The one who is powerful finds one or the other means to finish waste.




Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 18-02-2014

Posted: 17 Feb 2014 12:30 PM PST
Soul Sustenance 18-02-2014

What Is Karma Yoga?

Karma Yoga implies two things:

• yoga (meditation) by which the karmas are elevated and purified;
• those karmas by which the remembrance of the Supreme Being (God) is maintained and strengthened.

The loveful remembrance of the Supreme, is not just a “sitting” matter. If we approach meditation from this angle (as only a sitting practice), any real change in practical life takes a very long time. We should not only use meditation to improve our actions but also modify our actions to improve our meditation. In this way, theory and practice should be simultaneous. As the soul takes virtues and powers from the Supreme Soul, it gives to the world, thus increasing the capacity to take and give.

In the sitting meditation, be it five minutes or two hours, the soul dives deeply into itself and establishes an unbroken mental link with the Supreme. When the sitting finishes and the soul has to go back into the world of action and responsibility, the link need not be forgotten. The hands can be involved with the work and the mind can still be with the Supreme Soul.

Message for the day 18-02-2014

The one who is powerful finds one or the other means to finish waste.

Expression: Life brings lots of situations which naturally bring about waste thoughts. But the one who is powerful searches for ways and means to finish this waste. Such a person is like a skilled player who is waiting for an opportunity to give his best. So each situation is used as a means to use of all the resources in the right way. Even if there is one method that doesn’t work, there is always a search for a new method to bring about the right solution.

Experience: When I am able to remain powerful even in the most difficult situation, I am able to recognise the powers that are within me and use them for overcoming that situation. I am never afraid of difficult situations, nor do I wish for life to be smooth without difficulties. Instead, I use each problem as a challenge to bring out the best from within me. So with each challenging situation, I find myself becoming more and more powerful.

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