The one who is aware of one’s fortune




God’s Help At Every Step (Part 1)

We all live our lives looking for perfection in every sphere and always look for ways to achieve that with ease. Also, perfection cannot come unless we have the right path to achieve that. Have you ever given a thought to what God’s mind would think about various actions that we perform in life? What that means is if I have to meet a few of my family members or friends today for a purpose or deciding what should we do for a particular issue and we didn’t know what to do – in this case, could we look upto God for a solution? And how would we take that help from God? Have you ever wondered? How many of us are so close to God that we can take His help in this manner for little actions of life? Have we won God’s heart so that we can just remember Him for a minute in a difficult situation and He would provide us His guidance or the path of what to do? Let’s give it a thought in this message.

First of all, I need to check my mind as to how clean and pure it is? Because the more my mind is transparent and a mirror image of God’s purity and cleanliness, the more help I will receive from God. Some people wonder are there some people in this world who receive more help from God? Or is it only our own actions of the past and present which help us in a difficult situation? It is actually both – the help from God as well as our actions. The important thing is that help from God can be a magic factor in difficult situations, which can be our savior. And if we want to receive it, perform good actions and make yourselves virtuous and full of truth, sweetness, purity and humility, the qualities God likes.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 04-05-2018

The one who is aware of one’s fortune enables others to experience their fortune too.

Expression:To be aware of one’s own fortune means to appreciate and use all that one has. Also when there is the awareness of one’s own fortune, there is a natural tendency to help people become aware of what they have and how they can benefit from it. So the one who is fortunate becomes a giver.

Experience: When I am able to recognize my own fortune, I am able to have the joy of being a giver constantly. Whatever the circumstances, I am able to give knowing that I am fortunate. But never is there dependency created on me, because my help is to make them aware of their fortune too and make them independent.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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