The new interface, powerful features, across barriers of iOS 7 hands-on play




The new interface, powerful features, across barriers of iOS 7 hands-on play
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Apple 11, At WWDC 2013 announced the iOS 7, in addition to use as a message before the outflow plane design, but also added many new features.

WWDC 2013 Apple finally announced a number of iOS device users expect iOS 7. The iOS 7 interface was originally responsible for the iPhone and other devices via Industrial Design Jonathan Ive surgeon, completely out of the interface from the iPhone OS since, using planar design, Jonathan Ive also iOS 7 additional extensive use of translucent design allows the user to can be connected by translucent interface to understand what kind of content the next, use context more smoothly.

ios 7_1

iOS 7 also joined a lot of new features, such as fast switching function control center, all available intelligence App multitasking and other features that make iOS 7 easier to use. However, the new features iOS 7 There are many likeness Android, Windows Phone and WebOS place, can be said that the culmination of gatherings, it also let users actually use up some old some confusion: the new OS to use them like iOS , but it looks like a Android. Which How about you? What do you think iOS 7 to your liking you?

ios 7_6
iOS 7 new interface

I will not speak iOS 7’s new features and how other platforms, like, take a look at the new features iOS 7 now! Using iOS 7 first sight, of course, is the user interface changes.

The iOS 7 adopted a simple three-tier design, the first layer of the base map, the second layer of App icons, while the third floor was the notification center, this design allows iOS 7 can be illustrated by the base map and App dislocation, creating the illusion of a similar 3D desktop. iOS 7 is another feature of the main screen started to support the dynamic basemap, so iOS 7 desktop and lock screen basemap no longer static.

ios 7_2

iOS 7 in the user interface uses a large translucent design, such as commonly used in the Notification Center and the new control center, have adopted translucent design And often obscured the main content of the keyboard, but also Apple official program, part of the mining translucent design, so that users can better understand the content of the context.

ios 7_3

In addition, iOS 7 folder provides paging functionality, now you can in a folder stuffed dozens of programs do not have to worry about lack of space.

ios 7_4

The multi-tasking mode is the same as the Home key is pressed twice jumped out, iOS 7 multitasking mode and in the past, no longer limited to some software, such as messaging, VoIP and other uses, but the switch to smart full multitasking, iOS 7 will automatically determine the user is using a software from time to time throughout the day, or only at a specific time before use, in order to determine each software on multiple time periods. Another iOS 7 will take advantage of the user who unlocked when updating the software in the background information, in addition to the receipt of notification software, it will also update the software in the background information. If you want to close a program, as long as the slide to exit.

ios 7_18

However, in the relevant setting, yet only see the weather and stock positioning function can be used when the update in the background, perhaps existing software may change the code to support iOS 7 new multi-tasking capabilities.

ios 7_20

The Spotlight search gestures are also some changes from the original first page of the main screen slide from left to right, from the main screen, you can change any paging center to decline.

ios 7_19

After that there Notification Center and Control Center

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Notification Center

The notification center iOS 7 made many changes, such as adding “Today” page, so that users can immediately grasp the weather that day, calendar and friends birthday information. If you like the original classification in accordance App interface, you can “All” tab to find, so you can be familiar to operate Notification Center. And “unread notifications” of course includes all systems and programs unread informed.

ios 7_5

In addition to changes in interface outside, iOS 7 in the Notification Center can now also be displayed on the lock screen, In response to this change, the lock screen, users can directly in a notification on the slide to unlock, then unlock will be issued directly to notification App, than iOS 6, the first unlock and then notice a lot of convenience. If the user settings are also displayed in the lock screen notifications, you can also make use of the same operation quickly open the program.
Control Center

There are many users without jailbreak iOS after SBSetting App, the Apple SBSetting features built directly into the iOS 7, so that the user can slide from the bottom up through gestures, call the control center.

ios 7_7

The Control Center contains many common features, users can take advantage of fast switching control center Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, disturbance patterns and screen rotation function.

While the control center also provides brightness adjustment, music player functions, and the ability to quickly start a specific App, App contains these flashlights, alarm clock, calculator, and camera, but can not be adjusted by the user to place the control center which App.

In addition the control center can also be used to open and a new AirDrop AirPlay functionality. iOS 7 new features AirDrop and OS X are very similar on the AirDrop feature that allows users to transfer files via Wi-Fi to users in the vicinity, and in the control center, the user can adjust the display AirDrop is only given permission Look in the address book of friends, or everyone can see you.

