The telecom leadership comments on throttling, network neutrality and politicians




The telecom leadership comments on throttling, network neutrality and politicians

Drosselkom ongoing issue . In an interview with RP online now estranged CEO René Obermann and Soon-chief Timothy Höttges explain various points and in particular to justify the actions of the Telekom. It comes to investments, equity prices and politicians, their campaign to host the back of the Telekom.

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3.4 billion euros per year, Telekom takes in hand to expand the network. But the supply of 24 million households with 100 Mbit ports consumes six billion euros. Ensure the consumer receives the best network. Incomprehension show both Obermann, and Höttges against some politicians:

When asked whether they had anticipated this criticism when they announced the throttling plans, Obermann explains: “[…] not expected, we have the contradictory populist reaction of some politicians. They demand that we invest many billions in network expansion. But they ignore the fact that these huge investments have to be earned back. […] ”

Höttges said: “No other company invests more in Germany than we are with 3.4 billion euros annually. We take only six billion euros in hand to provide 24 million households a transmission speed of up to 100 megabits. Our engineers build the best networks. Absurd that this is not appreciated, but instead fought election campaign on our backs. ”

And also to the throttle expressed plans to again and tried to put right what many media always happy to see the entire story. Included volumes in 2016 adapted to the needs and will continue to exist without throttling contracts.

The cooperation with service providers that do not fall within the inclusive volumes, to bring benefits especially for small providers and start-ups, according to Obermann. This is precisely why make the offer of Telekom attractive. On the question whether the procedure does not prefer large corporations, says Obermann: “No, on the contrary, we have great interest to enter into such collaborations just with small and innovative companies. Startups and ideas make our site attractive. It’s not about high fixed costs, but at best a moderate revenue sharing, which can contribute to co-financing. ”

Not “Certainly: Just Checking whether discounts to major customers could overtake small players, he explained Our offer will always be low, especially for small and medium businesses. Anyway, we stand behind the principle of net neutrality and innovation. ”

Höttges this: “No one has more interest in a thriving Internet than we do. But we may have to adopt new business models with differentiated levels of quality with content providers in order to meet the customers’ needs in the future. ”

In summary, therefore, hold that Telekom will endanger their own point of view neither the Neutzneutralität, still wants to rip off customers. Regarding the massive investments required of politicians, but this must also be recorded again and Telekom does not understand the contradictory populist reaction of some politicians.

As the throttle is actually look at inception in 2016, apparently no one yet knows. The inclusive volumes are then adjusted current consumption. There will be charges for infrequent users and there will be charges (including flat rates) for frequent users. In addition, the connections are faster, which simultaneously increases the included volume of the individual tariffs.

Beautifully spoken or simply understood by many wrong? What do you think about the statements of the two telecom management people?

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