The neutrinos will tell what is in the universe




The neutrinos will tell what is in the universe


Humanity is looking for answers to many of their questions. For example, what is in the universe ? There is a theory that the origin of the universe created matter and antimatter were equivalent, and at the meeting of these two types of particles annihilate each other. In truth, some scientists believe that the universe is very unstable and should not have been arisen. What happened?

Number of antimatter was less than predicted or is there some way to avoid the possibility of annihilation process? Scientists believe that the answers to these difficult questions can give neutrino particles. With this purpose, a project was launched EUROnu. At present time, the Commission has decided to share with EUROnu CERN plans to build a neutrino factory (Neutrino Factory).

This will create a projected range of neutrino beams of protons by breaking target. The proton beam is used to create a beam of pions decaying into muons, which in turn decay to produce the neutrino beam. Between the transmitter and the receiver side beam overcomes the distance of 2000 km or more. Super Proton (SPS), is likely to be placed in the CERN laboratory in Switzerland, and offered to place the detector in Japan, Italy and the UK. Upon arrival at the destination neutrino beam subjected to a detailed analysis to determine which of the three types it belongs and comparing information about the state of neutrinos leaving and entering. These studies on the subject of mutual transformation of neutrinos and antineutrinos can shed light on the nature of antimatter.

Within EUROnu Commission considered three options for conducting such tests and concluded that the project Neutrino Factory provide the most accurate results. It should be noted that this option at the same time is the most expensive to date. The project will cost $ 6.1 to $ 8.1 billion. The other two options are called super beam and beta-beam, and the cost is 3-4 times less.

One of the factors that influenced their decision, a phased approach to the construction of a neutrino factory. At each stage, scientists will be able to benefit from the project. For example, the project vSTORM will function as a prototype of a neutrino factory, fixing circulating in a storage ring muon particles. This ring may be used for other experiments, for example, to search for sterile neutrinos (theoretical particle type which ignores all the properties of the standard model of physics, except gravity). It is worth noting that the cost of the LHC is two times less than the estimated cost of Neutrino Factory. While the LHC is underground and covers an area of ​​only two countries (France and Switzerland), the neutrino factory can be a truly international project.


Not so long ago, CERN has changed its position in relation to fundamental research in the field of particle physics, expressing optimism about the other “neutrino gun” – launching a beam of particles from the laboratory Fermilab in Illinois in the Homestake mine in South Dakota. The distance between them is 1300 km.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the neutrino factory will be built. About that, if they see the light of two other projects are also not known, but one thing is for sure – at the moment there are valid arguments in favor of what could be the greatest discovery in particle physics.

In the foreseeable future, the LHC will continue to investigate the nature of gravity in search of an answer to the question: why matter is drained, allowing us to exist? Neutrino Factory, in turn, can provide the answer to another question: how matter was created and why it still exists?

Recall that the neutrino particles are one of the ” 10 most bizarre things in the universe “, and not so long ago, scientists managed to experimentally confirm the changing nature of neutrinos .

It is also worth noting that not only the neutrino factory can provide the answers to such troubling questions, scientists are seriously considering the construction of another, no less futuristic project – the International Linear Collider .
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