It is performed and which so far has not imposed itself strongly.

In turn, Samsung has raised the recession winds new change in this type of device, which formally announced its intention to disclose three devices are technique to wear during their participation in the exhibition, represented by intelligent belt, strap wrist transmits sound through the human body, and finally intelligent gloves for use with the reality glasses default.
Cameras, TVs

The importance of professional cameras have fallen dramatically in front of the modern techniques that captured the attention of the world media, in spite of waiting for many of them, but this will not prevent companies such as Canon Canon, Nikon Nikon, and Olympus Olympus, or Panasonic and Sony to review some of the new cameras that come TVs high-resolution touch screen, as well as attractive designs make it easier to carry and use the experience of more grainy, after long years of use traditional designs.

In contrast, CES 2016 is considered the most prominent link between the gawkers News TVs and companies Mouncah for this type of device. Screens curved accurately 4K was the most prominent in the last year, but 8K accuracy already exist but they need more time in order to be available in the hands of consumers, so it is possible to review the companies highlighted the findings of his in this precision to determine the date of issue formally to the consumer.

The difficulty of providing 8K accuracy contributed by a lot of factors, most notably the lack of a provision of content, and therefore buy or provide a screen with such accuracy does not have a significant impact until the provision of content, without forgetting the high cost during processing, which dramatically must reduce them to be able to a large segment of the acquisition.
Drones Drones self-driving cars

Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Amazon companies already entered this field through and hardware patents obtained by different functions, so firms Mouncah will never miss an opportunity to review the highlights and the latest aircraft in the mother country of these giant companies, which is what actually happened in the exhibition GITEX 2015 which competed companies in which to showcase their latest aircraft.

Topping giants Google and Tesla Tesla News self-driving cars, but that does not mean their participation in the exhibition officially, but some strategic partners already participants for the detection of-the-art technology in this area.
Internet of Things IoT and virtual reality

Has not made ​​a lot of rumors on the Internet of Things IoT in the recent period, but systems such as Android from Google, iMac or feed iOS from Apple supported this technical trend that has already begun to change the concept of homes and offices, which is available at an affordable price, so this type of technology It will be present at the exhibition and strongly Las Vegas city.

Last but not least, VR Virtual Reality, which has made ​​a huge leap in 2015, The beginning was with YouTube, which began supporting this type of content, to the Google later launched a special application to film clips support this technology, access to Facebook which supported the participation of clips Video 360 degrees even without the use of glasses.

And we can not talk about virtual reality without talking about the Samsung glasses Gear VR which are available in the market with the end of 2015, and that Samsung has launched its range of applications, most notably an Internet browser .

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