The SteelSeries FLUX Share your music, create your world!




The SteelSeries FLUX Share your music, create your world!
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SteelSeries no longer only focus on the PC peripherals, mobile devices surrounding now launched new products.

Last year, about as big as the end of the summer, the the Danish computer peripheral manufacturers design of a Freedom to Play concept, the most important of which is the beginning for mobile devices, peripheral products, which is full of creative concepts Flux headset is an exciting product

As the Gaming surrounding one of the leading brands of the Steelseries headset products is not very strange, Siberia series players is a good word-of-mouth product: Comfort, styling pretty important good sound quality, with a power of competing as a starting point headset Steelseries Siberia said top representatives; Flux inherited the amazing advantages, in addition to the good performance of sound, but also joined the colorful appearance with stunning features!

Flux appearance of the whole Susu net net, not if Siberia as exaggerated, but at the same time you will find that he does not support, earmuffs area just enough for your ears hooded so, yes! Flux is a band out outdoor is not significant unexpected, and easy to match the clothing of good headphones; test machine we got slightly ordinary black models, but that does not mean his life is so low-key, Steelseries for Flux launch colors of earmuffs, the line itself, and the cover!

Flux starting point is for the convenience of carrying, it is natural to have superior folding volume, headphones turn face after easily obedient to his two shoulders, and with the Flux unique personalized with an ordinary headset can also be transformed into a dazzling mix of clothing!

Can be found two earmuffs below have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, this is not only the key to any exchange of user-friendly input, Flux unique features! Right! That is to share the music you’re listening to her friends, enter through the side of the other side is connected to the other branch Flux who, of course, if the plurality Flux, will be able to reach only a playback simultaneously broadcasting plural Flux’s features!


With the Flux with two headphone cable, with a microphone, but the use is quite different, which corresponds to the PC at the end were pink and light green head, that is, we are familiar with the microphone on the motherboard with the major audio output, its most prominent feature is the microphone switch with sliding and the other a mere one-stop corresponds to the mobile device, with a small button microphone part, the call allows Android device with iOS devices, so users outside while using a mobile phone to enjoy good sound quality, do not need to panic to find out the phone to answer the call!


Come see Flux earmuffs, his use of the material is called a unique mesh SNDBlock breathable fabric, has a very soft and comfortable wearing experience, for a long time to wear down not statistically small the earmuffs multi there oppressively and proper blocking outside noise


Flux, has excellent wear flu also has a very successful performance in the sense of hearing. Flux performance put on a concert of John Mayer’s Where the Light Is album has a very outstanding performance in the IF, the playing and singing of the ballads of the first half of the concert will be in the brush string, the final grant delicious details, and the concert composition of the orchestra section, sweet Fender Stratocaster Two Rock amplifier through John Mayer fingers and reveal rounded, better penetration

Since Flux IF frequency performance people can not help but begin to imagine: a refreshing little cool breeze in the morning, enjoy an American black coffee, bring full of soulful guitar playing a slow blues in cheap cafes …. Sure enough, in cooperation “guitar god” Eric Clapton and King of the Blues BB King album “Riding With The King” to make people feel imagine, the two choral singing and the guitar sound is sharp and easy to distinguish, and the guitar sound is full of emotional catharsis intoxicating

Flux also is not only excellent performance in these slow songs, and also has a fairly comfortable sense of hearing in the light of the Pop, do not scratch the ear that does not mean it is too noisy EQ correction through mobile devices stimulative Flux has considerable enthusiasm for the performance of the broad range can be imagined

Addicted to listen warm mellow performance for Flux’s performance should also be satisfied, after all, in a size small portable spindle Flux can be said to have reached a considerable level of performance. Frequency response 18-28 KHz, impedance of 29 ohm, 118 dB sensitivity rational data can not be 100% Flux you envision performance.


Flux regret it in terms of points:

The first is the bass, after all, is a small earmuffs and can not ask for too much, but IF outstanding Flux for low-frequency performance processing and can not be regarded as passing play many 80’s Hard Rock music that supposed to be one of the protagonists Bassline careless mask Guitar Riff of light, and the face of the bass of the dance type can only say that is not enough enthusiasm, a lot of slow response. Then replace the multicolor lid Taiwan market seems not to see traces of pure black and pure white as a piece of jewelry is not difficult to take, but to enjoy not precisely with the feeling of the mood change appearance Flux another a specialty? XD

The author is the bulk of family, do not think he chucks Flux wearing feeling quite satisfied, in fact, was adequate for the usual function of listening to music, but also many even stronger than most of the daily use of headphones performance; at home can connected to the computer, and go out can be connected to a mobile phone, and use it as a handsfree use: Flux is not just to listen to music headphones, he let you in the subway, enjoy music while on the bus, eliminating the need to rummage phone and remove the headset to to facilitate good partner to talk on the phone, and remove the home simply line of headphones side, can use as a gaming headset connected to the computer’s headphone cable can be said that a machine eat!

Readers see here may think that Steelseries products, then be used to play video games must be very gifted it? Evaluation of our hearts to the only common it even better than many small portable earmuffs, but still is only ordinary; limited by the low-frequency performance, and focus on the music of the IF in high frequency, used to play the game not too strong the shocking details of too much gaming, if pure play games in order to buy, consumers would be disappointed.

Beautiful appearance, changing color and music sharing Flux two additional features.


Another Flux link sharing music function is not limited, as long as it is generally 3.5mm headphone can link this function is not required, but can be said that there is quite a variety of practical: only one in a public place Player but need to give a few friends listening to music, watching movie. Or between lovers traveling in the car to pass the time, you can create shared memories … Of course, there are many applications the way, I said he was not to be because it’s actually not the headset’s range of services, but if a headset can this feature later after this many people want even rely on functionality! Flux has created many of the future likely to develop in the direction of a headset!

Of course, this kind of thing, the sound is a personal preference, give it a try, maybe you will fall in love with it eventually.


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