In iOS 7 AirDrop feature newly added users can easily exchange files between two iOS devices, if you want to send pictures and other files to nearby iOS device, only through various programs in the AirDrop sharing feature, you can send, However, in order to prevent piracy, music and other copyrighted content of course can not be transferred.

ios 7_8

iOS 7 Weather App change is very large, especially in adding dynamic background, so the background can be varied with the local weather. Also Weather App also many places simultaneously display multiple weather features, as long as you can bring up two fingers tucked, in this mode, the weather App will not only display local weather information, but also shows the local time, so it can be used as the world clock.

ios 7_9
Music and iTunes Radio

iOS 7 in the music interface is also a little small change, increase the proportion of the album cover, but also the use iOS 7 color plus white color. Another music App, also joined in the iTunes Radio ad-supported free music streaming service, better iTunes Match is that if you are a subscriber, then iTunes Radio advertising can also be removed. Unfortunately, the current iTunes Ration pilot in the U.S. alone.

ios 7_10

ios 7_11

Want to use iTunes Radio in Taiwan do? Fact, the method is also very simple, as long as you have a U.S. iTunes account and VPN services, then you can get the United States through a VPN IP, the login account in case the United States, you can use in Taiwan iTunes Radio. According to the test results “U.S. iTunes” account and “U.S. IP” indispensable, so be sure to get through the VPN before you can use the individual test is to use paid subscription StrongVPN, but the music streaming theoretically should not occupy too much traffic, Maybe free VPN had enough.

ios 7_12

ios 7_13

And there are Siri and Safari


In Chinese interface, Siri interface in addition to changes in foreign changed little, or only say that Taiwanese, and add several voice commands. However, in English, French, German language, Siri then added a male voice and female voice changed, so that users can choose their favorite sound gender.

ios 7_15

ios 7_16

ios 7_17

Safari uses nearly the full screen is used, above URL / search bar and below the function buttons will be hidden when the user slides down to provide users with maximum reading space.

ios 7_21

The paging instead straight, if you want to close a tab, you can just slide to the left.

ios 7_22

The private browsing places a black border that private browsing is turned on before but had to first turn off all current paging, and some inconvenience.

ios 7_23

Safari’s bookmarks in Safari and OS X synchronization, in addition to the interface will be displayed in the bookmark, in the iOS 7 will also in a new tab in JiuGongTu party display format, allowing users to quickly open frequently used websites.

ios 7_24

Reading List and share links and bookmarks using the same interface is where other people sharing links on Twitter web links so that users can quickly browse.

ios 7_25

If you want Safari can remember passwords, credit card information and other information automatically populated and synchronized desktop version of Safari, you can enable iCloud key ring feature.

ios 7_27

Share page the way in addition to more AirDrop, but also increased the Tencent microblogging.

ios 7_26

In addition to Tencent microblogging outside, iOS 7 Account Support also added Outlook and Flickr.

ios 7_28

And there are maps


In iOS 7, the map data increased slightly, but still not enough for everyday use in Taiwan, at the interface due to be iOS 7 is slightly changed, but it is in function and previous magnitude.

ios 7_35

Taiwan still has Turn-by-turn voice navigation feature, but still lacks public transportation information.

ios 7_32

If it is the case in the United States will be different, Apple maps more detailed information than a beginning, and there are more cities with 3D maps.

ios 7_33

The United States can also be 3D navigation map mode operation.

ios 7_34
Camera & Photo

In addition to several major feature updates outside, iOS 7 also has other interfaces and operational changes, such as adding a square photo camera features and tone filter, and the menu changed sliding type, more convenient to use.

ios 7_30

The photo is added to the program anthology two moments and automatic classification, anthology can categorize your photos according to location, but always by definition are classified according to the time of your photos.

ios 7_40

Of course you can still use the original type to view photo albums, and photo editing features, like the camera is like adding more color filters.

ios 7_41
App Store

App Store is also a new feature, users can use the App Store now geographic information, suggestions for nearby users frequently used programs.

ios 7_38

Another App Store also joined the automatic update feature that allows you to stay in the latest version of the program, of course, if you do not want automatic updates, you can also turn off the set.

ios 7_39

The message is added to the left swipe gestures to bring up the option to delete, and more action.

ios 7_29

Phone function using iOS 7 style interface, and add blocking feature that allows users to block unwanted calls, but once blockade telephone, SMS, and Facetime are simultaneously blocked and can not be set individually.

ios 7_36

iOS 7 provides a more detailed action traffic information so you can see what program or system service actions eat you up traffic.

ios 7_37

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